[Guide] New Spell System in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker has six different classes from which players can choose their class for the game. The two classes in the game use spell to deal damage to enemies and to use the spells, the developers have added a new spell System for them. Players will have to utilize their spells according to the system otherwise, it will not work properly. Players will have to learn about the Spell Wheels that have been added along with the Cost and Tiers of Spells to perfectly utilize the spells of their character.

In this guide, we’ll explain the new Spell System in Dark and Darker.

Classes Who Use Spells

There are two classes in the game that use spells to deal damage to enemies as well as get buffs from the spells. The classes are Wizard and Cleric. In the previous playtest, they will be able to use several spells under the limit of their Perks and Skills but in the new playtest, they will have to equip the spells according to the system. If players violate the rules of the system, they will not be able to use spells properly in the game.

cleric using spells

New Spell System

The new Spell System can be seen in the Spell Tab of Wizard’s and Cleric’s Class tab in the main menu. When you go into the class section, you will see the third tab of Spell in which you will see the new Spell System. The new Spell System will allow Wizard and Cleric to mix and match the spells they like to bring in the match. In the previous Playtest, Wizard and Cleric can only bring 5 of their spells into the match. However, the new spell system will let them bring more than 5 Spells into the match.

There are two Spell Wheels in the new Spell System in which you can place your character’s spells. The Spell Wheel is only functional when you equip the Spell Memory in your Skills. 1 Spell Memory will let you hold 5 Spells in a single Spell Wheel and if you use two Spell Memories in your Skills then the second Spell Wheel will also turn yellow and you will be able to place 5 more spells. However, players cannot use all of the Spells if they don’t have enough capacity for the Spells. If you have equipped only 1 Spell Memory, you will see the second Spell Wheel in the Spell Tab is Red which means that it is not functional during the match. To use both of the Spell Wheels, players will have to equip both Spell Memories in the Skills.

Capacity of Spells

Players can hold up to a total of 10 Spells in their Spell Memories but to use all of them they need to have the required KNOWLEDGE for all of the Spells. Knowledge is work as a capacity of the Spells and it is also shown in the stats of your character. Wizard and Cleric, both start with 12 Knowledge, and this stat can be increased by wielding a weapon that increases the Knowledge or wearing a cloth or Armor that increases the Knowledge.

equipping both spell memory
dark and darker spell capacity

Cost & Tiers of Spells

In the previous Playtest, the Spells did not have any cost, and players will be able to cast all 5 spells in the match. In the new play-test [Spell Memory Priority], each Spell has its own Tier and it costs according to the Tier. For example, Protection is a Tier 1 spell and it will cost 1 Knowledge to cast in the match. Holy Light is a Tier 5 spell and it will cost 5 Knowledge to cast in the match. The higher-tier spells you place in the Spell Wheel, the more knowledge you use in the match. Once the Capacity of the Spells reached the limit of Knowledge, you will not be able to use other Spells in the Spell Wheel. However, you can still place them in your Spell Wheel but the spells will work in the order you place them.

Spell Memory Priority

If you want to use the spell that you placed after the capacity of Spells has crossed then you will have to remove a spell from the Spell Wheel and then add the Spell you want to use. Any spell added later in the Spell Wheel will not work properly in the match because the system prioritizes the spells that are under the capacity of spells.


Add only the Spells that you are capable to use according to the capacity of your Knowledge. Find the items like Rings or Armour that gives Knowledge buff and then add more Spells into the Spell Wheel to use them. It will take some grinding to increase the Knowledge to be able to use all of the Spells in Dark and Darker.

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