Crello Online Graphic Designing Software Review

Create beautiful logo designs and converts images to different formats

Crello graphic design software is a free online visual editing software for creating youtube thumbnails, business logos, icons, videos, and animations for social media posts, print, or websites. You can also create animated designs for personal, business, or commercial purposes.

This online tool has more than 50,000 ready-to-use customizable professionally designed templates. So you can create thumbnails by editing the templates.

Crello background remover will enable you to easily edit, resize, and remove background from images with one click. You can edit your youtube videos by adding sounds and music to your videos.

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Graphic Designer Crello Review 2023

Crello is an online graphic designing tool for creating all kinds of visual marketing materials, both digital (social, web, ads) and physical (brochures, labels, posters, etc). It’s a great design automation platform aimed at marketers, social media specialists, entrepreneurs, bloggers, graphic designers, and helps to create social media posts, blogs, presentations, advertisements, and videos.

Crello provides the users with a wide choice of templates, formats, 60 million photos11,000 templates12,000 free photos, and 33 design formats and provision for a video library that provokes the designers to create utterly beautiful graphics. It hosts a lot many features. Namely an in-built photo editor tool (such as Filters, Crop, Layers and Transparency, and Blur) and Design Tools (like, Resize Design, Stickers, Shapes, Icons). Above all, you save your time, money, effort and super easily get a customized logo for your brand.

Crello is an online tool that enables you to create videos, animation, thumbnails, logos, and icon makers for business as well as personal use. This graphic design editor helps you to create thumbnails for youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. You can design images for your social media and other web-based graphics. It contains 30 different formats and 10,000 free and ready-to-use templates for creating graphics.

Using Crello graphic design software, you can create hundreds of designs for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler, and all other social media platforms. Below you will find the list of tools available in the online graphic designing tool pro version. Here’s the list of best graphic designing tools you will get on the official site.

Powerful Contender to Canva

Canva is Great. Crello is Great too. But, what is the difference; why you should even try this graphic design tool? The answer is quite simple! If you want a bit of change and want to use slightly different images and layout designs, Crello is great then. Even though it does not include some business-related templates, the design tools are more fun than professional ones. The stickers are a lot like Instagram stories.

Crello is not for people who need to visualize the data. It’s more intended for the bloggers and small businesses who need to create visuals for social media. It is the easiest online design tool to create animations and graphics with absolutely of design skills. Since, the graphic design software integrates well over 30,000 templates for all the major social media, blogging, and marketing formats, you can hence, create super-professional graphics that best meets your marketing needs.

It hosts powerful animations with access to 6,500+ animated templates and 3,400+ animated objects. Thereafter, providing us with eye-catching visuals for our projects. Moreover, you have the access to a media library of millions of premium photos and videos. You can use these to create a beautiful, top-quality design that people will definitely love and desire.

Design Recognizably Quality Graphics

You can graphic design for social media platforms including posts, ads for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Channel art and thumbnails, Tumblr graphic and banners, printouts, and possibly on any domain. It’s great for marketing purposes and for events such as invitations, business cards, posters, or flyers, etc. Crello also supports three types of background. Namely, it’s the Photos, Patterns, and colors. So, when you set a background, it will set it as the bottom layer which you can easily see through the transparent areas in your design.

Crello offers a few text styles. Most of the fonts are free fonts from the Google Fonts Library. You can even upload a custom font file in TTF or OTF formats. To do that, all you gotta do is go to My fonts, click the Upload Fonts button to upload the font files. And, yeah – that’s it.

If you wish to import a custom font or image or anything, it should preferably be in  PNG, JPEG or JPG formats. Also that the file size should be in 50 MB. Video files that you upload should be in MP4 or MOV formats and its max file size should be 200 MB. That’s the threshold they’ve set – though.

Fairly Nice Performance

Crello’s user interface is using the Javascript React Framework. That does not solely make the software faster or slower. However, the text gets clipped off while changing the dimension of the layer/element. It is a bit slower while dragging elements inside the canvas. Other than that, its amazingly fine! Changing the elements is also a fun task. Suppose, you want a different graphic on the canvas. All you have is to delete the unwanted element. Next, you have to go to the Objects section or tab and search for the intended one. Finally, click on the graphic you like. All done!

