Roblox Bedwars Commands – Full List of All the Spawns

Bedwars is one of the most popular games on Roblox and for good reason. It’s a fast-paced, competitive game that tests your combat, building, and teamwork skills. But did you know that there are a number of custom commands that you can use to change the way the game is played?

In this article, we’ll take a look at all of the Roblox Bedwars commands, from simple ones like /spawn that allow you to generate items in the game, to more complex ones like /setgeneratormultiplier that will enable you to change the speed of the generators.

Whether you’re a casual player or a hardcore pro, these commands can help you customize your Bedwars experience and take your game to the next level. So read on and learn how to use these commands to your advantage!

What are Roblox Bedwars Commands Used for?

In Roblox Bedwars and similar game modes, commands are used to perform various in-game actions and access specific features. Some common uses of Bedwars commands include:

  1. Teleportation: Commands can be used to teleport players to specific locations on the map, allowing for quick movement between different areas or bases.
  2. Purchasing Items and Upgrades: In Bedwars, players often need resources to buy weapons, armor, building materials, and upgrades. Commands can provide players with additional resources or instantly purchase specific items or upgrades.
  3. Team Management: Bedwars is a team-based game, and commands may facilitate team management tasks, such as inviting players to a team, switching teams, or promoting players to different roles.
  4. Game State Modification: Some commands can alter the state of the game, such as initiating sudden death mode, changing the time of day, or triggering specific events.
  5. Debugging and Testing: Developers may include commands for debugging and testing purposes, allowing them to assess different aspects of the game during development.
  6. Admin and Moderation Tools: In certain versions of Bedwars, special commands may be available for admins or moderators to manage the game, handle rule violations, or enforce fair play.
  7. Customization: Some Bedwars games offer commands that enable players to customize aspects of the game, such as adjusting game rules, settings, or specific gameplay mechanics.

How to Use Roblox Bedwars Commands

To use commands in a custom Bedwars match, type them in the chat box and adjust them as needed. But remember, only players with co-hosting abilities can enter commands. You’ll get co-hosting abilities if you create the custom game or if the host grants you that power.

To make someone else a co-host, go to the Host Panel, click on Players, choose the player you want, and then use the action button to give them co-hosting privileges from the drop-down menu.

All Roblox Bedwars Commands

In Bedwars, you can customize matches to your liking by creating a custom game and using specific commands. These commands can drastically alter the gameplay experience, so remember to refer to the list below for your next match. Let’s take a look at all the Roblox Bedwars commands for generators.

Bedwars Commands Effect
/announce [insert what you want to say]Make an announcement to the other players
/bedwarsTakes you to the Bedwars lobby
/blacklistItem [insert item name]Disable an item from the shop
/cohost allLets all players co-host
/disablekit [insert kit name]Allows you to disable certain kits
/disaster [insert the desired disaster]Enables certain disasters to appear
/enchant [insert enchantment name_level]Grants you enchantment and level
/give [insert username / team name then item and amount]Lets you give a specific item to a player
/gen helpGives you support for generators
/hubTeleports you to the hub
/islandsTakes you to the Roblox Islands
/kick [insert user name]Kicks a player from the game
/luckyairdropBrings in an airdrop of lucky blocks to the map
/setTeam [insert username / team name]Creates specific teams
/setHealth [insert username / team name then amount]Sets the health of certain players
/sethealthregen [insert user name and amount]Allows you to regenerate a certain amount of health
/setac enabledEnable anti-cheat
/setac disabledDisable anti-cheat
/setgeneratormultiplier [insert amount]Sets the rate of the spawn generator multiplier
/setdeathmatchtime [insert time]Allows you to set the timer for a deathmatch
/shop helpGives you support for shops
/spawn [insert item name and amount]Allows you to spawn in items
/tpallTeleports all the players on your team to you
/tp [insert user name]Teleports you to the specific player
/tpbed [insert color]Teleports you to the colored bed
/togglespawn [insert item name and true or false]Lets you toggle the spawn of an item
/voidTeleports you to the void

All Roblox Bedwars Item and Enchantment Commands

In the following list, you can easily get infinite items in Roblox Bedwars, spawn EMS, and also spawn INF wool in Roblox Bedwars. So, let’s take a look.

