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ThemeIsle Logo Maker is online web logo maker application that uses its pre-made logo templates with icons and color combinations to help you start with the design process. Its easy-to use and step by step process helps you to design professional logo graphics in literally no time. Although, this SaaS application is not a super amazing vector-graphics editing program to create logos, it still delivers promising results.

Simple to Use

ThemeIsle Logo Maker has a super simple interface. The easy design process, and availability of pre-made templates, and images for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, lets you make simple and nice looking logo.

The free cloud-based tool might not be the best free logo maker like Canva or Design Evo, it still has the capability to deliver impressive logo designs. You have to enter the logo name and a catchy headline for your brand and then choose a design from the pre-made templates available.

You select a design and format it. The editing options include changing the color, theme, font or text of the logo.  Also, you can  modify the templates to create a healthy range of logos.

This includes abstract marks, combination marks, and pictorial marks. Likewise, the design studio has unlimited color combinations and distinctive font choices, so, you can always preview and adjust the design before a final decision.

No sign-up Required

The best part is that you can start building the logo without the need to enter or log-on the name, email, phone number and other secrets. It just lets you do the work. Its easier and efficient. Similarly, it is a great option for beginners and entry level users who might find it difficult to invest in any graphic designer. Once everything is complete, you need to download the image file free.

ThemeIsle Logo Maker Alternatives

ThemeIsle logo maker is a simple online logo maker application. It is not highly configurable and does not include wide array of powerful features like the one that’s there in Photoshop or Illustrator. There are plenty of other options that can do the work much effectively.

Squarespace Logo Maker is a good alternative to ThemeIsle Logo Maker. It will help you design custom logos. You can use it to customize and adjust the shape. The slick interface makes it easy to position and resize them. You can also see the finished logo displayed on a website, business card, or T-shirt.

Another great alternative is Namecheap logo maker. It generates custom logos within a few minutes. Moreover, it is tailored to you through AI and includes a range of fonts, icons, and colors to choose from. You can even generate logos from home or on any device and operating system

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