Can’t cancel hp print job; Have a close look up at this guide and quickly find yourself a solution. It is extremely important to sort out this issue because when a print job is stuck in the print queue, it will make it miserable for you and other users to continue printing. Here’s how you can get rid of this issue.

Get HP print job canceled from the Computer/PC

Procedure 1

Launch the control panel on your computer and navigate to devices and printers. Select the printer that has a stuck print job. This opens a list of print jobs. Select the print job that you want to delete. Right-click on it and from the drop-down menu select ‘Cancel Document’. You can also cancel the entire print queue. To do that tap on the ‘Printer’ tab and right-click and select ‘Cancel All Documents’. Hopefully, this would sort out your problem. If it doesn’t then proceed to the next method.

Procedure 2

Launch Control Panel on your computer. Tap double on ‘Administrative Tools’. Select ‘Services’. This opens a list of services. Scroll all the way down and select ‘Print Spooler’. Right-click on it and select ‘Stop’, and after waiting for 10 seconds right-click on it again and select ‘Start’. After doing this you can check if the print queue is empty or not. So for that, go ‘Devices and Printers’ section. There you should see the print queue empty. Note: These procedures are used to cancel the print job on HP Deskjet 3050, home office or shared network printers.

Cancel HP print job from the Printer

Most printers have a ‘Cancel’ or ‘Job Cancel’ button on their front controls. This can vary depending on which model is used. If you are not sure about the printer model, confirm it form the control panel of the printer. If you are close to the printer and have easy access to it, press that button. This will stop the current print job in progress. Now, look at the control panel display screen. Once the job is finished, the display screen should read ‘Ready’. Or, you can turn the printer off, remove the paper stack from the printer’s input tray. However, bear in mind that, when you perform any of the actions, you won’t be able to cancel the print job, instead, it will pause the printing at once, giving you the time to sort out the actual mistake.

Remove a Stuck Print Job using the ‘Command Prompt’

Note: These procedures are used to cancel the print job on HP Officejet Pro 8720. Note: Before you remove a stuck print job, remember to save your pending work because the print jobs present in HP Officejet Pro 8720, will be lost and you would have to start a new print command. Type command prompt in the search menu and right-click on it. Select Run AScmd Administrator and type NET STOP SPOOLER in the dialog box. Hit Enter. Now launch ‘File Explorer’. Navigate to System 32. Search for Spool>Printers. Hit Enter. Highlight all the files then right-click them and click ‘Delete’. Now, return to the cmd to restart the Print Spooler. Type NET START SPOOLER and tap the ‘Enter’ key. Likewise, you can remove a stuck print job in the Services Window. The steps involved are pretty much similar. When you save your work, launch the ‘Run Dialog Box’. Type services.msc into it and hit ‘Enter’. As a result, a window appears. Look down for PRINT SPOOLER. When located, right-click on it and select ‘Stop’. Once more open up the File Explorer. Navigate to System32>Spool>Printers and press the Enter button. Highlight all the files therein. Right-click them and select ‘Delete’. Restart your computer system. Note: Plug out the printer’s power chord and switch in again after a minute. Now, try to print again. Go back to the Print Spooler service and finally click ‘Start’. Once you follow through these steps, you’ll definitely sort out the issue. And, Still, if it doesn’t, you can get help from HP customer support. Alternatively, updating or reinstalling the printer driver might resolve the issue.