Starbound Cheats & Console Commands

Starbound is a sandbox adventure game where you can explore a vast universe, build your worlds, and fight against hostile creatures. It’s a challenging game, but it can be even more fun with cheats and console commands.

Cheats and console commands can give you an edge in the game, allowing you to instantly construct buildings, increase your resources, or even change the outcome of events.

If you’re looking for a way to make Starbound a little easier or want to have some fun, then Starbound cheats and console commands are great options.

How to Use Cheats in Starbound?

To activate cheats in Starbound, open the chat, toggle on the admin mode (/admin), and type the code you want. We provide you with all the codes, and we also explain to you the effect of each one below

All Starbound Cheats & Console Commands

Here is a list of all the Starbound cheats that you can use to get money, enable god mode, removes all your gear, kills the player, and much more. So, let’s take a look.

Basic Commands

Basic Commands can be used by all users regardless of user authentication.

/helpShows the list of commands available to you.
/adminDisplays your server username and your authentication status.
/reload Reloads your local assets without exiting the game.
/whoamiDisplays your username and your authentication status.
/serverwhoamiIt kills the current player, which incurs all death penalties. 
/whereamiDisplay the coordinate of your current location
/pvpEnables Player vs. Player on your end if possible.
/playedDisplays the total amount of time played on your character.
/deathsDisplays the total amount of deaths on this character.
/suicideRemoves all your gear, which is useful for macros.
/nakedRemoves all your gear, useful for macros.

Admin Commands

These commands can only be used by users with admin authentication and have enabled admin mode on their character by typing /admin.

CommandsSets the instanced area, dungeon, to be protected if the protected parameter is set to true.
/warp (/help warp for list of parameters)Teleports the user to the desired location
/timewarp [time in seconds]Sets the instanced area, dungeon, to be protected if the protected parameter is set to true.
/stettileprotection [dungeonID] [isProtected (true or false)]Sets the default spawn point on the current world to your character’s position.
/sets spawnpointSets the default spawn point on the current world to your characters position.
/spawnitem [Item Name][amount]<parameters>Spawns a treasure specified from the treasure pool (loot table) and its rarity.
/spawntreasure [poolname][level]Spawns a monster whose information has been specified by parameters at the cursor’s location.
/spawnmonster [type][level]<parameters>Sets the instanced area, dungeon, to be protected if protected parameter is set to true.
/spawnnpc [species][type][level][seed][‘overrides.json object’]Spawns an NPC with these parameters set. “Overrides specified as a JSON object within single quotes.
/spawnvehicle [type]<parameters>Spawns a vehicle based on its type and extra parameters.
/spawnstagehand [type]<parameters>Spawns a stagehand, which is used for missions and quests. 
/clearstagehandDespawns any stagehand close to cursor position
/spawnliquid [liquidName]<quantity>Places a dungeon into the world, placed at either the position defined in the position parameter or to the player’s cursor location.
/kick [PlayerNickname]<reason>Bans a player for a reason given. You can specify what type by typing ip, uuid, or both as the type command and duration by changing the <time> command.
/ban [PlayerNickname]<reason><ip,uuid,or both><time>Kicks a player for an optional reason; if no reason is given, it will be their nickname.
/whereis [PlayerNickname]Displays the celestial coordinates of the listed player.
/serverreloadReloads server-side assets. It may cause lag.
/enablespawningEnables automatic monster spawning on the current world
/placedungeon [dungeonname]<position (x,y)>Sets the current universe flag, which sets the level of progression completed on the server.
/setuniverseflag [Flag Name]Clears all universe flags, resetting all progression to its initial state.
/resetuniverseflags Clears all universe flags, resetting all progression to it’s initial state.

Debugging Commands

These are a set of commands which allow the administrator to debug lua scripts and broadcast radio messages and quests from an NPC’s perspective. To use debug commands enter debug mode by typing the command /debug.

Commands Description
/debugEnables debug mode
/gravityToggles the visibility of a layer
/boxesToggle the display of debugging polygons
/clearboxesToggle to clear boxes displayed with /boxes every frame.
/togglelayerLocks the position of the camera
/fullbrightDisables the ligting engine, shows everything.
/fixedcameraEvaluates the lua parameter in context to the scripted entity selected by the users cursor
/set gravity [level]Sets your local gravity to the level parameter
/resetgravityResets gravity to the default gravity
/eval <lua>Evaluates lua 
/entityeval <lua>Resets all player’s achievements
/radiomessage [messageID]Triggers the player to receive a radio message with the specified ID
/clearradiomessagesResets all received radio messages allowing players to see unique messages again.
/clearcinematicsResets all unique cinematic events
/cinema [cinematic file path]Plays the requested cinematic
/startquest [questArcDescriptor]Gives the player a quest with the quest Arc Descriptor provided with the questArcDescriptor parameter
/completequest [questID]Force completes a current quest
/failquest [questID]Force fails a quest
/previewnewquest [QuestTemplateID][PositionInSequence][QuestGiverSpecs]Displays a New Quest Interface to the user.
/previewquestcomplete[QuestTemplateID][PositionInSequence][QuestGiverSpecs]Displays the Quest Completion Interface to the user.
/previewquestfailed[QuestTemplateID][PositionInSequence][QuestGiverSpecs]Displays the Quest Failed Interface to the user.
/statistic[statistic name]Displays the value of the statistic specified in the parameter
/resetachievmentsUnlocks the tech for the use specified in the parameter
/enabletech [Tech Name]Makes the tech specified visible and available for purchase
/maketechavailable [Tech Name]Sets the specified item to the specified slot, overwriting the existing item.
/giveessentialitem [Item][Slot Name]Evaluates the lua parameter in context to the scripted entity selected by the user’s cursor
/upgradeship [Ship Upgrade]Upgrades the user’s ship with the upgrade specified. The “Ship Upgrade” parameter should be a Json object surrounded by single quotes.
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