How to Get Higher-Level Weapons and List of All Weapons & Armor in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker has Six different classes of Adventurers in the game that players will be able to select when they first make their character. They will be able to play with the chosen class and level up to get advanced items in the game. However, the classes are limited to their own weapons and players will not be able to use other classes’ weapons, but they still can upgrade their default weapon to a higher-level weapon in the game to deal more damage and get certain buffs.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can get Higher-Level Gear and list down all the Weapons that you can get for each class in Dark and Darker.

How to Get Higher-Level Gear

All the Classes will start from the Basic Gear that includes, clothes, weapons, armor, and shield. Players will have to find higher-level pieces of their class’s gear in the Dungeon or buy the higher-level gear from the Merchants and Traders. Getting the Higher-Level Gear from the Dungeon will require some fighting skills because you will have to take down different types of enemies as well as other real players. Looting the dead bodies of enemies and other players will get you higher-level gear and you can grab the unnecessary things from their bodies as well to sell them later to the Merchants to make some money on the side.

crafting higher-level gear

Besides the enemies and other real players, you will also have to break the Pots, Boxes, loot chests, and treasures to get the riches as well as higher-level gear. Normal chests and Boxes can be found in every dark corner of the dungeon so, make sure to loot them and if you find something useful, store it in your library. To get Epic and Legendary Gear Level Items, you will have to kill high-level enemy players as well as bosses of the game which is not easy to do. You will have to go in a team of trios and bring the fight to them to defeat them and get the loot from their bodies.

There is also another way to get the Epic and Legendary Items and that is through looting the room with Gold Hoard. Gold Hoard rooms are locked and can only be opened by using the Golden Key which is found by looting the body of Skeleton Viking, a Mini-Boss in all the levels of the map. Interacting with the Gold Hoard will get you Gold along with the Epic and Legendary Gear.

gold hoard to get higher-level gear

However, there is currently not any way to upgrade your weapons in the game. You can craft the Higher-Level gear but cannot upgrade your current gear so maybe they add a new crafting method in which you will be able to strengthen your current weapons in the next Playtest of the game.

List of All Weapons in Dark and Darker

There are different levels of Weapons that you can get for each Class in Dark and Darker and all of them are given below.

  • Arming Sword                    (Fighter, Ranger)
  • Bardiche                              (Barbarian)
  • Battle Axe                           (Fighter, Barbarian)
  • Buckler                                 (Fighter, Cleric)
  • Castillon Dagger                (Rogue, Fighter)
  • Crossbow                            (Fighter, Ranger, Wizard)
  • Crystal Ball                          (Wizard)
  • Crystal Sword                    (Wizard)
  • Double Axe                         (Barbarian)
  • Falchion                               (Fighter)
  • Felling Axe                          (Barbarian)
  • Flanged Mace                    (Fighter, Cleric)
  • Hailberd                               (Fighter)
  • Hatchet                                (Fighter, Barbarian)
  • Horsemans Axe                (Fighter, Barbarian)
  • Kris Dagger                         (Rogue)
  • Longsword                          (Fighter)
  • Magic Wand                       (Wizard)
  • Morning Star                      (Cleric)
  • Rapier                                   (Ranger. Rogue)
  • Rondel Dagger                   (Wizard, Rogue)
  • Spear                                    (Fighter)
  • Stiletto Dagger                  (Rogue)
  • War Maul                            (Barbarian, Cleric)
  • Wizard Staff                       (Wizard, Cleric)
  • Zweihander                        (Fighter, Barbarian)
  • Longbow                             (Ranger)
  • Recurve Bow                      (Ranger)
  • Survival Bow                      (Ranger)
  • Heater Shield                     (Fighter, Cleric)
  • Pavise                                   (Fighter, Ranger)
  • Round Shield                      (Fighter, Cleric)
  • Spellbook                            (Wizard, Cleric)

List of All Armor in Dark and Darker

There are different levels of Armor that you can get for each Class in Dark and Darker and all of them are given below.

  • Adventurer Boots            (All Classes)
  • Armet                                   (Fighter)
  • Barbuta Helm                    (Fighter, barbarian)
  • Chaperon                            (Cleric)
  • Cloth Pants                         (All Classes)
  • Dark Plate                           (Fighter)
  • Doublet                                (Rogue, Ranger, Fighter)
  • Fine Cuirass                        (Fighter)
  • Frock                                     (Wizard, Cleric)
  • Gjermundbu                      (Barbarian)
  • Heavy Boots                       (All Classes)
  • Heavy Gauntlet                 (Fighter, Cleric)
  • Heavy Leather Leggings (All Classes)
  • Kettle Hat                            (Fighter, Cleric)
  • Lanced Turnshoe              (All Classes)
  • Leather Cap                        (All Classes)
  • Leather Gloves                  (All Classes)
  • Leather Leggings              (All Classes)
  • Leather Boots                    (All Classes)
  • Leather Trousers              (All Classes)
  • Marauder Outfit               (Rogue)
  • Mystic Vestments            (Wizard, Cleric)
  • Northern Full Tunic         (Barbarian)
  • Old Shoes                            (All Classes)
  • Oracle Robe                        (Wizard, Cleric)
  • Padded Leggings               (All Classes)
  • Padded Tunic                     (All Classes)
  • Plate Boots                         (Fighter, Cleric)
  • Plate Pants                          (Fighter, Cleric)
  • Ranger Hood                      (Ranger)
  • Rawhide Gloves                (All Classes)
  • Regal Gambeson              (All Classes)
  • Reinforced Gloves           (All Classes)
  • Riveled Gloves                   (All Classes)
  • Rogue Cowl                        (Rogue)
  • Rugged Boots                     (All Classes)
  • Templar Armor                  (Fighter, Cleric)
  • Visored Barbuta Helm    (Fighter)
  • Warden Outfit                   (Ranger)
  • Wizard Hat                          (Wizard)
  • Wizard Shoes                     (Wizard)                              
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