Enchantment commands 

  • /enchant fire_1
  • /enchant fire_2
  • /enchant fire_3
  • /enchant static_1
  • /enchant static_2
  • /enchant static_3
  • /enchant execute_3
  • /enchant life_steal_2
  • /enchant critical_strike_1
  • /enchant critical_strike_3
  • /enchant clingy_2
  • /enchant void_3
  • /enchant plunder_2
  • /enchant shield_gen_1
  • /enchant shield_gen_2
  • /enchant shield_gen_3
  • /enchant anti_knockback_2
  • /enchant updraft_2
  • /enchant rapid_regen_1
  • /enchant rapid_regen_2
  • /enchant rapid_regen_3

Spawn armor, Potions, and Blocks


  • /spawn void_boots
  • /spawn void_chestplate
  • /spawn void_helmet
  • /spawn juggernaut_helmet
  • /spawn juggernaut_chestplate
  • /spawn juggernaut_boots
  • /spawn diamond_boots
  • /spawn diamond_chestplate
  • /spawn diamond_helmet
  • /spawn emerald_boots
  • /spawn emerald_chestplate
  • /spawn emerald_helmet
  • /spawn iron_boots
  • /spawn iron_chestplate
  • /spawn iron_helmet
  • /spawn void_boots
  • /spawn void_chestplate
  • /spawn void_helmet
  • /spawn jump_boots
  • /spawn leather_boots
  • /spawn leather_chestplate
  • /spawn leather_helmet
  • /spawn speed_boots
  • /spawn warrior_boots
  • /spawn warrior_chestplate
  • /spawn warrior_helmet


  • /spawn big_head_potion
  • /spawn time_bomb_potion
  • /spawn poison_splash_potion
  • /spawn heal_splash_potion
  • /spawn sleep_splash_potion
  • /spawn forcefield_potion
  • /spawn giant_potion
  • /spawn invisibility_potion
  • /spawn jump_potion
  • /spawn mini_shield
  • /spawn smoke_bomb
  • /spawn speed_potion
  • /spawn shrink_potion


  • /spawn slime_block
  • /spawn bedrock
  • /spawn andesite
  • /spawn andesite_polished
  • /spawn diorite
  • /spawn diorite_polished
  • /spawn granite
  • /spawn granite_polished
  • /spawn apple X
  • /spawn bed X
  • /spawn birch_log X
  • /spawn wood_plank_birch
  • /spawn clay_black
  • /spawn ceramic X
  • /spawn clay_blue
  • /spawn brick X
  • /spawn clay
  • /spawn cobblestone X
  • /spawn concrete_green
  • /spawn fisherman_coral X
  • /spawn clay_dark_brown
  • /spawn clay_dark_green
  • /spawn diamond_block X
  • /spawn dirt X
  • /spawn emerald_block X
  • /spawn glass X
  • /spawn grass X
  • /spawn clay_gray
  • /spawn hickory_log
  • /spawn ice X
  • /spawn clay_light_brown
  • /spawn clay_light_green
  • /spawn wood_plank_maple
  • /spawn marble X
  • /spawn marble_pillar X
  • /spawn oak_log
  • /spawn wood_plank_oak
  • /spawn obsidian X
  • /spawn clay_orange
  • /spawn clay_pink
  • /spawn clay_purple
  • /spawn clay_red
  • /spawn red_sandstone
  • /spawn sand X
  • /spawn slate_brick
  • /spawn smoke_block X
  • /spawn snow X
  • /spawn spruce_log
  • /spawn wood_plank_spruce
  • /spawn stone X
  • /spawn stone_brick X
  • /spawn stone_slab
  • /spawn clay_tan
  • /spawn clay_white
  • /spawn wool_blue
  • /spawn wool_cyan
  • /spawn wool_green
  • /spawn wool_orange
  • /spawn wool_pink
  • /spawn wool_purple
  • /spawn wool_red
  • /spawn wool_white
  • /spawn wool_yellow
  • /spawn clay_yellow

