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Create Stunning, High Converting E-commerce Images and Marketing Design

Glorify is an e-commerce focused designing tool. It is cloud-based design software that helps you scale your eCommerce business without a designer. With over a 1000+ growing library of templates including E-commerce, social media & marketing templates, E-book pages, E-commerce print, animated product images & packaging designers, you can create stunning visuals and high-quality images that have the power to ramp up your sales and turn your business around.


Better Images lead to Better Conversion

Hight Converting Images can turn your e-commerce business into a money-making machine. It’s where your customers will convert to consumers and ultimately to better a conviction. Glorify has awesome features of creating and editing your product images with various other tools for an effective design process.

You can access millions of free images, icons, shapes, illustrations. Apart from that, there’s the option to remove backgrounds, choose from 15K+ Niche and thematic templates & bundles. With that, you can smartly resize your design to any format. Add shadows & reflection and give the dimensions of your object. Likewise, you can use the annotate tool. This way you can call out and explain your product.

Cloud-based storage helps you store all your files in the cloud and you have over 2 million+ icons from icon 8 and noun project. Also, you can access +5 million photos by Pexels, Pixabay, and icons8. The models included will spice up our design with models from Icon8. The illustration and premium 2D and 3D illustrations by Ouch are all includes in this exclusive library.

You can use Glorify and its background remover feature to remove unwanted background. Similarly, add shadows, and reflections to give your product image a professional look. Also, you can show off your product’s unique features using Glorify’s Annotate tool. You can pick your annotation style, point it to the feature you would like to highlight, add frames that magnify the highlighted area and add text to explain your awesome feature.

The inbuilt logo maker lets you create cool logos for your new blog or flyer. Great icons and intelligent color recommendation tools show which color is perfect for your store or niche. With a smart re-size tool, you can adjust the design too any social media format and drive more traffic to your products.


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