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Make Your Business More Flexible, Hybrid and Coordinated With This Video Conferencing Software

It wouldn’t be wrong if I entitle Digital Samba as the best video conference software in 2022. As part of my research for the best video conferencing software, the features that we find in the most powerful, trusted, and credible video conferencing software allow users to join calls from almost anywhere. Today, however, I’ve got the chance to talk about Digital Samba and lay out the reasons that make it a great video conferencing tool. 

The reason I say this is partly because Digital Samba is a browser-based conferencing software for meetings, webinars, education, and app development. This means that you can join a meeting or webinar in a web browser without downloading any plugins or software.  This makes the Digital Samba video conferencing software super useful for businesses, home users, friends, and family who want to continue to communicate face-to-face online

Well, this is not the only reason I like Digital Samba alone, its User Interface is simple and easy to get along with. I learned how to use Digital Samba quite easily. I also love how easy it is to set up and join meetings. For example, if I want to connect with my office guys for a quick talk, I can organize the meeting and send out invites in minutes

For the most part, I used screen-sharing, file-sharing, obviously video recording, and above all whiteboards to paint down the rough ideas and serve them to our team members. This one has been quite useful!

The best of all is the breakout room feature. This seems way too optimized for organizing a large set of groups so they could work on similar projects in a different and dedicated space. So, all you do is split participants of meetings into a separate room or space where you can ask moderators to join your room which is very useful during webinars. Hence, breakout rooms during meetings allow virtual groups to communicate in tandem with the host. 

As I hinted about screen-sharing and file-sharing a little while ago, I absolutely like its screen-sharing and file-sharing feature. It makes the sessions go a lot smoother, better, and more formal which is critical for a virtual meeting

What struck me the most about the Digital Samba video conferencing software was its Custom Branding. It so seamlessly allows you to put up your brand logo, brand color, backgrounds, and fonts to all event assets. So how is it useful? Given the default layouts, you can mold the streaming platform to your liking – more of a brand of your own, which is a key to landing clients. 

I love how easy it is to upload and share presentations, audio, video, PDFs, all, etc that makes lives much easier for teachers to kick up their teaching efficacy.  Although I’ve not really used this to test, it is a great addition to complement online education. If you are a teacher reading this review, then you have an edge to use Digital Samba to structure and plan shared content for your sessions. So, how is done? Well, you can upload and save all the contents in the cloud-based content library, and from there, you can annotate the documents with your peers using whiteboards.

You will not regret the Digital Samba’s streaming feature. This is essentially the biggest reason I love Digital Samba. You can stream your events to Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo to share them with a larger audience. You don’t have to think anymore about if participants need to install the video conferencing software or configure it the right way. All they’ll do is click the link to attend your event from other apps.

Now, here’s where things get really interesting. The best video conferencing software makes it simple and easy to connect online with friends, family, and co-workers. The advancement in cloud technology means that reliable video conferencing has become more feasible, more accessible, and more affordable to easily serve the modern workplace. So, how has Digital Sambs made sure of it?

Its email automation feature takes care of it. You have an absolute choice to set up custom email invitations, automated reminders, and follow-ups. So, these setups will allow you to streamline your attendance management post-event engagement as the company officially describes it. Thence, I agree that customized email integrations help gauge traction and trust. 

Now, here is the fun part that I absolutely love about Digital Samba video conferencing software. You can design fully customizable registration, thank-you pages, and branded event registration pages using a friendly URL. So, think of it: you finish the meeting or an online seminar and then redirect the attendees to the thank-you page after the event is over. What impression would it give to the people that lend their ears to you? Impressive! Ain’t?

I believe that Digital Samba is really the best video conferencing software because it allows you to embed it into your apps with its easy-to-understand API. The developers have to technically write one line of code to integrate lag-free video conferencing into their apps

We Want To See It A Little Better

Now, I won’t lie here. At that very instant, I was a little hesitant to grasp the interface. Some of the features I found a little hard to use and it could have been better if they would have provided the video or manual guide to make things super fluid. 

Now, I was not alone to experience this. I read some of the most honest reviews on Capterra where the online users shared what they experienced. One of them commented about the hesitancy he felt while exploring the features. 

Another problem is the completion funnel. Here I also felt that the software asks for too many steps which can come as a hindrance to the younger ones, especially those below 10. Now, some sources also say that when they upload their flyers, documents, or other stuff, the links within those documents do not work, in a way that they are not clickable. It would be a thumbs up to developers if they could make the links clickable. 

So, that’s my POV for this video conferencing software. Also, it is nice to experience a few of the best video conferencing software to equip yourself with the knowledge and feature set of the best video conferencing tools to make the business more flexible, hybrid, and coordinated. 

How to create breakout rooms in Digital Samba for meetings and webinars

You can create breakout rooms in Digital Samba super easily. Breakout rooms solve this common problem in meetings with large groups. Breakout rooms split all your participants into their assigned groups. Here’s how to do it:

  • Start a new meeting in Digital Samba
  • Select advanced options
  • find the access tab
  • Select the option to enable breakout rooms
  • When this meeting is scheduled, it will keep this setting enabled, and breakout rooms will be enabled in your next meeting, class lecture, or webinar.
  • Once breakout rooms are enabled and available, you still have to create each individual breakout room. When creating the meeting, there will be a button on the right to create and name a breakout room. Up to 10 breakout rooms are available, and participants can assign themselves or can be assigned to breakout rooms manually by a moderator or admin.
  • Once users have been settled in on what breakout room they will be assigned to, you can begin a breakout session by clicking the start breakout button. Starting a breakout session splits all your participants into their assigned groups.
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