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  1. Downloaded Directx 11 setup but it does not appear under my programmes. No wizard appeared after installation to run the setup. The files that were installed appear under my downloads, but no wizard pops up to start running the process.

  2. on downloading windows 10 x64 or any other software by download accelarator plus it’s asking for AUTHENTICATION & username & password . How should i log in to softlay so as to download the file?

  3. Thanks for your help,sometimes the more you help people the more they winge.Like hookers that don’t get paid ……..God Bless thanks for the help from OZ

  4. I’m trying to download Windows 8.1 ISO Full Version, and it has stopped on me twice, now it’s started all over from the beginning. Plus it’s way too slow and time consuming. But it would all be worth it if it actually completes the download this time without some type of server error message stopping it.

  5. Totally fake. Cant download windows-7 ultimate 64 bit with 4g super fast internet. It become failed to download after a few minute or after 30 minutes. When we start resuming the file, it starts again and then again stop downloading., it continues this scene for 2 -3-4 times and the downloading file become FAILED-FORBIDDEN and thats it.
    Tried 6 times with all of my browsers and with my smart phone along with paid download manager.
    wasted 9.5 GB data for this bloody fake file.
    Hate it.
    Kindly dont even browse this website.

  6. Total utter garbage. the server closes before i can download windows 7 3GB iso file.
    even when using a external downloader tool. it cuts the connection and does not allow me to resume the download on a new instance. utter complete garbage. at least make a softlay downloader client that can handle this. or fix up your goddam shit servers!

    • Please update your operating system first with windows update. It will take some time to download all the updates till the latest ones depending on your internet connection speed. After finish installing all the updates try again with your software installation and see if it resolves your installation issue…

  7. You guys at are showing this country what Americans can do.
    This is the BEST iso download site in the USA.
    Super good quality at high speeds! I am writing this from a windows
    8.1 Pro iso ya’ll GAVE me 2 weeks ago! Thank you for being kind
    and fighting the big bully MicroS. . .

  8. I’m Seeing All The Files, Softwares and Operating Systems etc… I Wanted To Thank You For All The Support; Plus The Download Is Fast; My Download Normally Reaches 120KB MAX And With That One It Reaches More, As I’m Noticing.
    Keep Up The Good Work ;)


    • Hi Pual Reed, It’s in our notice, we will Shift & Upgrade our Download Server within couple of days for better user experience. Please accept my apologizes.

  9. Hi there,

    a link to Win 7 Ultimate would be nice to insert it into a download manager. I takes too long without.


  10. Downloading takes some time, but I suppose that’s the price to pay.
    After booting from a USB, Windows 7 installer shows up.
    … but always asking for ‘drivers’… what about the standard ones ?
    Couldn’t install Windows in the end…

  11. The server appears very unstable and when downloading from my drive, its fine but when downloading here, the file stops at random times while its still incomplete. PLZ FIX

  12. THANKS Softlay thinks i successfully downloaded IDM software but not yet successfully installed hope it works

  13. Its seems that you have all the desired thing which required to operate the PC and Laptop and vice versa but i had tried many times whenever i m trying to download WIndow 7 Professional it takes me to the other gateway where there is nothing but such annoyed ads its better to buy a original Window 7 professional by paying them atleast would not have any problem in future to get the problems.
    anyways thanks not happy at all Team i was been referred by one of my collegue but its all went in vain wasted 4 hrs for this

  14. Softlay thanks for this apps, however it takes so long to download. How many more minutes should I wait to finish downloading? Please response asap. Thank you.

  15. Thank you so much! I won’t have access to Product Key until tomorrow, which is required by M$ before I can download it from them, but, I need the ISO before tomorrow to reinstall Win 7 Ultimate with Service Pack 1. You have saved me!

