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Ucraft Logo Maker has a simple interface that lets you add and remove elements much easier than with other logo makers (to some extent). Ucraft I think is the best free logo maker that is good enough for personal logos, or for developing concept artwork that is simple in its design and aesthetics – something short, simple, and sweet.

It also has a super clean and uncluttered user interface. This, therefore, allows for seamless work and unrestricted usage.

Ucraft Logo Maker - Online Logo Maker Tool

Ucraft Quick to Learn, Easy to Use Logo Maker

Ucraft logo maker is a better choice to start off with your business logo. You can also upload your own logo but Ucraft has its own high-quality results and vector graphics icons. Hence, everything that goes into making a memorable logo is simply editing and tweaking. That’s it.

All you need is to edit the font, font sizes, colors, titles, and shapes among other visual elements. It’s like using a Canva logo maker or Zyro or maybe Wix logo maker. The rest is all easy. Save the logo to a location and yeah, you’re done!


Ucraft requires no learning curve so that’s something I love about this logo maker. This way anyone can jump in and learn how to make their own logo as they go along. The fact that is a free online logo maker and has free logo design templates makes it at the top of everything. With simple customizations and tweaking, you can actually make something really good.

So, if for example, you have experience working with Tailors Brands, or graphics prints business logo creators you’ll be able to hit the ground running. Because of the 22,000 icons that Ucraft has you can integrate them into your design and export your transparent, high-resolution PNG file to your system.

Since, Ucraft is a free logo maker that is what makes it a perfect choice for both designers and newbies – all online – no software installation. Also, with the easy pick from millions of icons created by a professional design team you would at the very least get a suitable idea or icon for your brand.

How to Make a Logo With Ucraft Logo Maker – YouTube Video Review

Ucraft Logo Maker - Create your logo online with ucraft

Ucraft Logo Maker
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