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Vectr is a free graphics design software that is used to create vector graphics easily. It is a handy web and desktop cross-platform tool to create graphics for business cards, greeting cards, icons, websites, illustrations, logos, resumes, brochures, posters, presentations, and much more.

Vectr Best Graphic Designer tool

Quick to Learn, Easy to Use

The simple user interface allows for smoother navigation and experience, letting you immerse into the work – easily. Vectr is a comprehensive tool for graphic designers. You can resize, and customize its color, border, shadow, opacity, apply gradient fills, and more.

Even if you don’t have good graphic designing skills, Vectr offers free tutorials. These lessons help you to create Business cards, make professional presentations, create typographic and iconic logos, design album cover, flyer, and poster, Collages, Resumes, Youtube channel graphics.

The ability to export your file in various formats for example PNG, SVG, or jpg. The option to share vectors in real-time by sharing a custom reference URL. However, despite it being simple the functionality and usability of this app remain very high and can even be used for complicated projects.

Multiple Platform Support

Different from some vector graphic editor like Sketch that only works on iOS, Vectr extends its availability to platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Chromebook. You can furthermore, edit the vector graphics online and store them in Cloud, to save space on your PC.

The presence of ads can be very distracting to creators too and the website seems to cycle through ads a quite a high pace which often leads to the website slowing down. In some instances, the signup process would have issues and would require users to sign up again. One thing more: You can not import vector pdfs into the software and some people will find this annoying.

Vectr Alternatives

Of all the graphic editing software, there are a lot of great vector graphics editors that are really effective at doing complex graphics and editing. The first on my list is Vectornator. It is a powerful tool that empowers you to design and develop designs you could imagine. It is an intuitive graphic designing software that produces stunning illustrations, impressive designs, beautiful layouts, creative logos by combining a set of vector tools and a wide range of features.

My next pick is the Crello Graphics Suite. It is a professional and comprehensive vector illustration, layout, photo editing, and typography tool. It also lets you create unique illustrations, signage, logos, and important design projects that you share with your clients – from virtually any device and gain trust from the clients.

Artweaver maintains a delicate balance between super-advanced graphic designing tools and low to near basic graphic packages. It includes realistic imitation of brushes, chalks, charcoals, felt pens, pastels, oils, and pencils. Artweaver is a great alternative because it is powerful. It is also an instantly accessible free drawing or painting program for users of all levels of ability.

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