Pharaoh Cheats for PC – New Era

Pharaoh is a city-building game set in ancient Egypt. It’s a challenging game, but it can be even more fun with cheats.

Cheats can give you an edge in the game, allowing you to instantly construct buildings, increase your resources, or even change the outcome of events.

If you’re looking for a way to make Pharaoh a little easier, or if you want to have some fun, then cheats are a great option.

How to Enter Cheats in Pharaoh?

Launch Pharaoh New Era, and once playing, press Ctrl + Alt + C to open the cheat dialog box. The codes are case-sensitive, so we recommend you copy them directly from the list we will provide you.

Pharaoh Cheats – Full List

Here is a list of all the Pharaoh cheats that you can use in the game to get gold, kill enemies, skip the level, and much more. So, let’s take a look.

  • Treasure Chest – Cheat effect = 1000 extra Deben
  • Hail to the Chief – Cheat effect = A hailstorm pelts your city
  • Jail Break – Cheat effect = A pack of tomb robbers hits the streets
  • Amphibious Assault – Cheat effect = A plague of frogs descends upon your city
  • Noble Djed – Cheat effect = All craft shops fully stocked
  • Kitty Litter – Cheat effect = Bast creates plague in the city
  • Bounty – Cheat effect = Better harvest
  • Hippo Stomp – Cheat effect = Black hippos appear
  • Side Show – Cheat effect = Black hippos begin to dance
  • Cat Fight – Cheat effect = Certain top-ranking houses are destroyed.
  • Seth Strikes – Cheat effect = Destroy the city’s best company and their fort
  • Pharaohs Glory – Cheat effect = Export amount increased by 50% for a year
  • Underworld – Cheat effect = Farms on flood plain destroyed in next flood
  • Cat Nip – Cheat effect = Houses filled with food
  • Supreme Craftsman – Cheat effect = Increased crafts in storage yards
  • mockattack1 – Cheat effect = Land attack by enemy
  • Mesektet – Cheat effect = Lower your kingdom rating
  • Big Dave – Cheat effect = Ptah destroys a craft-making place
  • Grenow – Cheat effect = Ptah destroys a storage yard
  • Mummys Revenge – Cheat effect =?
  • Ancient Astronauts – Cheat effect = Pyramids are built at a quicker pace
  • Sun Disk – Cheat effect = Raise your kingdom rating
  • Fury of Seth – Cheat effect = Seth destroys all ships
  • Typhonian Relief – Cheat effect = Seth makes a vow
  • Spirit of Typhon – Cheat effect = Seth will destroy the next invaders.
  • Crop Busters – Cheat effect = Swarms of locusts eat every crop in sight
  • Crimson Tide – Cheat effect = The life-giving river turns to blood
  • Meow – Cheat effect = Throw a festival for all deities worshipped in the city
  • Bird of Prey – Cheat effect = Trade partners trade less for a year
  • framecounter – Cheat effect = Unknown
  • mockattack2 – Cheat effect = Water attack by enemy
  • Pharaohs Tomb – Cheat effect = Win scenario

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