Barotrauma Console Commands

Looking to tweak the game to your liking? Barotrauma has a robust console command system that allows you to do everything from spawning creatures to changing the weather.

In this article, we’ll list some of the most useful Barotrauma console commands, including commands for spawning creatures, changing the weather, and even teleporting yourself around the map. We’ll also show you how to enable the console in Barotrauma.

So whether you’re looking to experiment with different gameplay mechanics or just have some fun, read on to learn about Barotrauma console commands!

How to Enable Barotrauma Console Commands

The game’s console is for fixing issues and viewing errors. Open it with F3 (changeable in settings). It helps in multiplayer too, allowing specific commands for certain players. Enter commands in the box at the bottom.

Barotrauma Cheats & Console Commands

  • ballastflora infect: Infects random pump
  • ballastflora growthwarp [number]: + growth speed
  • enablecheats: to enable cheats
  • explosion [range] [force] [damage] [structural damage] [item damage] [emp strength] [ballast flora strength]: creates an explosion
  • fire: creates fire where you point
  • fixwalls/fixhulls: fill all walls
  • fixitems: to restore all items
  • freecam: free camera
  • giveaffliction [affliction] [affliction strength] [character name]: Affliction to character
  • godmode: god mode
  • godmode_mainsub: god mnode for main submarine
  • heal [character name]: to heal character
  • killmonsters: to kill al level’s monsters
  • lighting: Toggles lighting
  • los: Toggle line-of-sight occlusion
  • oxygen/air: every room oxygen 100%
  • power: for all nuclear reactors
  • respawnnow: trigger a respawn
  • revive [character name]: to revive a character
  • setclientcharacter [client name] [character name]: gives control of the character
  • setskill [all/indentifier] [max/level] [character name]: to set skills
  • spawn [creaturename/jobname] [near/inside/outside/cursor]: to spawn creatures
  • spawnitem [item name/identifier] [cursor/inventory/cargo/random/[character name]]: to spawn items
  • teleportcharacter [character name]: to the cursor position
  • teleportsub [start/end/cursor]: teleport submarine to the cursor position
  • upgradeitem [upgrade] [level] [items]: to upgrade items
  • water: toggles water, left click > adds, right click > drains

Submarine Editor Commands

Here are all the console commands of Barotrauma for Submarine Editor that you can use in the game;

  • alpha [0-255]: to set the alpha transparency
  • color [0-255] [0-255] [0-255]: to set the RGB values
  • load [submarine name]: To load a submarine
  • multiplylights [R,G,B,A]: to multiply the colors & alphas
  • reloadsprite: to reload the sprites
  • resetall: to reset all items & structures
  • resetentitiesbyidentifier [identifier]: to reset items & structures with the identifier
  • resetselected: to reset selected items & structures
  • save [submarine name]: To save current submarine
  • setentityproperties [property name] [value]: to set properties of items & structures

Campaign Commands

  • campaigndestination [index]: To set target location
  • campaigninfo: Current campaign info
  • setlocationreputation [value]: to set reputation
  • togglecampaignteleport: ability to teleport by double-clicking
  • pause: to pause game (singleplayer exclusive)

Moderation Commands

  • ban [character name]: to ban character
  • banendpoint [IP Address/SteamID]: to ban ip or steam id
  • banid [clientID]: to ban client id
  • clientlist: List of players
  • givecommandperm [clientID/SteamID/character name/IP Address]: permission to use console commands
  • giveperm [clientID/SteamID/character name/IP Address]: to give permissions
  • giverank [clientID/SteamID/character name/IP Address]: to give rank
  • kick [character name]: to kick character
  • kickid [clientID]: to kick id
  • killdisconnecttimer [seconds]: disconnecter players die after [seconds]
  • mute [character name]: to mute a character
  • resetkarma [clientID]: to reset karma
  • revokecommandperm [clientID/SteamID/character name/IP Address]: Removes player’s permission to use console commands
  • revokeperm [clientID/SteamID/character name/IP Address]: to remove permissions
  • setkarma [clientID] [0-100]: to set karma
  • showkarma: to show karma
  • showperm [clientID/SteamID/character name/IP Address]: to show permissions
  • togglecharacternames: shows names above players
  • togglekarma: toggles karma
  • togglekarmatestmode: toggles karma test mode
  • unban [character name]: to unban character
  • unbanip [IP Address]: to unban ip
  • unmute [character name]: to unmute character

