Shadowrun Hong Kong Cheats & Console Commands

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is a challenging game, but sometimes you just need to cheat to get ahead. That’s where this guide comes in. We’ll show you all the cheats and console commands you need to make your life easier, from giving yourself unlimited money to turning on god mode.

So whether you’re stuck on a difficult boss fight or just want to explore the game’s world without any restrictions, this guide has you covered.

How to Enter Cheats in Shadowrun: Hong Kong?

While playing in debug mode, Press ALT+F1 and you’ll open a console. Click on the “Cheats” icon from there and then you can enter the cheats for the corresponding effects.

All Shadowrun Hong Kong Cheats & Console Commands

ResultCheat Code
Super speed, invincibility, high damagetoggleGodMode or God
Gain indicated APaddAP [number]
Gain indicated karma to current playeraddKarma [number]
Restore action pointsrestoreAP
Set healthsetHP [number]
More health+HP
Less health-HP
Every action has 100% hit chancetoggleNeverMiss
Kill all enemies in specified radiusslaughter [number]
Kill all visible enemiesdeathray
Stun all visible enemiesstunray
End team’s turnendturn
More action points+AP
Less action points-AP
+2 Karma points+2k
+500 money
-500 money
Modify character skin toneclr
Change running speed outside of combatmov [percentage]
Change all movement speedall [percentage]
Commit suicidesuicide

Shadowrun Hong Kong – Tips & Tricks


Use the indicated passcodes at the listed locations:

Location Passcode

Walled City

  • Smuggler’s Den 5465
  • Strangler Bao 6378

Repulse Bay Hotel

  • Penthouse apartment #2, Neville Ma 1635

Emperor’s Museum

  • System password Tennyson
  • Bookself Tennyson

Misdirection – Ares’s mission

  • Taylor’s door – 98144
  • Hardingham’s door – 23847

Bad Qi

  • Mainframe- 8484

The Extraction

  • Locked Emporium door- 00006
  • Mistress’s front door -112798

Prosperity Tower

  • Floor B3 uniform locker- 2627
  • Floor B3 first aid station- 4990
  • Special Projects communications data store Scion
  • Special Projects device operations Prodigal
  • Floor 49 containment door -1915
  • Equipment room- 8974
  • Floor 12 access code, part 1 44526
  • Floor 12 access code, part 2 25301

Easy “Built For The Streets” Achievement

  • Fill all ten Cyberware slots with upgrades.
  • Consider using the Street Samurai archetype for this.
  • Be mindful of the nuyen and essence required for each upgrade.
  • Increase Body and Cyberware Affinity to Level 6 for +2 essence (+1 at Level 3 and +1 at Level 6).
  • Plan upgrades carefully to keep your essence above 1.
  • Complete missions, find valuable data in the matrix to sell and sell unwanted items for money.
  • Sell metadata to Maximum Law for additional funds.
  • Limit the number of medkits, grenades, and other consumables you purchase.

Easy “Chunky Salsa” Achievement

  • Grenades fired from grenade launchers don’t count.
  • Grenades are inexpensive, so stock up on them.
  • Use thrown grenades to finish off weakened enemies.
  • Companions may use grenades during missions and have them restocked for the next one.
  • Racter’s drone carries up to three grenades.
  • Duncan gains an upgrade to catch and throw grenades back.
  • As a street samurai or cyber character, invest in a specific cyber arm to obtain the same ability.

Easy “Clear!” Achievement

  • Shock Hand: Available at Heoi from 10-arm Ambrose as a cyberweapon.
  • Shock Glove: Obtained during the Whampoa Serial Killer mission from breaker Hui at street level.
  • Both have a special “stun” attack.
  • Use Shock Hand’s stun attack from the “Equipment” menu for unique stats (more AP drain and less damage).
  • Using the stun attack from the normal “Attack” menu won’t count.

Easy “Law Breaker” Achievement

  • Maximum Law: NPC merchant in Heoi dealing with decker gear.
  • Speak with him after completing missions for Kindly Cheng.
  • He buys metadata for 200 nuyen each – metadata is gossip about your runs.
  • After selling him some metadata, Bao asks to meet at the Mahjong Parlor.
  • Meet Bao before other missions, and he’ll request you to get rid of Law.
  • Speak with Law and convince him to leave town or kill him (requires Strength 6 or Close Combat skill 5).
  • If you run him out of town, he won’t leave until after your next mission.

Easy “Memory Lane” Achievement

  • Is0bel’s story: Complete her personal run, infiltrating a convention.
  • Progress through the mission without shooting anyone and diffuse the final part to leave on good terms with the target.
  • Exhaust all conversation options with Is0bel after each mission.
  • Is0bel’s insights about the Walled City will stop a few missions before the last one.
  • After the final mission, have a conversation with Is0bel.

Easy “Monster Squad” Achievement

  • Recruit Gaichu into your team of Shadowrunners during the mission to investigate the killings of Whampoan elders.
  • Choose not to kill Gaichu and side with him against the elders.
  • In Kindly’s friend’s mission to find evidence on a producer, spare Ku Feng during the rooftop fight.
  • Select the option “I want to have you reach your full potential” during questioning to make Ku Feng a friend.
  • Ku Feng will fire the actress but won’t join your team, owing you a favor.
  • Bring Gaichu along during the final mission, ensuring his survival until Ku Feng joins in the second part.

Easy “No Stone Unturned” Achievement

  • In the Prosperity Tower mission, jack into five computer terminals near the end of the game.
  • Retrieve data from two nodes in each terminal, all part of the same system.
  • Start from the basement and work your way up, but floor 49 may require combat.
  • Use the suppression program against combat IC to reduce trace by 50 (they increase trace by 5).
  • Avoid seeker programs as they cause +20 trace.
  • Obtain passwords for two nodes, while mini-games are needed for others.
  • Non-violent approach: Interact with NPCs for information and complete tasks on each floor.
  • Floor 26 VIP terminal: Make a deal with Mr. Johnson and jack in from his office.
  • Floor 26 security terminal: Talk to the middle management woman to access the terminal.
  • Floor 49 security and head mage terminals: Interact with the summoner and release a creature to gain access.
  • Reaching the fifth terminal may require initiating combat.

Easy “Pays For Itself” Achievement

  • Play as a character capable of getting cybernetics without damaging them.
  • The main character must obtain the auto-loader arm approximately halfway through the storyline.
  • The auto-loader arm automatically reloads your character’s weapon without using AP.
  • Allow the auto-loader arm to reload ten times to earn the “Pays For Itself” achievement.

Easy “Posthuman” Achievement

  • Early run: Steal a laser and Racter offers to join.
  • Bring Racter and complete the additional objective to progress his story.
  • Talk to Racter after each mission.
  • Towards the end of the game, Racter’s post-mission dialogue will end.
  • After the final mission, talk to Racter to unlock the “Posthuman” achievement.

Easy “Tastes Like Chicken” Achievement

  • Whampoa serial killer mission: Near the end of the storage locker, find a table with meat and eat it before encountering Gaichu.
  • Neville Ma/Repulse Bay Hotel mission: Progress to Neville Ma’s apartment and drink the wine you find before encountering Ku Feng.
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