[FAQ] Change or Hide My IP Address Using ExpressVPN

Easiest and Most Reliable Way To Change Your IP Address Is to Use a VPN

First and foremost, Express VPN is the easiest and most reliable way to change your IP address. When you use ExpressVPN to change or hide your IP address, you simply trick the notorious, savvy and vicious hackers into thinking that you are browsing the internet from another place which is super useful.

Why would I want to hide my IP Address?

Every website you visit can track down your IP address. While your IP does not reveal your exact location to anyone, it does reveal the city you live in. When you don’t hide your IP address, you’re probably revealing more than you realize about your location, your identity, and your activity, allowing other parties to control your online experience.

Importance of hiding your IP

  • Hides your location
  • Protects you identity
  • Restore internet freedom
[FAQ] Change or Hide My IP Address Using ExpressVPN
Change or Hide My IP Address Using ExpressVPN

How to Hide Your IP Using ExpressVPN (3 Simple Steps)?

You must change your IP address to keep your privacy intact. Here’s how you can change or hide your Internet Protocol.

  • Download Express VPN
  • Connect to any of our server locations
  • Stay anonymous with your real IP address hidden by a different, shared IP
Change or Hide My IP Address Using ExpressVPN

When you hide your IP Address, What Exactly Does It Mean?

Everyone on the internet has a public IP address and every time they connect to the internet, you’re sharing that address with every website, app and service they use.

But, if you use a VPN proxy, every website, app or service you use, will see the public IP address of the VPN proxy server instead of your personal device. This is what it means to hide your IP address and Express VPN is the most secure VPN provider that keeps your real IP hidden at all times.

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