Fallout Shelter Cheats for Mobile, PC & Xbox

Fallout Shelter is a fun and addictive game where you build your own underground vault and manage its inhabitants. But if you’re looking for a way to get ahead, you must know about cheats.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use cheats to get unlimited caps, unlock all the rooms, and even spawn legendary dwellers. So whether you’re a beginner or a pro, read on for all the cheats you need to master Fallout Shelter.

How To Cheat On Fallout Shelter?

There are two ways to cheat in Fallout Shelter. First, you can use in-game bugs and exploits that haven’t been fixed yet, though there aren’t many of them left. They can be quite powerful.

The second method involves using third-party software i.e. Fallout Shelter Trainers & cheat engine to install cheats similar to those from older games. Downloading third-party hack software comes with risks, but we’ve found some safe options without malware.

Fallout Shelter Exploits

Here are all the Fallout Shelter exploits, secrets tips & tricks, and achievements that you can use in the game to gain an advantage. So, let’s take a look.

Time Lapse

Fallout Shelter Exploits

One frustrating aspect of free-to-play games like Fallout Shelter is the presence of timers. These timers force players to wait for tasks to finish, and the game designers do this to encourage players to spend money.

In Fallout Shelter, you’ll encounter waiting times for dwellers to finish tasks, build new rooms, and gather resources. As you progress further in the game, these waiting times become longer, often causing your progress to slow down significantly, and you may find yourself able to play for only a few minutes each day.

But here’s the exciting part: You have the option to skip these wait times completely!

Fallout Shelter speed up time exploitation?

  • Click the Settings menu option
  • Choose General
  • Select Date & Time
  • Disable auto option
  • Now just change the time and date on your device to skip any counters

When using this exploit, remember to skip enough time to collect everything at once. Failing to do so might affect game stability and cause freezing when you change the time back. Repeated use of this exploit can save you many hours.

Free Rock Removal

Fallout Shelter Exploits of free rock removal

As you grow your vault, you’ll need to remove many rocks, which can be costly and strain your cap supply.

Fortunately, there’s a simple and easy way to exploit the game and remove those rocks for free.

  • Choose the type of room you plan on building
  • Decide where to place it.
  • Rather than pick and empty space, start deleting rocks until nearly all your caps are gone
  • Place the building wherever you want. 
Fallout Shelter Exploits of free rock removal
  • The rocks will still be gone, but the game has forgotten to charge you.

Infinite Lunchboxes and Money

Fallout Shelter Exploits of Infinite Lunchboxes and Money

To use this exploit, you’ll need to start a new vault, so it might not be suitable for everyone. But if you’re new to the game or don’t mind starting over, it’s incredibly valuable. This exploit allows you to get unlimited free Lunchboxes and money.

Fallout Shelter Exploits of Claim Lunchboxes and Money
  • Start a new game like normal working through the tutorial.
  • You’ll get the objective “Equip a dweller with a weapon” or “Sell one weapon or outfit”.
  • DO NOT complete these. Just carry on completing other missions.
  • Eventually, you will get the missions “Get 50 water”, “Get 50 Food” or “Level up a Dweller
  • You can just redo these missions to farm their rewards. It will last as long as you don’t complete the earlier stated missions.

This is a great exploit that will let you speed through the game, best combined with Time Lapse.

Super Epic Items

You can easily obtain some truly epic loot by carefully following the steps indicated below, though note that it seems to work on only around every 1 out of every 3 attempts.

  1. Send out a well-trained dweller: Send a single dweller equipped for the wasteland to sit for at least 2 hours.
  2. Note the loot time: Check the dweller’s log to record the time when they last received a loot item (e.g., 1:43).
  3. Send random dwellers: 1 to 3 minutes before the last loot acquisition time (e.g., 1:40 in the example), send 3 to 5 random dwellers into the wasteland for about 10 minutes without worrying about equipment.
  4. Close the game: Right after sending them, completely close the game (make sure it’s not running in the background).
  5. Reopen the game: Wait a few minutes and reopen the game. Check the first dweller to see if they received an item. If successful, the dwellers sent after should now have legendary items. If not, try again.

Objectives List

Similar to Achievements or Trophies, objectives are offered in Fallout Shelter. Complete the objectives indicated below to gain the corresponding reward.

  • Assign Two Dwellers to the Right Room – 25 CAPS
  • Collect 50 Water – 1 LUNCHBOX
  • Collect 2,000 Water – 1 LUNCHBOX
  • Equip 1 Dweller with an Outfit – 1 LUNCHBOX
  • Collect 5 Weapons – 150 CAPS
  • Raise the Endurance of 5 Dwellers – 1 LUNCHBOX
  • Send 1 Dweller to the Wasteland – 25 CAPS
  • Send 3 Dwellers to the Wasteland – 100 CAPS
  • Collect 2,000 Food – 1 LUNCHBOX
  • Raise any SPECIAL stat of 9 Dwellers – 220 CAPS
  • Successfully Rush 1 Room – 1 LUNCHBOX
  • Have 10 Male and Female couples dance in the Living Quarters – 200 CAPS
  • Raise any SPECIAL Stat of 10 Dwellers – 1 LUNCHBOX
  • Upgrade 2 Rooms – 200 CAPS
  • Raise Happiness of 10 Dwellers to 100% – 1 LUNCHBOX
  • Collect 100 Food – 50 CAPS
  • Succesfully Extinguish 1 Vault Fire – 25 CAPS
  • Sell 2 Weapons or Outfits – 50 CAPS
  • Collect 50 Food – 25 CAPS
  • Collect 100 Power – 50 CAPS
  • Sell 1 Weapon or Outfit – 25 CAPS
  • Raise the happiness of 1 Dweller to 100% – 25 CAPS

Fallout Shelter Cheats and Hacks

If you’ve already tried some exploits but want more, here’s the next level of hacks. These are the secrets Bethesda doesn’t want you to know in Fallout Shelter.

