How To Remove TikTok Watermark For Free Using App & Online

TikTok, which has more than a billion subscribers, is a fantastic medium for engaging with viewers. Therefore, why end there? If your videos are popular on TikTok, you might want to cross-post them or publish them as Instagram Reels as part of your social media marketing plan.

When your video has a watermark, it is bothersome. Due to the fact that it keeps appearing during the video, viewers will become distracted. Others have been known to remove watermarks on videos downloaded from various video-sharing websites, etc. Several individuals utilize tools to remove TikTok watermarks from videos, including those from TikTok and many others.

There are a number of quick and simple solutions to get rid of watermarks on TikTok. We will be telling you easy ways to remove watermarks from a TikTok video for free, read below to know more.

How to Remove TikTok Watermark from iOS and Android?

1. Download Filmora To Crop the Watermark from the Video

The most straightforward method is to crop it out of the video. You can use the Wondershare Filmora app for it. Unfortunately, the aspect ratio of the video will alter as a result. It will leave a black margin around the content if you want to reshare it on a platform that adheres to TikTok’s video size requirements. Also, cropping doesn’t always work because you run the risk of chopping off your own head. You’ll need to take a different strategy if your video has significant video elements that are close to the edges. However it might work in a few cases, you can give it a try.

  • Download and install the tool on your Desktop whenever you want to remove a TikTok watermark. Once everything is ready, launch the application and choose the 9:16 aspect ratio.
  • Choose the video from your local drive by clicking “Import,” “Import file,” and then. Drag the uploaded file to the work area from there so you may drop it there.
  • In the timeline, choose the video, then click “Crop” and pick the segments you wish to cut out. Click “OK” when you are finished.
  • Next, select the “Export” icon to save the movie and customize the file name, output folder, and any other options. To begin rendering your video, click “Export“.

2. Use Online Watermark Remover App

You can also use a completely free online tool to remove TikTok watermarks from videos. One such tool is Online Watermark Remover. You can use it to remove any undesired things from movies and photographs as well as the watermark from TikTok videos.

You won’t have to download this tool in order to use it. You may manage your TikTok videos on your mobile device with ease because this web application works on both computers and mobile devices. No advertisements or sign-ups. You can begin processing watermarks on it once you’ve opened it in your browser.

Everyone may utilize the user interface because it is modern and simple to understand. Its support for processing several batch files at once is one of its most prominent features. To use the app follow the following steps:

  • On your phone, launch the official website in your selected browser.
TikTok Watermark remover app.
  • Choose the TikTok video from your photo collection after tapping the “Remove watermark from video” box. As many videos as you like can be added.
Use app
  • Tap the “Add Box(es)” button once the video has been uploaded to choose the watermark for it.
  • Once you’ve tapped “Erase,” wait a short while for your video to finish processing. After that, you can instantly save the file to your smartphone.

3. Use a Video Editing app to Remove the Watermark

Start by looking for a watermark removal program on the app store. The aforementioned warnings still hold true: most “free” tools will annoy you with constant advertisements or require in-app purchases to function. Before you buy, read reviews and take a free trial because the quality differs.

  • The App Store is your oyster from there. Video Eraser was used by us.
  • Your TikTok video will be imported from Camera Roll.
  • Choose “Remove watermark” from the list of menu options.
  • To highlight the region with the watermark, pinch, and drag. The majority of these solutions simply let you get rid of one watermark at once. You’ll need to complete this in phases because the TikTok watermark moves.
  • Repeat saving it. Export the altered TikTok video to your Camera Roll after that.

Examine your work for a moment. There will be a hazy impression of where the watermark formerly was because these programs work by substituting other pixels from the video for the watermark’s pixels. This might not be apparent, especially if your background is strong. It’s rather subtle in the example provided below. But before uploading, check the appearance and quality.

4. Use WaterMark Removal for TikTok

Try Watermark removal for TikTok if you’re looking for an alternate method to save TikTok without a watermark on your Android device. With the help of this Android software, you may download TikTok videos without any watermarks. By simply pasting the video URL, users can instantly download videos from their TikTok app using it. But, for full compatibility, this program needs an Android version of 4.0 or higher. To learn how this application functions, adhere to the procedures listed below.

  • Open the app after downloading it from the Google Play Store to your Android device.
  • Choose a video on the TikTok app. Next, select “Copy Link” from the “Share” menu.
  • Return to the TikTok Watermark Removal page now and paste the link and tap on DOWNLOAD VIDEO.
  • Save the video on your device.

5. Use MusicallyDown

Although the other apps on our list are capable of handling various video editing chores, there are instances when you simply need the unwatermarked video right away. You can use MusicallyDown, a web-based application, from anywhere to get rid of TikTok watermarks. It is without a doubt the simplest method for downloading TikTok videos without watermarks.

  • Find the video you want to download on TikTok by opening it. Copy the video URL by selecting the share icon on the right side of the screen.
  • After that, open MusicallyDown in a browser and paste the link you just copied there. 
  • Make sure the box next to Allow “Video with Watermark” is not ticked.
  • Tap on Download.
  • You will be sent to a different page with just the video when you click Download MP4 Now. Click, then select Save video as and save the video.
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