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A Quick, Safe, and Conveniently Good Youtube Downloader

Snap downloader to download videos from over 900+ websites, namely YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, and TikTok, you can schedule the video’s download time and date.

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Snap downloader makes it super comfortable for you to watch high-quality videos up to 8K resolution. It also hosts a bunch of other powerful and useful features like Batch download, high-speed download, proxy setup, MP4 to MP3 converter, and more that we will highlight below.

Snap Downloader Free Download

SnapDownlaoder Download Overview 2021

Snapdownloader does perform amazingly well at its primary tasks. Since it is compatible with well over 900+ websites, it makes it a lot easier to download your favorite videos without any restrictions. Also, you have the option to directly convert mp4 videos to mp3. Hence, people who are deeply interested more in audio are at good.

The best part is that you can even watch virtual reality videos on almost any device by a simple download of your 360 videos from YouTube. There’s even more to that. Snapdownloader offers Batch Downloads. This allows you to queue multiple videos for download in the background. Even if you don’t queue the videos, you can schedule them at a specific date and time. This is typically helpful for users with limited internet bandwidth.

Those comfortable with the audio have an edge to extract audio and music from the video. They can, hence, convert videos to music and enjoy the best quality audio. The best thing is that you can even download your favorite YouTube playlists and YouTube channels. So, any video or videos that you put to download are possible at the highest speed without any limitations.

There’s one thing for sure that I would like to highlight in specific – Proxy Setup. This allows you to set up a proxy within the app to bypass the Geo-restrictions and download videos from domains that are blocked in your region. In addition to this, you also have the built-in YouTube search option. This will search for the YouTube video from within the app and download it right away.

There’s one thing really helpful. It’s the simultaneous download feature. This feature downloads multiple videos from various websites all at once, hence saving time. Moreover, Snapdownloader downloads files with metadata. This feature will automatically add the metadata to your downloaded files whenever you enable this feature.

Wait, what about subtitles. You can even download subtitles from YouTube in more than 50 languages. There’s more – The dark mode. Yes, it is amazingly beneficial to avoid straining your eyes.

Extremely High-Res Support

Snapdownloader will download your videos at the best quality possible – even up to 8K resolution! That’s wonderful. Therefore, you can save the videos in 8K, 4K, QHD, 1080p, 720p, and more. Remember that Snapdownloader works with both Windows and macOS platforms with support for Ubuntu coming soon.

Download Videos with Ease

Snapdownloader has made it super easy for you to download videos. It is a simple three-step process. So, you need to paste the video link or the URL in there. Next up, select the output format and quality and finally download your video.

Convert to 7 output formats

You can download the video and convert it simply to any format including the MP4, MP3, AVI, AAC, M4A, WAV, and AIFF.


You can use it for free. However, it is free for only a day – 24 hours, and no payment is required at all. As a result, you need to make downloads really quick. That’s what I did. Anyways, if you need to get an unrestricted experience you need to have the snap downloader license key. There are two plans following up. One’s the Personal License ($14.99) and the other’s a Family Edition ($34.99).

There’s no issue with the security. Your money is perfectly safe and you can get a full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase if you are not satisfied with the product. Once, you’re done with the pricing plans you will be getting future upgrades for free without having to pay again. Your license will also never be expired.

The best part is that even if your re-install the app or erase the computer, you can still use the same license key on the same computer that was used during the first activation to activate Snapdownloader. In case, you have lost the license key, go back to the email that was sent to you after the purchase.


Snapdownloader is a quick, safe, and conveniently good YouTube downloader. It’s fast and light. Its features and prominently bulk download, simultaneous download, and queue download are really really good at getting tasks done – on time.

Also, you can watch virtual reality videos with high-quality output. While it is compatible with well over 900+ websites, it can also convert mp4 videos to mp3.

Therefore, I think Snapdownloader is the best choice when it comes to video downloaders. It’s an amazing video downloader tool that is user-friendly and super simple to use. Also, capable of delivering high-speed downloads.

They also offer 24/7 customer support and give feedback to you. The last thing to say is that the snap downloader is 100% secure without any ads or bundled installers.

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