How to Fix The Download was Unable to Complete WhatsApp Error on iPhone & Android

Explaining all the fixes to resolve WhatsApp download failed error.

WhatsApp without any doubt is one of the most useful apps and has become more than just a source of communication. It is now globally used for sharing media files including images, videos, audio, etc. However, some users may often face problems while using WhatsApp. One of the most commonly mentioned problems is WhatsApp Download Failed Error with the message “The download was unable to complete please try again later”

This problem may occur due to different reasons but to get the solution you need to find the solution, you can check the following details:

How To Fix WhatsApp Download Failed Error “The Download was Unable to Complete”

Here we have explained the solution for iPhone and Android users to get rid of the WhatsApp download failed error.

1. Check your Network Connection

To download media files from WhatsApp make sure you have a stable and strong internet connection. Wireless networks are not stable every second; they may slow down a little because of network load or anything related.

However, WhatsApp is strongly an internet-dependent app and will not work if the internet is not running smoothly. Make sure while downloading media files from WhatsApp you have a strong internet connection or retry downloading files when you think that the internet connection is stable.

Check your Network Connection to Fix WhatsApp Download Failed Error

2. Update WhatsApp

WhatsApp download error may occur if you have an outdated version of WhatsApp so make sure that you have an updated version of WhatsApp. Updating WhatsApp will surely remove minor errors, bugs, or glitches on the app. You can do so by:

  • Going on the App Store > WhatsApp > Update.
Update WhatsApp to Fix Download Failed Error

3. Sufficient Storage Space on your Device

To download media files make sure that you have enough storage space on your phone, if the storage space is full the files will not be downloaded. You can check this by going on:

  • iOS Settings > General > iPhone Storage.
Make Sufficient Storage Space on your Device To Fix WhatsApp Download Failed Error

To manage the memory you can delete images, and videos and offload unused apps on your iOS device.

4. Set Date and Time

If your device’s date and time are off, WhatsApp may not be able to communicate with your smartphone to download media or receive messages, which could result in the error message “The Download was Unable to Complete.” You can set a date and time easily by going on:

  • iPhone Settings > General > Date & Time.
Set Date and Time To Fix WhatsApp Download Failed Error

You can set the date and time according to your region.

5. Allow Access to Media

If the problem continues make sure that you have allowed WhatsApp to access your gallery and all photos in your gallery if not then the downloading error will continue. You can do it right by going on:

  • On iOS: iOS Settings > Privacy > Photos > select Allow access to All Photos.

Now WhatsApp will have permission to access your photos, you may retry downloading media files.

Allow Access to Media To Fix WhatsApp Download Failed Error
  • On Android: Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > choose WhatsApp > Application permission  > Storage Permission >  hit the allow button.

6. Enable “Save” to Camera Roll on iPhone

To let WhatsApp access your photos make sure you have allowed WhatsApp to save your data into your camera roll. You can do this by going to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > toggle Save to Camera Roll.

Enable “Save” to Camera Roll on iPhone To Fix WhatsApp Download Failed Error

7. Clear WhatsApp Cache

The instant messaging app, which is owned by Facebook, keeps track of the text messages, emoticons, audio files, and stickers you send and receive. To enhance the app experience, the cache has to be cleared. Additionally, you will defend your privacy from potential hackers and cyberattacks by doing this, this will help in running programs fastly and will not cause further issues in downloading media files. You can do so by:

  • Going on phone Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > choose WhatsApp > Application permission  > Storage > Clear Cache.
Clear WhatsApp Cache To Fix Download Failed Error

8. Delete WhatsApp Beta Version

Quitting WhatsApp Beta Version will solve any download media failure difficulties you may have. It’s time to uninstall WhatsApp Beta and switch to the Play Store’s version of the app. It wi; be different for iOS and android.

  • On Google Android:
    • Search for WhatsApp in the Google Play Store after opening it. You can now choose to stop using WhatsApp’s beta version.
  • On iOS devices:
    • Open WhatsApp first, then the TestFlight app. Later, choose “Leave beta program” from the menu that appears.

9. Enable Mobile Data for WhatsApp on iOS

If you use an iPhone, you may have noticed that the setting menu in the operating system limits mobile data for a number of applications. Thus, if you enable this option, you will experience download problems of the failure to complete variety.

Open the iPhone’s app Settings > Mobile Data > locate WhatsApp and toggle WhatsApp.

Enable Mobile Data for WhatsApp on iOS To Fix Download Failed Error

10. Turn On the Background App Refresh

In order to download WhatsApp media you also have to be sure that WhatsApp is working in the background to ease downloading. You can do it on your iOS devices and Androids.

  • On Google Android:
    • Open the app details menu by holding down the WhatsApp symbol for a long time.
    • Turn on background data by going to Wi-Fi and Mobile Data.
  • On iOS:
    • Go to Settings > WhatsApp (on the iOS operating system) > toggle Background App Refresh.
Turn On the Background App Refresh To Fix WhatsApp Download Failed Error

11. Restart your device

Restarting your phone removes minor bugs and glitches from your apps and helps in the proper functioning of all your apps. To solve any problem related to any app you may restart your phone to refresh the system. Restarting your app will help in overcoming the downloading issue of media files.

12. Lock WhatsApp from Multitasking (Android Only)

To conserve battery life, a variety of third-party skins including FunTouch OS, MIUI, Color OS, and Realme UI can restrict the amount of background program utilization. Such technologies are more likely to disrupt the media download process and destroy WhatsApp in the background

It would therefore be ideal if you choose a multitasking menu. In the upper right corner, click the three-dot button. WhatsApp may be locked in the background by selecting the lock option. The system won’t once more obstruct media downloads.

13. Check the SD Card (Android Only)

Why does WhatsApp’s attempt to download media files fail? The SD card’s limited storage capacity could be the reason for the query. If the SD card is full and you have the media files configured to always download on it, the download is probably going to fail. To check your SD card’s storage capacity, follow these steps:

To access the settings page in

  • Press the Settings program.
  •  Select “Storage” from the menu.
  • There are two storage options available: internal storage and an SD card, select an SD card.
  • All files stored on the SD card will be displayed in a new window.

To make extra space on the SD card, remove the unwanted files

14. Turn off SD Card ROM (Android Only)

You must insert the read-only micro SD card in Windows in order to disable SD Card Read-only Mode. You must then perform these actions: click Start, then Run, then type cmd. Go to the Diskpart now. You need to identify your memory card drive from all the other attached devices after typing the list volume to see them all. Enter the select volume number. The memory card drive’s letter is represented by #. In order to remove the write protection, type attributes disc clear read-only.

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