Audiophile TuneLite 2.1
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Adjust temp, choose the perfect pitch, and practice by ear.
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Nov 22, 2022
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Windows 11, 10, 7 PC
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Adjust temp, choose the perfect pitch, and practice by ear.

Audiophile TuneLite is the ideal software for all singers, dancers, and musicians to practice music. If you are one such music person, you can use Audiophile Tunelite for Windows to slow down the music pace, modify the pitch, and repeat loops using your favorite audio. Tunelite helps you learn to play, transcribe, and rehearse songs.

Audiophile Tune is powered by Audiotool, a free music production and distribution platform that allows users to modify and cooperate on recordings in real-time. Users can produce and submit music tracks to the site under Creative Commons or All Rights Reserved licenses.

Audiophile TuneLite download is absolutely free, and thus do not need to register with an account that will remain with you everywhere. Hence, their desktop audio processing tool will always be available to you.

Audiophile TuneLite’s ability to preserve the harmonic structure of the music is the key feature, making transposition errors an issue of the past. TuneLite can translate a sound without altering its timbre over a large range of number combinations. This makes it an excellent option for replicating vocal sections in a song or modifying the tone or gender of a voice.

You can adjust your track’s tempo with no modification in pitch. TuneLite provides multiple tempo control techniques, including change in the worth as a percentage or by specifying a target BPM value. Using the built-in pitch control, you can also adjust the pitch of your tracks. As the pitch control is free of tempo control, you can also listen to your files in another octave, not influencing the duration.

TuneLite seeks to discover your audio track’s original tempo, so if you adjust the tempo, the current and original tempos are both displayed. High-precision algorithms also facilitate the alteration of the tempo by fractions of a percent while avoiding the loss of audio track synchronization after some time.

TuneLite accepts a variety of audio formats and lets you save the altered audio tracks from being used in other applications. Hence, it is an ideal app for music lovers and professionals.


  • Slowing Music Down
  • Change the pitch of your tracks
  • Timbre control to change the coloring of vocals over a wide range
  • Analyze BPM to determine the original tempo of your audio track
  • Saving Slowed Songs in popular audio formats
  • Long-Term Precision

Audiophile TuneLite Latest Version 2.1 Update

Updated FLAC and MP3 codecs.
Metadata reading and writing module has been updated

Audiophile TuneLite Old Versions

Version Size Requirements Date
2.0.0 4.4 MB Windows 11, 10, 7 x86/x64 10/09/2022