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Hipster Logo Generator is a free cloud-based tool that allows you to make your own hipster logos in minutes. Unlike the other logo makers, Hipster Logo Generator is a very basic tool but gets the job done for you.

No professional skills are required. Save PNG for free or Download SVG / High-resolution PNG bundle for $5.

Hipster Designing tools are limited and they are not fully customizable.

How do I make Hipster Logos Designs?

  • Choose your base shapes and click Next
  • Click a shape to customize it or click logo options to personalize and click Next
  • Add vector shapes and hit the Generate button 
  • Download as PNG for free.

Our Thoughts

Hipster Logo Generator is a simple tool that creates a hipster logo for your business or projects (fashion store, boutique, packaging product).

This tool is packed with basic shapes and minimalist design elements that will help you to create your own custom logos.

With a few clicks, you’re able to make engaging logo designs – customize them according to your brand needs.

Select from an array of shapes, change the base color, choose from stylish text fonts, and add other vector icons to add more depth and meaning.

The downside of using this app is that it has some limitations.

DesignEvo and Brandscrowd provide built-in well-designed templates that are easy to customize with handy editing tools.

Hipster Logo Generator

Hipster Logo Generator
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