Is Crello Perfect – then?

See, you might get a perfect logo. But, when it comes to the customization, you seriously don’t get a free hand over it. Yeah, even Canva is not allowing the freedom to perfectly customize the logo. They both offer amazing animation and short gif-life elements that make your design dynamic. So, all in all, the software will potentially help you create award-winning designs, even if you use Canva or other graphic design software like CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. Crello, however, is much cheaper. It gets a thumbs up here.

One thing more. Can it replace Canva? Yes. Will it? No. It is because Canva’s element and free photo library is currently more diverse than Crello. It is a deadly rival of Canva and can come up with more amazing features. Moreover, the object and video collection could have been better. There are even no integration with free stock sites like Unsplash or Pexels, restraining the user experience.

How can I get a free graphic design?

See, as I said. There are a lot many graphic and design software that offer the services and they are really really good. But, there are a few of my picks. Design Evo – It is a go-to online logo maker that can make your brand echo. It includes 10,000+ logo templates using keywords to find the logo that meets your needs and customize it your way. My next pick as an alternative to Crello is Stencil. It is a never-miss-out online graphing tool that levels up the quality of social media graphics and gives you the courage to create social media graphics, compelling ads, stunning blog headers & much more! Above all, it’s free.

Next on the list is Artweaver. It is a huge software that provides a lot to you. While maintaining realistic imitation of brushes, chalks, charcoals, felt pens, pastels, oils, and pencils, Artweaver is a powerful and instantly accessible free drawing or painting program for users of all levels of ability. It incorporates almost every feature which is useful for painting and image editing. It, for example, gives full support for layers, highly configurable brushes, along with a range of effects, filters, gradients, and solid files, crop, transparency, effects (such as blur, sharpness, emboss, mosaic,.).

Gravit Designer is one of the graphic design software and obviously, a logo maker that effortlessly lets you create beautiful sketches, inspiring paintings, stunning illustrations, web and app UI, image and photo editing and draw anything you wish with powerful layers support, filters, hundreds of brushes and different drawing tools. Above all, it is free!

Can I use Crello on mu Mobile Phone?

Yes! You can use the Crello app on iOS & Android.

Can You Change the Pricing Plan?

Definitely yes. You can upgrade or cancel your subscription plan from within your account settings at any time.

What is so Great About the Pro Plan?

The Pro version of the Crello puts no limits on the number of the design and templates you can download. Wait a second. You also get an option to invite others to collaborate on a design using the Team option with up to 10 members. As a result, you will always be sure to get support from their Team as a concern with the software.

1- Crello Posts & Stories Designer

Posts & Stories

If you want to create posts or stories for your social media account, here is what this designer software can do for you.

  • Crello-Facebook Tools: Facebook post, Facebook story, Facebook cover photo, Facebook Ad, Facebook Event Cover, Facebook Video Story maker, Facebook Video Cover.
  • Crello-Instagram Tools: Create squre graphic post for Instagram, Instagram post, Instagram video stories, Instagram highlight cover, Instagram story, square video Post for Instagram, Instagram Ad.
  • крелло Tools for Twitter: Twitter Post, Twitter Header, Twitter Ad, крелло,
  • крелло Tools for Twitch: CrelloTwitch Offline banner design, Lable, Crello Twitch offline Profile banenr, & design crello twitch online designs for your twitch account.

2- Crello Covers & Headers Maker

Covers & Headers Maker

With Crello’s free tool you can create a cover for your Facebook or blog and make headers for web pages. Here’s what you can do with Crello Headers & covers.

  • Crello-Cover Designing Tools: In cover making tool you will get album cover designer, LinkedIn cover maker, and ICTV cover designing tool.
  • Crello-Header Maker: In Hedear designing tools you will get tumblr banner,youtube thumbnail, Email header, Twitter header, & Header for your blog.

3- Crello Online Ads Designer

Online Ads Designer

Crello Ads designer lets you design ads for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and websites for free. Here’s what you can do with Ads Designer.

  • Create attractive and beautiful ads for any size – Facebook Ad, Instagram Ad, Twitter Ad, Wide Skyscrape ads, Medium Rectangle ads, Large Rctangle ads, and Leaderboard ads.

