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Create beautiful logos online using 1000+ logo designs & templates

Logo Maker is a web-based logo designing tool for beginners, business web developers, and YouTubers. This Online Logomaker lets you create beautiful and professional-looking logos in minutes.

You can create simple, attractive, and catchy logos free for your website or youtube channel. The free version of Logomaker tool is efficiently fast and comes with 1000+ pre-design logos templates.

If you are a newbie and don’t know how to design a logo for your business, youtube channel, or your new website. The Free logo maker online tool helps you to create beautiful logo designs with premade logo designs.

Design a logo in a quick 3 steps process and start showing the world your brand! The article below will help you to design your first logo for free with simple drag & drop options.

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Best Free Logo Maker Features.

Free LogoMaker is not only a simple logo-making tool, It comes with a lot of features that help you to designs your logos, business cards, and T-Shirts in quick ways using hundreds of built-in logo designing ideas. Here are some top features of Logo Maker listed below…

1- Create Stunning Business Cards

Are you looking for free professional business card design software for your company? LogoMaker’s powerful business card editor tool will enable you to create beautiful business cards online for free.

Create Stunning Business Cards
Image: Logomaker

How to Create Free Business Cards with Logo Maker Online?

  • To cretae a business card visit logomaker.com from your desktop or mobile browser.
  • Click on the business cards from the tab menu.
  • Enter the name, address, and phone number in the given form.
  • You can also upload your company logo to design a beautiful business card for free.
  • Logomaker will show you thousands of business card templates.
  • Choose the right business card template for your brand.
  • Logo maker online will provide you custom business cards options in a variety of card finishes and sizes.

2- Design Custom Tshirts & Uniforms for Your Employees

Create custom branded apparel, T-shirt & uniform for your employees. With free Logomaker you can design embroidered polos t-shirts, mugs, hats, and masks.

LogoMaker T-shirts, Caps & Masks embroidering is a simple and cost-effective tool to grow your brand.

Design Custom Tshirts & Uniforms for Your Employees
Image: Logomaker

How to Design Embroided T-Shirt & Maks for Free?

  • Select the right item for your brand e.g t-shirt, cap, or mask.
  • Open logomaker.com and click on clothing tab.
  • provide your company name, address & phone number you want to print.
  • Select any logo from templates or you can also upload any imagery, logo or text you want to embord.
  • Finilized your product and download your design.
  • That’s it!

3- Promotional Products Designing

Custom promotional products can help your business branding by bringing your customers back. Create a promotional product using your brand logo with an online Logo Maker. Gift your branded mugs, car magnet, or calenders to your best customers.

Promotional Products Designing
Image: logomaker

How to Design Promotional Products with LogoMaker?

  • Select the right product to design for your brand e.g a mug, keychain, dairy or a celender.
  • Open logomaker.com and click on customize promotional-products.
  • provide your company name, address & phone number you want to print.
  • Upload any imagery, logo or text or select from templates.
  • Finilized your product and download your design.
  • That’s it!

4- LogoMaker Website & Marketing Solutions

Logomaker now offers website designing with some built-in websites designs. Logomaker has a partnership with Weebly’s website editor.

you can now create the cheapest mobile-friendly website on any domain using logomaker platform.

How to Create Logo for Free with LogoMaker?

The Logo Maker free custom logo designing software is a simple and easy-to-use tool that has thousand plus built-in logos templates. You can simply visit the website and design your logo in minutes. Hers are the steps on how to make a free logo with logomaker…

  • Open the logomaker.com on your browser.
  • On the main page you will see a windows saying Make a logo design in minutes.
  • below the heading you will find a three liner form.
  • select your industry, enter your company and yoru slogan.
  • Now click on the “Make a Logo” button.
  • It will take you to a pop-up window.
  • Now choose 3 logo styles and click “Next”.
  • On the next window, choose three logo fount you want in your logo.
  • Now choose your logo layout and click “Next”.how to make ogo
  • Your logo is ready, the system will show you hundreds of logo designs for your brand, choose one you like and downlaod it for later use.
  • That’s it!

LogoMaker Pricing?

The logo maker prices start from $39.95 per logo. But this tool also has two paid plans. The Basic plan and the Premium plan. The basic package comes with all the main features available in this tool, while the Premium package is a one-year plan that provides multiple logo layouts, and unlimited logo edits for one year. The premium plan also provides unlimited logo files for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Why should you create a professional logo with Logo Maker?

Logomaker online logo creator provides 1000+ pre-designed templates. This is the fastest way to design a logo for your business. This logo creator gives you hundreds of ideas about your business logos in just a few clicks.

Exceptional customer service
logomaker is the best free logo maker available online. It provides great customer supports by resolving any issues or concerns quickly.

It’s fast & quick- create a logo in 3 minutes
You will never find any logo maker quicker than this tool. Even Designevo and Canva is not that much quick. Logo-making software provides you a steps logo design with hundreds of designs.

The Number #1 Free Logo Maker
Logo maker helped 20M plus small businesses worldwide in creating logos for their brands.

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