  16. i want refresh link for this download. My download is fail at 95 percent . “”

  17. hi every one >>>thanks alot for all of your efforts
    .but , i need your help .as i download windows 7 aio x64 then paused the link and now it cannot be refreshed >>i have already downloaded the half of it’s size >>>help pleaz

  18. Thanks so much for your download.. Quick fast, and best of all.. NO BULLSHIT LINKS.
    Great website, and will tell all to visit you..:)

  19. Wow Wow Wow WOw WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW Excellent DBC14 YEh YEh Yeh Yeh eye !we are glad we won What a good software

  20. Hi the Avira Pro download is asking for a product key but the download does not give you one so why advertise it as one when it is not

  21. Hmm let me investigate into the matter. By using our service you Can achieve up-to 6mb/s download. Please inform, was it successful download or not?

    Softlay Team

    • It appears so. Downloaded Win7 home premium 64 iso It extracted and burned with no problem. Great service if a bit slower than anticipated. Thanks.

  22. So you put your serial number to begin with. We are not here to share cracks or serial keys or manipulate apps. This site sole purpose to give to seamless download in user friendly manner.

  23. Download was fast and I didn’t have to install any software at all. I will definitely check out what downloads and other stuff they’ve got. I haven’t even have to register an account yet. No complaints from me…

  24. I have 54Mbps download and, while I didn’t watch, the Office iso was here in seconds and on the machine a few minutes later after a flawless install. Thanks. I shall come again.

  25. I want to know that will this work on win 7 with 2.5 GB RAM….answer plz ,,,,,,I received very great reviews about this and I also want to make my own game ….my second question is – ‘ Is it makes only shooting games ?????’ I am asking because there are many categories of games…..Plz reply…& from where we get product key….answer fast…⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉

  26. HI, I downloaded win7 enterprise as an iso for vbox, but when it started up, it said “Windows failed to start, a recent hardware or software change might be the cause. to fix: insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer, choose your language setting then click next, click repair your computer.

  27. I reaally like this site , I am making up a YUMI USB stick containing Windows XP SP3 through to Windows 10 Anniversay edition with both 32 and 64 bit versions , all on one usb stick, have really enjoyed the site….

  28. You are the Devil and i owe you my soul! first page where i searched and found it!. The heave sends you for we all mortals. by the way nice and very informative post i know windows since several years and i enjoyed the knowledge. i´m still downloading but i have a positive feeling. Nice life

  29. On your download page at– — there is a notice, “Please wait your download will start in a moment…!!”. So, we waited and waited, expecting the usual small, grey download dialogue box to appear, mid-screen. After about five minutes, we were ready to start over, until we happened to glance at the download icon, and realized the download already had begun.
    Executive summary– the “Please wait…” message is not reflective of actual page activity, and leads to confusion. When the download begins, post only a real-time message reflecting actual events.

  30. You guys should consider a torrent file option to increase download speeds, rather than having to download a couple GB through the browser.

  31. Thanks for Contacting. Today we have upgraded our download server. Now you can achieve 5 MB/S download. Please download and share your experience with US

  32. softlay is realy good…
    i have downloaded windows7 starter on a old pc-computer and i,am looking for a key to ,but i will find it…

  33. Simant softlay is realy good…
    i have downloaded windows7 starter on a old pc-computer and i,am looking for a key to ,but i will find it…

  34. loaded or try to load it 4 times ,once to pc ,twice to a extra formatted hard drive and last to a usb still after a few mb is says interupted can not resume ,not doing any thing but loading file ,all other down loads for tools work fine

    • They like THANKS!)) As it said above. So, thanks) Nice speed about 1
      Mb/s. Didn’t see a normal direct link soooo long. Hope it’ll work

  35. took me 8 hours to download 5.2 GB OUT OF FUCKINK 5.5 WIN 10 AND SAYS FAILED-FORBIDEN???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/

  36. confused… downloaded the file but cannot open, run, or save it to my computer. Did I miss a step? I’m trying to re-download it now

  37. the installer started to work then said no drivers avalible insert disk,…. i deleted files and now usb wont read on any pc

  38. Thanks very much, to the SOFTLAY Team, this is an great WEB, continue like this. All downloads OK Fast and not any delay. Usually I must visit many webs before can download what I need. Thanks for All.