4- Best Marketing Tools

Best Marketing Tools

Crello marketing tool enables you to design logos, business cards, t-shirts, posters, newsletters, and many more. Here’s what you can do with Marketing tools.

  • Crello-Logo-Maker: Create beautiful logo for your business also design animated logos.
  • Crello-Card-Designer: Business cards, visiting cards, Recipe Cards, Mood Boards, Mind maps.
  • Crello-Poster-Maker: Poster us, Flyer, Gift cards, Gift certificates, Inforgraphics.
  • CrelloPresentation-Maker: Mobile presentations & business Presetations, (16:9), (4:3),
  • крелло Professional-Designs: T-shirts designs, Tickets, Coupons, Menus, Lables, Newsletters.

5- Crello Documents and Letter Designer

Documents and Letter Designer

Crello letters and document-making tools help you to design cover letters, resumes, invoices, calendars, and brochures. Here’s what you can do with Crello letter and Document tools.

In this tool, you can design professional eBooks, Certificates, Invitations, Cards, Postcards, Resume, Brochure, Invoice, A4 letters, Proposals, Schedule Planner, Letterhead, storyboards, Photo Book, & Celender.

6- Crello Video & Animation Maker

Video & Animation Maker

Crello videos and animation-making tools let you make full HD TikTok videos and Facebook clips. Here’s what you will get in animation and video tools.

Using animations and video tools, you can create Full HD videos, Square video posts, Facebook video stories, Instagram stories, Facebook video cover, Animated logo & Tiktok videos for free.

Top Features

  • Animation
  • Animations & Transitions
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Content Library
  • Customizable Branding
  • Customizable Templates
  • Design Management
  • Drag & Drop
  • Media Import
  • Media Library
  • Pre-built Templates
  • Search
  • Search/Filter
  • Text Overlay
  • Video Content
  • Video Editing
  • Video Support
  • крелло Design

Crello Pros vs Cons


  • Variety of free templates
  • Best quality animations and backgrounds
  • Pricing is cheaper than others
  • The free plan comes with a lot of features.


  • Video collection could be improve
  • No integration with free stock photo sites like Pixabay,Pexels , and Unsplash.
  • Free plan allows 5 downloads/month only

Is Crello Safe to Use?

Yes! Crello is a 100% safe and secure graphic designing software until now. After readings hundreds of reviews from users using this online graphic designer tool on daily basis to meet their business and personal needs, We can say that your data will be more secure on Crello as compare to any other online graphic tool.

Crello Pricing Overview (what does crello cost?)

The free version is free – forever. The pro version starts at $7.99/mo (billed yearly) or $9.99/mo (month-to-month billing). The pro version first up provides an unlimited download with 30,000+ static and animated graphic design templates. There are other interesting features that I would love to talk about. For example, it provides instant access to 180M+ stock images and videos on Depositphotos. The list goes on and hence, making the experience better for you.

Crello pricing starts at $7.99/month for each tool if you paid annually (the Pro version will cost you $95.88 USD/Year if you paid on a yearly basis). This graphic designer tool also provides a free version with limited features. It includes everything available in this tool along with unlimited downloads, priority support, team invitations, and access to background removal and Media Kit. If you subscribe to Crello pro version, you will be enabled to get 50k+ animated design templates and 1M+ royalty-free images within the same package. You can also access up to 200M+ media files from Deposit photos for free. Crello download doesn’t have a free trial available.

In a free plan of Crello, you will be able to download only five designs in a month and can access thousands of animated graphic design templates. Crello free download also comes with an unlimited library royalty-free image & creative assets.

Crello vs Canva – Can Crello Replace Canva?

Overall, I had a good experience with this online graphic designing tool. It gave a more pleasant experience than Canva. For now, If you compare the price of both tools Crello is the best tool than Canva. But If you are using a free version of Canva and Crello, I prefer using Canva because the five downloads/month restriction in the free plan makes it insufficient.


Crello is my favorite. Yeah, it is – for a number of reasons. First up, it allows you to quickly create designs for social media, blogs, marketing materials, and other types of ads without professional design skills. There are over 25,000 ready-made static templates and 9000 animated templates that are updated weekly. With Crello, you get access to the Depositphotos stock image library of 180-million files, and unique curated photo collections from Lightfield Productions.