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LogoGenie helps you design a logo that is utterly simple and conveniently easy for those not ready to mess with the super technical vector graphics editor and design programs. It’s an online logo maker that offers an easy way to customize major logo elements without dragging you down into the difficult details. It’s easy to work with LogoGenie. 

Super easy learning curve and interestingly vivid makes this online logo maker is a perfect choice for beginners as well. So, is it then only for small business owners? Absolutely no! Well, it’s a blessing for an extensive giant corporation.

There’s a reason for it. LogoGenie has created more than 500,000 logos for business owners and bloggers all around the world! Apart from that, they have talked about it and shared their experience working with it.

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Definitely A Blessing For Beginners

I was also pleasantly surprised to find a lot of customization freedom the software provides. I mean it’s a blessing for those who don’t want their money trapped in a big budget. Still, you can make some truly distinctive logos for your business.

LogoGenie offers more than 1,000 premium logo design templates to start designing your logo that you can customize afterward. All the templates present are authentically crispier and sharper gaining your trust easily.

From the 18 template categories, you can sort and filter the chosen one by font type and whether you want an icon or shape-based logo. A combo of both will add a flair to your design.

Make a Unique Logo – from the Same Template

Interesting right? The customization tool helps you to transform your logo – exclusively! First up, the drag and drop editor lets you modify the color, font, spacing, and more. You can optimize the company name, tagline, and almost everything easily.

Following up, you can edit the fonts and the color theme. In the left pane of the interface, choosing the Detail option will open up amazingly great customization options and elements.

Namely, you can easily add details, separation lines, pictograms, and shapes from the drag and drop customizer. All these modifications and enhancements will make your logo look super unique and sexy. One good thing is its automatic color palette saver.

It works this way: Whenever you choose a color for any part of your logo, that exact shade will be saved underneath any of the color pickers in the editor. This way every piece of the logo will stick to the same color without even a slight off shade.

No Digging into the Account

LogoGenie makes it explicitly easy and efficient for you to start designing the logo – right away. All you have is to enter the company name and choose from the built-in logo templates. There are no sign-ups or account filling forms. You just have to land on their website and start building the model.

Accessible and Approachable

First up, you try the software and see if you are super satisfied with it. Then and only then you should commit to paying or handing over your email address. Hence, making it safe and authentic for all of us. It also offers multiple-file format and comes reasonably with PG, PNG, PDF, and SVG file formats.


With a clean and beginner-friendly interface, you have in front of you everything you require for a nice-looking logo – though not unimaginably sensual. More importantly, you have in front of you six buttons on a sidebar that offers the customization elements.

It furthermore, offers logo design for almost every industry and domain. For example, you can create a logo and its theme revolving around the environment, animal education, gaming, fashion and etc.

Though it will not create award-winning logos, it will still find a good combination of fonts, icons, shapes, and colors to match your brand. You have the option to enhance the logo with a selection of shapes, pictograms, separation lines, and other icons.

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