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Designmantic Offers Professional Graphics Design Services, Website Design Templates, & Free Logo Maker Tool To Create Custom Designs.

DesignMantic Logo Maker helps beginners to create simple logos to establish a brand identity. The online logo maker helps you to create professional logos complimented with hundreds of templates for customization. There is a wide range of creative designs, colors and fonts. You can use these to modify the logo so that it looks great.

Designmantic - Free Logo Maker and Website design software

Create a Brand Identity

DesignMantic logo maker is a right tool for beginners to establish a brand logo. You can create a brand identity choosing from T-shirt designs, flyers, stationary and more. The process is simple. All you need to do is to enter a name of the business along with the field it is related with.

There is a range of different templates and gallery. Once you select one, you have to customize it to fit the exact needs for the brand logo. Apart from that, you can use numerous templates including T-shirt designs, flyers, social headers and even print services to get your business marketing ready.

Easy to Use

The User Interface is super simple to operate. Enter the name of your business to preview your unique logo and select your industry to refine the results.

After selecting the logo of your choice, click on it to access the edit screen. You can add text and forms, including: basic forms, clipart, lines similar to the Nike logo, decorative element and symbols.

DesignMantic offers hundreds of design options in more than 30 industries. At only $ 37, they are one of the most profitable design options currently available to startups. This allows customers to immediately see the design of their logo before they buy it.

The contractual information also states that once you have paid for the final design, the revisions will be considered a completely new design and the price will be calculated in this way.

DesignMantic Alternatives

There are some good number of alternatives to DesignMantic. A simple and fast way to design a logo would require you to use DesignMantic. However, if you like to create something more flashy and crisp, you’ll have to step up to Logogenie.

Apart from the basic customization, Logogenie provides the option to add details, separation lines, pictograms, and shapes from the drag and drop editor.

GraphicSprings Logo maker is yet another ideal choice. It offers an easy drag and drop logo creator with reasonable selection of fonts, letter spacing and text effects.

The images provided are a lot more colorful and detailed than the icons that some other logo generators provide.

Namecheap is also on the list. It is an ideal choice for beginners. It is an AI-powered startup wizard that generate unique logos for your business.

You can also view your logo on t-shirts, business cards, and websites to discover what it will look like in action. However, you may not create award-winning logos.


Logo making is a simple process. However, for professionals. A free cloud-based tool that creates attractive logos in few minutes is what the beginner’s want. DesignMantic helps you do that. You  click on the design to select and customize it to your desire.

You can rotate the design, move the text, resize the image, change the font style and select specific parts of the logo to change colors. There are also a variety of font styles and sizes you can choose from.

There are, however, few of the things I am totally not with them. First up it is not a vector illustration tool, So we understand and accept the restrictions. Everything’s fine except that you can not import any object into the interface.

As a result, it strictly puts you back from doing some extra stuff. It’s a simple logo making tool that only gets the job done for you.

It does not provide built-in well-designed stunning templates. Likewise, there are no elements and impressive range of free stock photographs or epic content and demographics or other visual content with which you can create awesome logo’s.

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