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Isn't Great, but Will Help You Make Something Valuable

Logo Garden, might not create award-winning logos but will try to combine all the elements to just create something beautiful and acceptable.

There might not be extras that help elevate your logo design, but it will hold everything really well. More importantly, it is supremely simple and avoids any complex features or tools.

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Quickly Generate Free Logos

You can easily pick an icon, type your company name and tagline and choose colors that best fit the business. You can then use these to further customize your logo and add other elements to make your logo look more stable. The drag-and-drop editor gives you the complete freedom to move the individual parts of your logo anywhere on the grid. This way, you can align the logo to your own likeness.

Performs Barely Minimum – Yet Effective

Logo Garden’s minimal features make it super easy to learn and use. It hosts basic features like icons, images, and symbols in more than 30 categories. After selecting any one of them, you can customize it and transform it. However, there are not any non-icon shapes or symbols that you can incorporate into your logo.

Otherwise, Logo Garden has spiced up the logo-making process by adding some early-2000s text effects.

There are also these weird-looking shield effects that I don’t really admire…but it still works well. It also offers menus that are similar to those you might find in a word processor.

Then there’s the background grid for alignment that can be of guidance to get the logo perfectly aligned. You can, however, toggle on and off the grid layout.

As a result, the features that the online logo maker provides to us help in creating logos for a website, brand and even use those on your t-shirts to market your brand.

No Digging into Account

The best part is that you can start building the logo without the need to enter or log on the name, email, phone number, and other secrets. It just lets you do the work.

You don’t need to worry about these things and simply go with the task. It’s cheaper, easier and efficient to build logos for beginners and entry-level users who might find it difficult to invest in any graphic designer.

Go for a Custom Logo Design Service

You need to pay for the Logo Garden professional to unlock some other helpful features. A one-time download and payment of $39 would do the work.

This will allow you to download the high-res image files of your logo. Moreover, you get unlimited revision and redownloads.

This generally means that you can go back and edit the work and make changes to the color, icon, and so on. Thus, it is amazingly great because it does not stop you from the extent of your revision.

How does LogoGarden match up to the competition?

Looking for a Logo Garden alternative? There are a lot of them – in-fact. But, I will highlight few of them to help you create designs that stand out. A simple yet feasibly good logo maker is the Turbologo. Its a multi-purpose logo maker that helps you design trendy logos and obviously requiring no design skills at all. It’s also user-friendly and super simple to use.

Next up, is the Tailor Brands. This particular is an online logo maker that swiftly allows anyone to create logos they desire. It outputs logos that are visually appealing and gripping. The other one is the Zyro Logo maker. This one is good. It’s epically simple. Don’t worry, still, you will get fancy logos that will be gorgeously looking.

Canva is then the industry standard logo maker design tool that does the work far better than other online logo makers. It’s because it has readily available templates that are also a great choice for creating stylish social media posts. It has a vast library of templates and design ingredients such as fonts, illustrations, video, and audio content that can help you create absolutely beautiful material and beyond.

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