Mordhau: All Console Commands

Listed all the cheats that let you freeze bots, grow larger, and many more.

For players who enjoyed games like For Honor and Warband, Mordhau is another interesting medieval cross-platform game that might be worth a look. If you want to ease in your gameplay then it is important to have some console commands and cheats under your hood.

Luckily, here’s the complete list of all console commands in Mordhau that you should find useful. The Mordhau god mode command will help you gain infinite stamina and inflict damage on bots and other players.

How to enable cheats in Mordhau?

The Mordhau console can be opened by pressing any of the tilde or apostrophe keys on your keyboard. After that, type in any of the following commands and you’ll be good to go. And there you have it, Mordhau console commands and cheats.

Mordhau: All Console Commands

Here is a list of all the console commands that you can use in Mordhau. We have also included admin commands that you can use to change the size, infinite health, change map, and much more.

Let’s take a look at all the Mordhau cheats.

Console CommandConsole Command Effect
adminlogin <password>This command is required if you are looking to use any of the following.
adminlistProvides a list of current server admins.
adminadd <user name>Adds a new Admin to the Admin list.
removeadmin <STEAMID64>Removes the specified Admin from the list.
changelevel <map name>Changes the map.
restartlevelRestarts the level.
addbots <integer>Adds Bots.
removebots <integer>Removes the specified number of bots.
kick <user name / steamid64>Kicks the specified player.
ban <user name / steamid64)Bans the specified player.
unban <user name / steamid64)Unbans the specified player.
banlistLists all banned players.
exitQuits the game.
disconnectDisconnects from the server.
demorec nameRecords a demo.
demostopStops the demo.
demoplayPlays the demo.
Stat FPSDisplays your current FPS stats.
slomo <value>Slows down the game by the specified amount.
playersonlyPrevents all bots from moving, however, normal players will not be affected.
changesize xChanges character size.
m.showcrosshair 0Disables your crosshair.
m.inverseattackdirection 1Inverts your attack direction.

And there you have it, Mordhau console commands and cheats. There’s plenty to crack on with here, even if some of them can only be used in solo play.

Mordhau fov Console Command

Changing the resolution can increase your field of view (FOV). However, there isn’t any console command yet that can increase the Mordhau FOV. But there is a method you can gain FOV in Mordhau. Just follow the below steps.

  • Open your server(s) Game. ini file.
  • Add to the section [/Script/Mordhau.MordhauGameSession] Mods=1754629.
  • Add to the section [/Script/Mordhau.MordhauGameMode] SpawnServerActorsOnMapLoad=/FOV/FOV+.FOV+_C.

That’s it. You can gain FOV in the game.


Can you use a cheat engine on Mordhau?

Yes, but this game uses VAC and VAC is insanely good at detecting speed hacking. As a moderator for Mordhau, I can say that some cheats do exist, but they don’t make you better overall, the way the game plays. even if you cheat using for example auto parry, you get cheesed by drags.

How Do You Spawn Mordhau Weapons?

To get the gun print in Mordhau, just follow the below steps.

  • Open the console with the tilde key “`“.
  • Enter the following command: ParryThis.
  • A gun will be equipped for your character. Have fun! You have become me.

Is there a god mode console command?

If you are looking for the god mode console command then use ToggleDamage, ToggleStamina. This command is good for practicing chambering with bots.

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