Galactic Civilizations 3 Cheats & Console Commands

Looking to get an edge in Galactic Civilizations 3? Whether you’re a casual player or a hardcore strategy gamer, cheats and console commands can give you a significant boost.

In this article, we’ll list some of the most useful Galactic Civilizations 3 cheats and console commands, including cheats for money, units, and even technology. We’ll also show you how to enable cheats and console commands in the game.

So whether you’re looking to win your next multiplayer game or just have some fun exploring the game’s universe, read on to learn how to cheat in Galactic Civilizations 3!

How To Enable Console in Galactic Civilizations 3

To enable the console

  • Right-click on the game in your library.
  • Click Properties.
  • Click Set launch properties.
  • In the input window type cheat.

Or if you want a desktop shortcut:

  • Right-click on the game in your library.
  • Click Properties.
  • Go to the Local Files tab.
  • Click Browse local files.
  • Right-click on the GalCiv.exe file > Send toDesktop (create shortcut).
  • Right-click on the newly created shortcutProperties.
  • Replace the whole Target input with, for example: “C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Steam\Steam.exe” -app launch 226860 -cheat.

Open Console

Now that you have enabled the console, to open it launch the game and press “~” (the key to the left of “1” on your keyboard)

Galactic Civilizations 3 Cheats & Console Commands

Here are all the Galactic Civilizations 3 cheats & console commands that you can use in the game to gain an advantage.

  1. Get credits: modcredits [amount] – modcredits 10000
  2. Get population: modpop [amount] – modpop 10000
  3. All the Stat names: liststat
  4. Get Culture Points: modcult [amount] – modcult 100
  5. Get Stat Value: modstat [statname] [amount] – modstat 100
  6. Colonize planets: colonize [all], or Colonize [the selected planet]
  7. Create Trade Resource: createtraderesource [internal name] [tilex] [tiley]
  8. Complete production on items in the queue: finish
  9. Force Event: event [ Event name]
  10. Unlock Tech: unlock [Tech name]
  11. Unlock all Tech: fastunlock
  12. Destroy Object: destroy [object ID]
  13. Fog of War: fow
  14. All objetcts visible: fowtrans
  15. x1000 of all Resources: resources
  16. Kill a player: killplayer [player index]
  17. Set siplomacy state between two players: dipstate [state] [player index1] [player index2]
  18. Add Mod: addmod [module name]
  19. control every player’s empire: god
  20. Display FPS: fps
  21. Hide UI: hideui
  22. Set Government: setgov [government name]
  23. Control Local Player: localplayer [player index]
  24. Memory usage info: showmem
  25. Console log contents: savelog [file name]
  26. Thumbnails for ship components: gencompthumbs
  27. thumbnails for all object gfx configs: genconfigthumbs [large]
  28. Generates lean maps: genleanmaps
  29. List of all commands: help
  30. Clear console log: clearlog
  31. Lighting options: lighting
  32. unlimited range: range
  33. other player rally points: showRallyPoints
  34. influence lines: smoothinfluencelines
  35. Primes the United Planets: upprime
  36. United Planets meeting: upmeeting (once you close the debug console)
  37. Spawn Ships: spawn [ship design name] [owner player index]
  38. Battle Ships (Spawn): battle [ship design name] [owner player index 1] [owner player index 1]
  39. Spawn Faction: spawnfaction [faction name]
  40. assassination: assassination (between player and faction with closest relation not on same team)
  41. Spawn artifact: spawnartifact (awards it to the weakest player).
  42. random new anomaly: spawnanoamly [number of anomalies] [name of the anomaly]
  43. Dead planets are usable: convertdeadplanet [planet class] [number of planets]
  44. Dead planets to Thulium: convertdeadplanettothulium [number of planets]
  45. Asteroids to Durantium: convertasteroidstodurantium [number of asteroids]
  46. Gas Giants to Promethion: convertgasgianttopromethion [number of gas giants]
  47. Spawn Elerium resource: spawnelerium [number of resources]
  48. Relic resource (Spawn) : spawnrelic [number of resources]
  49. Spawn Antimatter resource: spawnantimatte [number of resources]
  50. Grant Tech to all: grantrandomtechtoall
  51. Cheat hot keys: hotkeys
  52. Run text file: run [text file name]
  53. Target info: info
  54. Win the game: wingame
  55. Lose the game: losegame
  56. Unlock all mercenaries: allmercs [next]
  57. Re purchase mercenaries: resetmercs
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