Watch Dogs: Legion Cheats & Trainer for PC

In Watch Dogs: Legion, you embark on an open-world action-adventure journey, where your goal is to overthrow a private militia group and a surveillance state. You’ll need to rely solely on your skills and strategy to succeed, available on PC, Xbox, and PS4/5 platforms.

The missions in Watch Dogs: Legion can be complex, but there are no cheat codes available. Nevertheless, players can still enhance their experience by discovering secrets and utilizing tips and tricks in the game’s open world.

In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best Watch Dogs: Legion cheat tables and trainers, to help you get Infinite Health, Ammo, Money, and other benefits in the game. Read on for more information.

Watch Dogs: Legion Cheats & Trainer for PC

Here are the two best places we can recommend our users to visit to download the Watch Dogs: Legion trainer and cheat table.

1. Download Watch Dogs: Legion Trainer from FLiNG Trainer

If you’re seeking cheats for Watch Dogs: Legion on Steam, FLiNG Trainer is a reliable source to obtain them. As a massive hub of mods, cheats, and trainers, FLiNG Trainer offers thousands of options for you to choose from.

Download Watch Dogs: Legion Trainer from FLiNG Trainer

Remember, you can only use these cheats while playing in the story mode of Watch Dogs: Legion. To access the Watch Dogs: Legion Trainer, go to the official website and download it. Then, start playing the game and customize the cheat commands to suit your preferences.

2. Download Watch Dogs: Legion Trainer from GT Trainer

The GT Trainer, a hub for cheat tables, has created trainers for “Watch Dogs: Legion” that work on both Steam and Origin platforms. The GT Trainer makes gaming even more enjoyable with +12 cheat options, including Infinite Health, Ammo, Money, and more.

 Download Watch Dogs: Legion Trainer from GT Trainer

Simply visit the official site to download and install the Watch Dogs: Legion Trainer.

Watch Dogs: Legion Tips & Tricks for PC, PS4/5, and Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

You can use in-game glitches, and tricks to get yourself out of danger on PC and PS4. Some of the best tips & tricks are given below.

Easy Puzzles

  • Enabling the “Simple Puzzle” option in the Accessibility menu makes node puzzles a lot easier.
  • While it’s intended as a feature to help with accessibility, this helpful tool also doubles as an option for those who aren’t fans of the sometimes difficult node-rotating challenges.

Fast Money

  • Hacking Parcel Fox delivery drones are a great way to get money quickly.
  • Find a road that has a lot of drones flying past and collect them all for a big payout.

Open Doors Without Hacking

  • It’s possible to open doors without using the Spiderbot or interacting with the door console.
  • Players can attract guards to open doors for them. Use an emote or fire a weapon to attract their attention.

With how effective the AR Cloak can be, it should really be classed as a “cheat” itself.

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