There are two main types of hacks you can try. One involves editing your saved file, which may sound complex, but it’s easier than you think. The other option is to download a cheat trainer.

Edit Your Save File

Edit Your Save File to cheat in the Fallout Shelter

You can edit your save file on your device to max out Caps, pets, dweller stats, and more. Simply follow the steps below for your device and replace your current save file with the one provided.

Just follow the below steps;

Step 1: Go to this website to edit your saved file values.

Step 2: Upload your saved file to the below page.

Upload Your Save File to cheat in the Fallout Shelter

Step 3: If you can’t find your saved file, don’t worry. On PC/ Launcher the file is in: Documents\My Games\Fallout Shelter.

Step 4: For the Windows 10 store version, click here

If you play on Steam, it’s here- C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\FalloutShelter. And on Android it’s here- storage/sdcard/Android/data/com.bethsoft.falloutshelter/files

Step 5: Now just use the tool on the site to edit your file with whatever you want.

Activate New Saved fileo cheat in the Fallout Shelter

Step 6: Replace your old save file with this newly edited version

Restart the game and you should be ready to go.

Download Fallout Shelter Cheat Trainer

These trainers are safe and will make your gameplay easier while enhancing the overall gaming experience. Below is the best trainer that we recommend to our users to download and enjoy the game.

1. Download Fallout Shelter Cheat Trainer from WeMod

If you’re in search of cheats for Fallout Shelter on Steam, then WeMod is the best option to go with. This reputable website is a one-stop hub for thousands of free mods, cheats, and trainers. This trainer gives you 14 cheat options.

You can easily enter the cheats while playing the game. Simply, download WeMod, run the software, and enable all the cheat options to fully enjoy the game.

2. Download Fallout Shelter Cheat Trainer from Gamepressure

The Fallout Shelter cheat trainers developed by the Gamepressure support Steam and Origin. The Gamepressure is a giant hub where you can find a cheat table for the popular latest games. This trainer gives you 13 cheat options including Infinite Caps, Infinite food, Infinte energy, and much more.

Simply download FLiNG Trainer from their official website, and enjoy the game.

Cheat Options

  1. F1 -activate trainer
  2. F2 -infinite caps
  3. F3 – infinite food
  4. F4 -infinite energy
  5. F5 -infinite water
  6. F6 -infinite number of StimPak
  7. F7 -infinite number of RadAway
  8. F8 -infinite number of Nuka Cola
  9. F9 -maximum happiness
  10. F10 -infinite health
  11. F11 -turn off radiation
  12. F12 -maximum stats
  13. Numpad 0 -plenty of room in your inventory

How to Make Caps in Fallout Shelter

Using cheat apps or editing game files can take away the fun from playing, as it removes the challenge and skill involved in exploiting the game. Instead, here are some tips to maximize your Cap earnings in Fallout Shelter, as Caps are crucial for success in the game.

1. Do the Objectives

Do the Objectives to make caps in Fallout Shelter
  • Complete objectives: The fastest way to earn caps is by completing the objectives given while playing the game.
  • Check radio and award icons: Click on the radio icon and the award icon to see your current objectives.
  • Quick and easy tasks: Some objectives are easy and take only a few minutes to finish, rewarding you with caps.
  • Earn free Lunchboxes: More challenging objectives can get you a free Lunchbox as a reward.

2. Sell What You Don’t Need

Sell What You Dont Need to make caps in Fallout shelter
  • Value every item early on: In the early game, every item is crucial for your dwellers’ survival.
  • Minimize and optimize: As the game progresses, shift from worrying about equipping dwellers to maximizing their builds.
  • Sell old low-level junk: Once you reach this stage, sell older low-level items you no longer need.
  • Access item storage: Tap on the Pip-boy in the corner of the screen and select “item storage.”
Select the items in the storage to make caps in the game

From here, you can sell anything you don’t need anymore for sweet, sweet caps. 

3. Farm the Mysterious Stranger

Farm the Mysterious Stranger to make caps in the Fallout Shelter

The Mysterious Stranger is an NPC in Fallout Shelter who randomly appears in your vault. You have a limited time to find him, and if you do, you can earn 100 to over 2000 Caps.

His appearance is announced with a musical cue, and he should show up roughly every 10-15 minutes. You can leave the game running in the background with audio on, and when you hear the cue, jump back in to earn free caps!

4. Utilize your Vault Dwellers

Utilize your Vault Dwellers to make caps in the Game
  • Level up dwellers: When dwellers level up, you get small amounts of caps.
  • Gather more dwellers: As your vault grows and you recruit more dwellers, the caps will start to add up.
  • Train luck stats: Focus on leveling up your dwellers and sending out those with high native luck stats to scavenge in the wasteland.
  • Build a games room: Improve luck stats further by constructing a games room in your vault.
Utilize your Vault Dwellers to make caps in the Game

Sending high-level dwellers out into the wasteland with high luck is a relatively low-risk way of farming caps and good items. Unfortunately, it’s more of a late-game tactic.

The Backlash Of Lunchboxes

In Fallout Shelter, players can earn ‘Lunchboxes’ with random rewards, similar to a slot machine in online casinos. The contents are determined by chance, creating anticipation and excitement when opening them.

Both Fallout Shelter and online casinos use virtual currencies that can be bought with real money. In Fallout Shelter, ‘Nuka-Cola Quantum‘ speeds up processes and buys resources, while online casinos offer virtual chips to play various games.

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