Colony Survival Cheats & Chat Commands

Colony Survival is a colony-building game where you can create your own world and build a thriving colony. It’s a challenging game, but it can be even more fun with cheats and chat commands.

Cheats and chat commands can give you an edge in the game, allowing you to do things like instantly construct buildings, increase your resources, or even change the outcome of events.

If you’re looking for a way to make Colony Survival a little easier, or if you just want to have some fun, then cheats and chat commands are a great option.

How to Enable Cheats in Colony Survival?

to use cheats in Colony Survival, just open the chat and enter the chat command “/cheats on” if you don’t want to use cheats anymore enter “/cheats off“.

Colony Survival Cheats & Chat Commands

These are all the available cheats:

  • Kill all Zombies: /deus vult [playername]
  • Set player health: /sethealth [HealthValue]
  • Loot an item: /loot [itemname] [amount] [playername]
  • Add all items to Colony: /lootall [amount]
  • Show the seed (curent world): /worldseed
  • Fly: /setflight [true] (you can also press F to fly)
  • Teleport (yourself): /teleport + whatever you prefer (coordinates xyz, npcshop, banner, spawn, crate, player name, colony name)
  • Teleport (other player): /teleportother + whatever you prefer (banner, here, x y z)
  • Show ticks per second: /tps
  • Set time: /time add X (x= number of hours you want to add)

Colony Survival Cheats & Chat Commands – Colony

  • Add player to Colony: /colony addowner [playername]
  • Remove player from colony: /colony removeowner [playername]
  • List of colonies: /colony printhere
  • Promote to colony leader: /colony setleader [playername]

 Server Commands in Colony Survival

  • Manual Safe: /save
  • Save world & create zip file: /backup
  • Set Spawn (current player position): /setspawn
  • Show whitelist: /whitelist
  • Add or remove players from whitelist: /whitelist add [playername] or /whitelist remove [playername]
  • Show blacklist: /blacklist
  • Add or remove players from blacklist: /blacklist add [playername] or /blacklist remove [playername]
  • Add permission to player: /addpermission [permission] [playername]
  • Remove permission from player: /removepermission [permission] [playername]
  • Add permission group to player: /addgroup [group] [playername]
  • Remove permission group from player: /removegroup [group] [playername]
  • Set permision group of player: /setgroup [group] [playername]
  • Reload permissions: /reloadpermission

Debug Commands

  • Points Value (active colony): /debug colonypoints [value]
  • Take Colonies ownership: /debug ownall
  • One time lag spike: /debug lagspike [time]
  • Simulation speed: /debug setsimspeed [value] (default = 1)
  • Current simulation speed: /debug getsimspeed
  • Reset simulation speed: /debug resetsimspeed
  • Research everything (current colony): /debug researchall
  • Print current biome: /debug printbiome
  • Print Rough Biome: /debug printbiomerough
  • Precise Biome: /debug printbiomeprecise
  • Clear area (around player): /debug clearcube [number]
  • Fill area (around player): /debug complexblocks [number]
  • Check lighting: /debug lightcheck
  • Check a texture: /debug texturecheck
  • Log item categories: /debug logcategories
  • Remove a block: /debug removeblockhere
  • Place a block: /debug placeblockhere
  • Print block info: /debug printblockhere
  • Kill all npcs: /debug killnpcs
  • Spawn + Banner: /debug spawnbanner
  • Clear inventory (player): /debug clearinventory
  • Clear stockpile (colony): /debug clearstockpile
  • Drain all water: /debug drain [chunks]
  • Debug infos: /debug void
  • Regenerate icon mappings: /debug generateiconmapping [iconfolder] [jsonfolder]
  • regenerate texture mappings: /debug generatetexturemapping [albedo] [emissive] [normal] [height] [json]
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