Terraria Cheats & Trainers for PC

Terraria is a sandbox game with a seemingly endless amount of content to explore. But what if you want to speed things up a bit? Or maybe you just want to have some fun with the game’s mechanics.

That’s where Terraria cheats come in. With cheats, you can give yourself unlimited resources, god mode, and even change the game’s world generation.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use Terraria Cheats on PC, Mac, Android, and Linux. We’ll also provide a list of some of the most useful cheat trainers, so you can get the most out of your Terraria experience.

So whether you’re a seasoned Terraria player or you’re just getting started, read on for everything you need to know about Terraria cheats.

Are there any Cheats in Terraria?

The simple answer is No. Except for the PC version, there aren’t any Terraria cheats available. Therefore, players use Cheat Trainers to gain an advantage in the game. These trainers only work in single-player mode.

Moreover, there are some hidden tips and tricks available that you can use in PS5/4 and also gain an advantage in the game.

Are there Cheat Codes in Terraria Mobile?

The answer is Yes. If you tap the top-right corner on Terraria, a strange menu appears. It has several Terraria cheat commands which you can change. One appears to be a toggle of the grappling hook shortcut and another appears to be a ‘cheat keyboard’.

Our 2 Best Terraria Cheat Trainer for PC

Unlike the old game, you won’t find any Terraria cheat codes/ Terraria cheats commands that use on the PC, Android, PS5/4, and Xbox One. However, there are some cheat trainers and tables that you can use to gain advantages over other players.

These trainers are safe and will make your gameplay easier while enhancing the overall gaming experience. Below is the best trainer that we recommend to our users to download and enjoy the game.

1. Download Terraria Cheat Trainer from WeMod

If you’re in search of cheats for Terraria on Steam, then WeMod is the best option to go with. This reputable website is a one-stop hub for thousands of free mods, cheats, and trainers. This trainer gives you 09 cheat options.

Download Terraria Cheat Trainer from WeMod.

You can easily enter the cheats while playing the game. Simply, download WeMod, run the software, and enable all the cheat options to fully enjoy the game.

2. Download Terraria Cheat Trainer from FLiNG Trainer

The Terraria cheat trainers developed by the FLiNG Trainer support Steam and Origin. The FLiNG Trainer is a giant hub where you can find a cheat table for the popular latest games. This trainer gives you 12 cheat options including Infinite Health, Infinite Mana, Godmode, Ghost Mode, and much more.

Simply download FLiNG Trainer from their official website, and enjoy the game.

Download Terraria Cheat Trainer from FLiNG Trainer

Cheat Options

  1. Num 1 – God Mode 
  2. Num 2 – Infinite Health
  3. Num 3 – Infinite Mana
  4. Num 4 – Infinite Breath
  5. Num 5 – Infinite Fly Duration
  6. Num 6 – Ghost Mode
  7. Num 7 – Infinite Items 
  8. Num 8 – Max Light/Brightness
  9. Num 9 – Unlock All Crafting Recipes
  10. Num 0 – Super Damage/One Hit Kill
  11. Num . – Freeze Daytime
  12. Num + – Set Game Speed

Should I Use Terraria Cheat Engine?

The Terraria cheat engine is the ideal way to use cheats and console commands. To use cheats first download Cheat Engine and then head over to the Fearless Revolution website to download the cheat table.

Cheat Engine is a powerful tool that allows players to modify various aspects of a game, to gain advantages or access hidden content. Here are some factors to consider before using Cheat Engine:

  1. Single-Player Experience: If you are playing Terraria solely in single-player mode and wish to experiment with the game mechanics, using Cheat Engine might provide you with a new perspective and exciting opportunities.
  2. Creative Exploration: Cheat Engine can open up possibilities for creative exploration, allowing you to build elaborate structures or experiment with different items and features.
  3. Risk of Corruption: However, using cheats can carry risks. Altering the game code may lead to unintended consequences or even corrupt your saved files. Always back up your game data before attempting any modifications.
  4. Impact on Multiplayer: If you plan to join multiplayer servers or play with others, using Cheat Engine is generally frowned upon and may result in bans from the server or other players.
  5. Personal Fulfillment: Some players find satisfaction in overcoming challenges in a game through skill and dedication rather than resorting to cheats. Using cheats may diminish that sense of achievement for some players.
  6. Developer’s Intent: Game developers design their games with specific challenges and experiences in mind. Using cheats can alter the intended game balance and may lead to a different, potentially less enjoyable experience.

Terraria – Glitches, Tips & Tricks, and Secrets

Here are some of the tips & tricks that we found after much research. You can use these glitches and tricks on PC Xbox, and PS5/4. So, let’s take a look.

Codes (iOS)

At the title screen



Dupe Items (Xbox 360)

Title: Item Duplication Trick in Terraria on Xbox

Step 1: Prepare Your Save Files: In the Xbox version of Terraria, just like on PC, there are two distinct save files: Characters and Worlds. To initiate the item duplication process, start by putting the item you wish to duplicate into any chest and then save your game.

Step 2: Copying the Worlds File: Proceed to the storage area and locate the Worlds file for Terraria. Copy this file onto a USB storage device for the next phase of the duplication trick.

Step 3: Removing the Item: Re-enter Terraria and remove the item you want to duplicate from the chest. You can duplicate multiple items using this method. Once you’ve done this, save the game and exit.

Step 4: Overwriting the Worlds File: Head back to the Storage menu and copy the Worlds file from the USB drive back onto the Xbox’s hard drive. When prompted by the system to confirm overwriting, select “Yes.”