  40. finally , I really have found a place where we can download files without being fooled. congratulations for the site and for mantaining the ads away.

  41. Dank u , ik ben invalide en heb niet zo veel geld om een versie van windows 8.1 te kopen , het ligt mij het makkelijkst beter dan windows 10, Hoogachtend en veel Dank .

  42. Still I am downloading the XP Pro SP 3 and it is about two hours or so. I wish that all your OS Downloads are with the Product Key and Drivers. Our time here is now 10.16 pm on this day of 14th January 2018. My download is incomplete, yet I have to close down my Laptop, as I am feeling sleepy.Please make OUR DOWNLOADING EASY AND FAST. Thanks. Wherever you may be, God bless you and protect you!

  43. Thank you for making available replacement software that I own and have an activication key for, sometimes we just misplace our original disks and having this source for help in difficult times is very much appreciated … BIG hugs 8)

  44. I just downloaded the full version of windows 7 ultimate.
    I saved it.
    Now wehat is the next step?
    Thanks a lot.

  45. Not working. I unzipped the file, ran it, got a flash of a command prompt window and then it closed with no other effects. Tried running it in Admin mode and same reaction.

  46. The download is painfully slow, nearly 4 hours, and it fails usually after 3 hours into it. Can you do something about that?

  47. high speed? where is the high speed in 300kb per second download speed from your servers? my download speed is normally 5mb per second not 300kb, so next time try not to fuckin tell totally bullshit

  48. In attempting to use the FAKE instructions for fixing high memory use on avast, I’m to find “settings” then “components tab”. THERE IS NO COMPONENTS TAB, My copy of avast was updated 8 days ago, please explain why the FAKE instructions don’t match the installed program.

  49. Trying to DL win AiO 3.8GB file but when it finished DL it said it wasn’t secure and asks if I want to keep or cancel. I selected keep and nothing happens. Nothing….
    Ideas? I have a HP desktop that came preloaded with everything and has a non windows accessible recovery partition. Other day I turned PC on and it gave me the disk error BS. Therefor I need to make a system repair USB stick.

    Anyone know if there’s a way to make a dos bootable system repair tool without an OEM OS disk?

  50. Id like to say i FINNALY got around to installing VMWare and wanted to install Windows 7 so i came here and it takes SO long like i actually made the system first

  51. I dont know why but any download on your page wont start. Wanted to download win 7 iso but when i go to the page and press that blue download button “Download Page” pops up and its says Downloading files from a high speed server.. But nothing happens! I am using Chrome.

  52. Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 x 86 is getting hard to find in a clean vrsion others reduce color to 4 bits and mangle a clean install. This is the first time I have used this site but downloading for hours is not up to specs for me, it should never take a great deal of time to download less than 400mb in my computer world, needs improving I might think.

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  54. Is there any way we can get in touch with this website? I want sumbit a software pad and no matter how I contact them, there is no reply?

  55. Thank you so much…i am very happy..
    because I could’t find any best website or platform til today, where available all windows setup for clearly single click download with activated versions…

  56. Hello i am not the computer professional but normal computer user for home, due to system problems I wanted to learn how to format
    the system and load new software, Softlay is a good site which provide a great help and to know what all other software are there for upgrade

  57. I made several downloads of different windows version to work on some used laptops I bought. Thank you, everything worked perfectly.

  58. زؤر سوثاس بؤ ئيَوةى بةرِيَز سووثاس بؤ بةرنامةكانتان دةستان خؤش بيت ..Softlay

  59. Hello, guys
    How are you?
    My name is Eugene and I’m writing to you to discuss opportunities for our partnership.
    I’m working with a brand. I deeply analyzed your website and in my mind our brand will look very good on it =). I wanted to know if you are open to cooperation ? With whom I can discuss our partnership?

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