All Raft Cheats & How to Use Them

Raft cheats codes have been officially patched out, but they’ve been replaced by Raft cheat mods that still provide advantages against the sea and its creatures. These mods enhance the gaming experience and empower players during their battles against the elements and sea creatures.

There are several cheats and console commands that players can use to modify the game. These cheats can give players unlimited resources, spawn items, or change the game’s settings.

By using Raft console commands, you can progress through the game more quickly. You’ll be allowed to experiment with different builds and strategies. Moreover, raft cheats can make the game more challenging or easier, depending on your preference.

In this article, we have listed all the available cheats and console commands in Raft. We’ll also explain how to use them.

How to Use Raft Cheats?

You can type any cheat code or console command in the chat, which you can open by simply pressing the key “Enter” on the keyboard.

In the early access phase, you could use Raft cheats by entering console command codes in the chat bar. However, this feature has been officially removed with the full release of The Final Chapter. If you can find a mod that brings back console commands, here are the options available to you;

Raft Cheat Codes

Here is a list of all the cheat codes that you can use in the game;

Character Commands

Here is a list of all the Raft character cheats that can easily unlock characters in Raft;

  • /set hunger # [replace # with a value]
  • /set bonushunger #
  • /set blockhealth #
  • /set thirst #
  • /set oxygen #

Spawn Commands

Here is a list of all Raft console commands to spawn items;

  • /spawn boar
  • /spawn chicken
  • /spawn goat
  • /spawn llama
  • /spawn pufferfish
  • /spawn shark
  • /spawn stonebird
  • /spawn landmark
  • /spawn landmark_big
  • /spawn landmark_pilot
  • /spawn landmark_raft
  • /clear # [remove animal or item]

Gameplay Commands

You can also enable god mode in Raft;

  • /godmode
  • /shift [moves raft to middle of world]
  • /set fps #
  • /set gamemode #

Attribute Commands

You will have to replace the “X” in every command with the value you would like.

  • Hunger: /set hunger X
    • This command will set the main hunger attribute to the given value.
  • Thirst: /set Thirst X
    • This command will set the main thirst attribute to the given value.
  • Blockhealth: /set Blockhealth X
    • This command will set the main health attribute to the given value.
  • Bonushunger: /set Bonushunger X
    • This command will set the secondary “bonus” hunger attribute to the given value.
  • Gamemode: /set Gamemode X
    • Similar to Minecraft, this will effectively alter the two game modes, which are survival and creative.
  • FPS: /set fps X
  • Oxygen: /set Oxygen X
    • This command will set the primary oxygen bar to the given value.

How to Enable Console Commands in Raft?

Originally, Raft cheats were accessible through console commands, but as the game moved towards its full release, they were gradually phased out. Now, to enable cheats in Raft, players must install mods that reintroduce these functionalities. We have instructions on how to do this and can recommend the top cheat mods for your use.

Raft Cheat Mods

Since Raft does not have any formal built-in mod support, you will have to download the Raft Mod Loader. This, currently, is the best way to download, install, and use a mod in Raft without breaking a sweat trying to figure out if the software is safe.

Downloading the Raft Mod Loader is pretty easy and convenient, so you shouldn’t run into any sort of issues trying to install it. But beware that the Raft Mod Loader will only support the official Steam release of the game and non-other.

Once you have that up and running, these are the best Raft cheats mods to add:

1. KUtility

The KUtility mod is a great alternative to the disabled console commands. It lets you activate God Mode, so you won’t need food, water, or oxygen. Plus, you can get rid of sharks or seagulls, fly around the world, and teleport to different locations easily while playing Raft in multiplayer.

2. Item Spawner

The Item Spawner mod lets you create any item you want, summon various animals, and generate new islands in the ocean. It’s perfect for building your dream raft and can also be handy if you’re stuck somewhere and need a specific resource to escape.

3. Inventory Stack Mods

We have two inventory mods to recommend. The first is Stack Mod, which increases the stack size for all stackable items, allowing you to carry and store more in each inventory slot. The second is Inventory Stack, which improves inventory management by removing consumed items from the last slot instead of the default first slot, making it more logical and convenient.

Raft WeMod Cheats

If you’d prefer not to use various mods to access Raft cheats, the other option available is the Raft WeMod trainer system. Download the WeMod because this is widely trusted and highly rated software that gives you access to core cheats such as unlimited health and no hunger or thirst, as well as some crafting tweaks to make the building process easier.

Download WeMod to use Raft Cheats


1. How Do You Use Noclip Raft?

To fly / no-clip through anything in the game world, press the [N] key.

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