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Design Wizard, a strict competitor to Canva is an online graphic design tool with built-in stunning templates and premium images to make it easier and more time-efficient to create endless designs and share them. With over, 17,000 plus templates, thousands of high-quality videos, illustrations, and graphics, graphic designers can easily find curated designs to produce inspiring results. In addition, it is also a good fit for social media graphics where you can produce beautiful work for clients.

Design Wizard

User Interface

Design Wizard is built for visually oriented individuals. Making changes is easy. The drag and drop option helps to drop content into place. The online graphic design tool makes the editing and inserting process easier. You can easily add any object to the editing screen. Hence, everything is hassle-free.

Once you log in to your designwizardd account you can choose the type of images you’d like to create and select your canvas size. There’s an extensive catalog of images and templates. Likewise, you can easily add filters as well as adjust the brightness and saturation, contrast, tint, and hue.

There are a lot of functions on the interface that won’t make you feel overwhelmed. The left side of your screen is a toolbar with the options to resize, upload, add text, shapes, images, or templates.

The center area is your editing space where you can undo actions, redo them, clear your design or change the background color with the buttons directly above your design. The right side of the screen holds the layer options along with options for changing their order. It is more convenient here because in Canva I had to pull up the ‘Position Menu’.

The dashboard is minimalist. The ability to access different visual elements allows us to save considerable time without having to dig in to find that feature. As for templates, you have a healthy selection of size templates. For example, you can size for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and more.

Customize the Logo

The different editing and graphic elements allow customizing the logo. You can access the sliders for brightness, saturation, and contrast. There’s a great selection of fonts that allows you to keep your logo fresh and consistent. The colors appear as rectangles towards the bottom of the box. You simply click the rectangle box and work with the colors.

The eyedropper tool nicely allows matching the color. You can even enter a hex code to make the process easier. The images and elements that you use can also be favorite by a click on the white heart in the left toolbar at the bottom. DesignWizard allows you to select editable templates and also lets you upload backgrounds, images, videos so as to provide a personalized logo.

Apart from the customization tools and options and a huge library of resources, there’s the option for you to upload your own content. In this way, you can bring your own personalized graphics and fonts. DesignWizard’s video editor is easy and aesthetically stunning. The templates are awesome.

Normally, anything you will make might not be award-winning. The point is that you still get amazing results by only manipulating the template – something that might be out of our skillset. As a result, you can share this design with popular social media networks and grab the attention of your followers and fans.

With all these design elements, you can create custom-designed birthday cards, party invites and mark other special events for your family and loved ones.


The visual content has been licensed for commercial use. This protects you from any copyright complications. Also, the library of editable business and social media templates will save your time and resource.

Download the Design

You can download the image in print or web quality. Also, you can share them instantly on social media or schedule them using their Buffer, or Hubspot integrations.

DesignWizard VS Canva

Canva and design wizard serve the same purposes, but they also have slight differences, and its worth not a decision to ditch one for the other. They both can be used in accordance.

DesignWizard has a great video tutorial series that is a great way to learn and understand the online logo maker. Also, the color picker is more of ease and gets the work done in a quicker way to get to hex codes.

There are other things where Canva does better. Canva allows you to sort projects in a way so your work can stay organized without disrupting the client’s work. Canva also makes it possible to pull files from different services like Facebook and Dropbox which is a relatively new feature for Canva. Hopefully, it’ll be somewhere in DesignWizard’s future.

Canva offers unlimited free design downloads. DesignWixard makes you use credit to download and you have a limited allotment of credits each month for the Basic and Pro plans. Hence, all in all, Canva still has an upper hand over DesignWizard.

DesignWizard Pricing Plans

Design Wizard ( 7 days free – pro plan) $0

Design Wizard Pro: $9.99 per month

Business Varient: $49.99 per month

DesignWizard Alternatives

Canva is there. However, there are others too. Stencil is a great online tool for creating engaging visuals for small business owners, bloggers, social media marketers, and more. It level-ups the quality of social media graphics and gives you the courage to create social media graphics, compelling ads, stunning blog headers & much more!

DesignEvo is my favorite. It makes your brand logo look stunning and live. It is a free online logo maker. Anyone can use it to create some simple, striking, and professional logos in almost no time. This cloud-based web app has a super impressive interface. It offers a vast collection of icons, fonts, and pre-built logo templates, turning logo creation into a fun and exciting endeavor.

Something more powerful than all these is Crello. It is an online graphic designing tool for creating all kinds of visual marketing materials. It can be both digital (social, web, ads) and physical (brochures, labels, posters, etc.). It’s a great design platform aimed at marketers, social media specialists, entrepreneurs, bloggers, graphic designers, and helps to create social media posts, blogs, presentations, advertisements, and videos.


DesignWizard has this price restriction that drops its ranking to a below few numbers and so others remain a good option. If we look at Canva, it does not put you in a restricted situation. DesignWizard is a great choice for beginners who are a little nervous about going through the process. This process includes hiring a good graphic designer or even investing in a good little tool.

This online logo maker will make you tons of logos for just 10$ a month. Also, you don’t need to fight for finding templates. DesignWizard serves you the awesome templates. Therefore, it is a must-try logo maker with hundreds of fonts, a drag-and-drop feature, millions of icons, and a sort of fully customizable drawing tool.

Design Wizard

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