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Are you getting unknown calls on a regular basis? You should know who’s calling you anonymously. True People Search reverse phone lookup is an online application that enables you to find information about unknown numbers for free. You can get the accurate Name, Address, and Alternate Phone Number of the unknown caller by entering his phone number or name in the reverse phone lookup search bar.

You can search billions of public records for free. TruePeopleSearch will show you complete address history, phone numbers, associates, relatives, and email addresses for free with one click. Just enter a name, phone number, or address in the search bar and true people lookup will show results will in seconds. works with cell phones numbers, email addresses, and landlines numbers (Even non-published numbers) to show you the people’s information.

True People Search Reverse Phone Lookup

True People Finder Reverse Phone Lookup Tool Review

True People Search is also known as the reverse phone lookup tool is a web-based tool that enables you to find people’s information using their phone numbers, names, and addresses for free.

The whole process of finder for a number is very simple, all you need is to visit the website and enter the phone number name or address that you want to free reverse lookup and click the search button.

Choose the most relevant option that suits your query. When you click on the Name lookup service, it extracts and displays the Name associated with the number you have entered.

If you select the address Lookup service it extracts the address related to the number or names you’ve entered in the search bar.

Last but not least, Phone Spam checks the phone number in the TruePeople Search database to know phone spam offenders.

Free People Search Reverse Lookup will provide you the four basic reverse lookup services listed below to find people fast in the US and Canada…

1- Free Reverse Phone Lookup

Free True People Search enables you to find people, starting with their phone numbers. Visit and click the Reverse Phone Lookup Tab. Simply enter a number in the search bar to find the owner’s name, address, and alternate contact information.

2- Free Address Lookup

Find out who lives at a particular address. Visit the True People Search .com and click on Reverse Address Tab. Put a street address on the search bar to find the information of current and past tenants, going back up to 40 years.

Search billions of public records online for free. Whether you are looking for an address history, phone numbers details, relatives information, or email addresses. True People lookup tool will show you all the information within seconds with one click.

Lookup people for free with comprehensive data of almost every US and Canadian adult. The free people finder provides you with deep, updated, and accurate data from paid people search engines.

Do a free reverse phone lookup, free people search, or free address lookup, and look for a free background check instantly for criminals.

No accounts or any signup or login is required to use the true people’s search like other people’s finder sites. We’re totally free, with no fees, no catch. 

You can use our free people finder safely and privately, or find Pakistani karie nearby if you love to eat Pakistani foods.

Download True People Search App for Android and iOS

If you are looking for a True People Search APK download for Android or iOS, Simply Click the download button to grab the True People Search App for your smartphone.

Download True People Search  APK for Android
Download True People Search App for Android

How do I download the TruePeopleSearch app?

We have a great free people search and reverse phone lookup app, download our app here. For iOS, add TruePeopleSearch to your home screen by tapping the share icon below (if on mobile Safari), then scroll to ‘Add to Home Screen’. It will look and feel exactly like a normal app.

True People Search uses publicly available information, social media, and user-contributed address books to provide names and photos for unknown or suspicious phone number lookup.

Is Safe to Use?

Yes, True People Search reverse phone lookup is a 100% safe and secure web-based service. This online tool grabs people’s information, (names and numbers) legally from mobile and telecom companies, white pages & public records.

Is TruePeopleSearch Results Are Accurate?

The True People lookup shows almost 100 accurate results for the reverse phones. The data shows the owner’s name, its possible location ( Map based on area code), addresses, alternate phone numbers, and criminal history of any adult living in the United States.

How do I edit my Number in True People Search Phone Directory?

If your number is listed in TruePeopleSearch directory, you can send a request to edit or update your name, number or address through email or contact the site admin through contacting us page given on the website. After verifying your ownership details your information will be updated within 24 to 72 hours.

How do I remove my information from True People Search? [Removal]

If you are the owner of a number listed in True People Search online Telephone directory, You have all rights to remove your information from the online directory legally for free.

You can contact the website admin through the contact us page given on the site to remove your number from the reverse lookup service.

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Best Reverse Phone lookup service with name at no charge

Yes, True Peoplesearch is a completely free phone number lookup service by name that offers a minimum of 25 free phone number searches a day without signup a membership.

This tool is better than Caller ID, reverse phone detective, Google Phone number lookup, and Cell phone trackers.

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True People Search Free Reverse Lookup

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