Server Settings Commands

  • autorestart [true/false]: enables autorestart timer
  • autorestartinterval [seconds]: delay between rounds
  • autorestart timer [seconds]: timer value
  • botcount [0-16]: amount of bots
  • botspawnmode [fill/normal]: bots spawn mode
  • difficulty [0-100]: sets difficulty
  • startwhenclientsready [true/false]: enables autorestart timer when players are ready

Debugging Commands

In- Game

  • autoitemplacerdebug: automatic item placer debug info
  • calculatehashes [content package name]: MD5 hashes of the files
  • checkcrafting: Checks item crafting and recipes
  • debugai: AI debug mode
  • debugdraw: debug drawing mode
  • disablecrewai: Disables AI crewmembers
  • disableenemyai: Disables  AI enemies.
  • dumpentitytexts [filename.txt]: descriptions of every entity prefab
  • dumpeventtexts [filename.txt]: every event file
  • dumptexts [filename.xml]: specified .xml file to a .txt file
  • editcharacters: character editor
  • editevents: event editor
  • editlevels: level editor
  • editparticles: particle editor
  • editsprites: sprite editor
  • editsubs: submarine editor
  • enablecrewai: Enables AI crewmembers
  • enableenemyai: Enables  AI enemies.
  • eventmanager:  master event manager
  • findentityids [entity name]: entityID of the specified entity
  • fpscounter: Toggles FPS
  • game: game view
  • gender [Male/Female/None]: switches gender
  • head [head id] [hair id] [beard id] [moustache id] [face attachment id]: Head sprite
  • hudlayoutdebugdraw: Toggles debug drawing mode of HUD
  • interactdebugdraw: Toggles debug drawing mode of item interaction
  • itemlist/items: all item prefabs
  • jointscale [value] [character name]: joint scaling for the character
  • limbscale [value] [character name]: limb scaling for the character
  • listtasks: all asynchronous tasks
  • loadtexts [sourcefile.txt] [destinationfile.xml]: text from a .txt file to a .xml
  • loadwearable [id]: select a certain job loadout
  • lock: to lock movement (main submarine)
  • lockx: to lock movement (main submarine) x (left/right direction)
  • locky : to lock movement (main submarine) y (up/down direction)
  • mainmenu/menu: Main menu
  • messagebox [header] [message] [default/in-game]: creates a message box
  • race [White, Black, Asian, None]: Sets the race
  • ragdoll [character name]: ragdolls the character
  • ragdollscale [character name]: To define ragdoll scale
  • recreateragdoll [character name]: to recreate the ragdoll
  • reloadwearables [character name]: Reloads the sprites of all limbs and clothes
  • resetragdoll [character name]: to reset ragdoll
  • showperf: Toggles HUD Statistics
  • showseed: current level seed
  • spawnsub [submarine name]: to spawn a submarine
  • starttraitormissionimmediately: to skip the delay of the traitor mission
  • toggleaitargets: Toggles visiblity AI targets
  • togglehud: Toggles lower HUD elements
  • toggleitemhighlights: item highlight effect
  • toggleupperhud: Toggles upper HUD elements
  • triggerevent [id]: random event
  • updatetextfile [sourcefile.txt/.xml] [destinationfile.txt/.xml]
  • verboselogging: Toggles verbose logging


  • netstats: Network stats
  • simulatedduplicateschance [0.00-1.00]: Simulates packet duplication in network messages
  • simulatedlatency [min. latency (seconds)] [rand. latency (seconds)]: Simulates latency in network messages
  • simulatedloss [0.00-1.00]: Simulates packet loss in network messages
  • steamnetdebug: Toggles Steamworks
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