Step 5: Reap the Rewards: Re-launch the game and return to your character. Thanks to the separate save files, you’ll notice that the item you wanted to duplicate now exists both on your character and inside the chest. Now, you can repeat this process as many times as you desire to amass an abundance of duplicated items.

Remember to exercise this item duplication trick responsibly, as it may affect the game’s balance and overall experience. Enjoy your newfound riches and creativity in the captivating world of Terraria on Xbox!

Infinite Money using Music Box 1.1.1

Get a music box, have it set to play music, then try to place it on a TABLE or WORK BENCH. Not wooden platforms. Sell the music boxes. Get money.

Infinite Money with Lizarhd Doors


  • Picksaw dropped from Golem
  • A world with the temple not unlocked with a key and Plantera defeated
  • version of Terraria on PC or Console


  1. Obtain the Picksaw: Defeat the Golem in a world and ensure that it drops a Picksaw, a crucial item for this door duplication trick.
  2. Locate the Right World: Find a world where the temple has not been unlocked with a key, but Plantera has already been defeated.
  3. Head to the Temple: Make your way to the temple in the selected world.
  4. Break the Temple Door: Position yourself under the temple’s door and mine the blocks beneath it. The door will break, leaving the locked door mechanism intact.
  5. Collect the Dropped Doors: After breaking the door, a remarkable result will occur. Instead of a single door dropping, you will receive an astounding 3 to 12 doors at a time!
  6. Repeat the Process: Simply replace the block under the door, and then mine it again. This will trigger the door duplication each time you repeat the process.
  7. Continuation on Both PC and Console: This incredible door duplication trick has been successfully tested on version of Terraria on both PC and Console.

Item Duplication

Here are the steps to duplicate items in Terraria (Version 1.1.1) using your own world and TerrariaServer.exe:

  1. Place the item you want to dupe in a chest in your world.
  2. Run TerrariaServer.exe from “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\terraria.”
  3. Select your world in TerrariaServer.exe.
  4. Join a multiplayer game and enter “localhost” as the IP.
  5. Take all the items you want to duplicate with your character.
  6. On the TerrariaServer.exe console, type “exit-nosave” to disconnect your character without saving the world.
  7. Go back to your world and unload all the duplicated items.
  8. Repeat the process to duplicate items as needed.

This method only works with worlds created using your own TerrariaServer.exe and won’t work on other players’ worlds. Use at your own risk, as game exploits like this may be unintended and can affect the game’s balance and enjoyment.

Item Duplication (ver 1.4)

Before following all the given steps; turn “Autosave” back on.

  1. Put the item(s) you want to duplicate in your character inventory. Save & Quit.
  2. Start the game using “Multiplayer“, and select your character and world. The password doesn’t matter. I’m not entirely sure if it matters if you’re launching the game or exiting from a Save & Quit, but I’ve noticed it doesn’t work reliably unless I launched the game after each step.
  3. Turn off Autosave (to prevent accidental file corruption).
  4. Open a chest, make sure NOT to close it afterward. Move the items you wish to duplicate from the character inventory into the chest. When finished, hit Alt-F4. This will close out the program.
  5. Launch the game, and open your character/world. The items should still be in your inventory, as well as inside the chest.

Note: To speed up duplication, put the items in the chest into your inventory, Save & Quit, and exit the game. Relaunch, go to step 2.

Not as fast as the previous duplication of stacked items using the item board, but that doesn’t work in 1.4. But on the good side, this works for single items.



UnlockableHow to Unlock
All Pumped Up (20)Max out your health and mana
Collector (20)Obtain every type of armor available
Could This Be Heaven (14)Find a floating island
Defeated The Mob (16)Defeat the Goblin Army
Expert Crafter (20)Use every crafting station
Exterminator (24)Defeat every boss
Family Night (20)Get every NPC to move into your house
Going Down (14)Reach the bottom of the World
Home Sweet Home (12)Get the Guide to move into your house
King Of Slimes (14)Kill every type of slime
Terraria Expert (12)Complete the tutorial
When The Moon Turns Red (14)Survive the Blood Moon

Game Center Achievements (IOS)

Complete the required tasks to unlock each Achievement and allotted points.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
All Pumped Up (15 points)Max out your health and mana.
Collector (15 points)Obtain every type of armor available.
Could This Be Heaven (10 points)Find a floating island.
Defeated the Mob (10 points)Defeat the Goblin Army.
Expert Crafter (15 points)Use every crafting station.
Exterminator (20 points)Defeat every Boss.
Family Night (15 points)Get every NPC to move into your house.
Going Down (10 points)Reach the bottom of the World.
Home Sweet Home (10 points)Get the Guide to move into your house.
King of Slimes (10 points)Kill every type of slime.
Terraria Expert (10 points)Complete the tutorial.
When The Moon Turns Red (15 points)Survive the Blood Moon.


Duplication glitch (PS4)

Before following the below steps; just make sure that you have two accounts & also two controllers(optional)(recommended

Follow these steps:

  • Sign in with both accounts.
  • Create a character on the second account.
  • Move your second character next to your main character.
  • Give items you want to duplicate to the second character.
  • Save and Exit with the second character.
  • Join back with the second character.
  • Give the main character items back.
  • Log out with the second character(The Error is normal, just press ok).
  • Log in with the second account.
  • Join in with the second character.
  • Give items to the main character.
  • Repeat steps 7-11.
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