Spawn weapons, tools, and traps 


  • /spawn invisible_landmine
  • /spawn stun_grenade
  • /spawn sticky_firework
  • /spawn toy_hammer
  • /spawn infernal_saber
  • /spawn light_sword
  • /spawn big_wooden_sword
  • /spawn boba_blaster
  • /spawn frying_pan
  • /spawn grenade_launcher
  • /spawn void_sword
  • /spawn player_vacuum
  • /spawn mass_hammer
  • /spawn double_edge_sword
  • /spawn baguette
  • /spawn bear_claws
  • /spawn paint_shotgun
  • /spawn carrot_cannon
  • /spawn baseball_bat
  • /spawn battle_axe
  • /spawn flamethrower
  • /spawn vacuum
  • /spawn big_wood_sword
  • /spawn golden_bow
  • /spawn ice_sword
  • /spawn iron_dao
  • /spawn iron_sword
  • /spawn knockback_fish
  • /spawn rageblade
  • /spawn rocket_launcher
  • /spawn scythe
  • /spawn stone_dao
  • /spawn stone_sword
  • /spawn tactical_crossbow
  • /spawn taser
  • /spawn twirlblade
  • /spawn feather_bow
  • /spawn void_axe
  • /spawn wizard_staff
  • /spawn wood_dao
  • /spawn wood_sword
  • /spawn wood_bow
  • /spawn wood_crossbow
  • /spawn diamond_dao
  • /spawn diamond_sword
  • /spawn emerald_dao
  • /spawn emerald_sword


  • /spawn diamond_axe
  • /spawn diamond_pickaxe
  • /spawn iron_axe
  • /spawn iron_pickaxe
  • /spawn stone_pickaxe
  • /spawn stone_pickaxe
  • /spawn wood_axe
  • /spawn wood_pickaxe
  • /spawn grapple_hook
  • /spawn metal_detector
  • /spawn portal_gun
  • /spawn bee_net
  • /spawn shears


  • /spawn tesla_trap X
  • /spawn snap_trap X
  • /spawn banana_peel X
  • /spawn popup_cube

Spawn throwables, lucky blocks, and other items 


  • /spawn large_rock
  • /spawn black_hole_bomb
  • /spawn throwable_bridge
  • /spawn fireball 
  • /spawn frosted_snowball
  • /spawn heat_seeking_rock 
  • /spawn impulse_grenade
  • /spawn lasso 
  • /spawn oil_consumable 
  • /spawn santa_bomb
  • /spawn smoke_grenade
  • /spawn snowball 
  • /spawn spear 
  • /spawn spirit 
  • /spawn robbery_ball
  • /spawn swap_ball

Lucky blocks 

  • /spawn lucky_block
  • /spawn huge_lucky_block
  • /spawn lucky_block_trap
  • /spawn purple_lucky_block X
  • /spawn huge_purple_lucky_block


  • /spawn pinata
  • /spawn candy
  • /spawn void_turret
  • /spawn void_turret_tablet
  • /spawn void_crystal
  • /spawn void_portal
  • /spawn damage_banner
  • /spawn defense_banner
  • /spawn heal_banner
  • /spawn minicopter
  • /spawn break_speed_axolotl
  • /spawn damage_axolotl X
  • /spawn shield_axolotl X
  • /spawn health_regen_axolotl_X
  • /spawn drone
  • /spawn grappling_hook
  • /spawn teleport_block
  • /spawn brewing_cauldron
  • /spawn stone_player_block
  • /spawn turtle_shell
  • /spawn vending_machine
  • /spawn crook
  • /spawn flower
  • /spawn thorns
  • /spawn mushrooms
  • /airdrop juggernaut
  • /spawn miner_pickaxe
  • /spawn clone
  • /spawn balloon X
  • /spawn carrot_seeds X
  • /spawn cauldron
  • /spawn charge_shield
  • /spawn bee X
  • /spawn beehive X
  • /spawn broken_enchant_table
  • /spawn hammer
  • /spawn cannon
  • /spawn chest
  • /spawn duck_spawn_egg
  • /spawn watering_can
  • /spawn ember X
  • /spawn enchant_table
  • /spawn fishing_rod
  • /spawn guided_missile X
  • /spawn tablet
  • /spawn camera_turret
  • /spawn zipline X
  • /spawn big_shield
  • /spawn guitar
  • /spawn juggernaut_crate X
  • /spawn hang_glider
  • /spawn shield
  • /spawn gumdrop_bounce_pad X
  • /spawn jade_hammer
  • /spawn melon X
  • /spawn melon_seeds X
  • /spawn telepearl X
  • /spawn personal_chest
  • /spawn raven X
  • /spawn stopwatch X


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