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Free Avatar Maker online.

Do you want to improve your online presence? You’ve probably read that having an avatar is a good idea. But how do you make an awesome cartoon avatar without spending money on Photoshop or any other premium software?
In this article, we are going to introduce an online avatar-maker app called Avamake. If you have Making an attractive avatar of yourself is now possible with this free tool. By using this tool you can design every part of your avatar from face shape to hairstyle. The software is very simple to use and will just take a few minutes for you to get the hang of it. Now let’s read this post and learn how to use Avamake to create funny avatars!

AvaMake is an avatar creator that allows you to create a custom avatar for yourself. It has been around since 2022 and has gained many users’ attention over the world. It is best for any users who want to display unique or personalized avatars on their social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. 
Users love it not only because it is free to use, but because of its interesting features. It offers more than 40 kinds of accessories and 4 style templates for you to create your avatars. With it, you can customize many items that you want to apply to your avatars, including the mouth, face, nose, clothes, eyes, etc. Not only that, but Avamake is also a web-based tool that you can use anywhere and anytime without downloading any app on your computer. More importantly, this website has hired a professional designer to update the material from time to time to ensure users can get fresh items to make their avatars. 
How to Use This Avatar Maker App? 

Using AvaMake to create an avatar is easy. First, you need to choose the desired style of your avatar. Each style has its features and offers you unique elements. Then, select other items that you want to apply to your avatar. For instance, choose a yellow jumper, a smiling lip, curly brown hair, and round eyes. 
Step 1. To create your avatars, first, visit the tool’s official website –

Select the gender of the avatar. The platform will display the corresponding avatar accessories according to the gender you choose.

Then you need to choose a desired avatar style from the given options. There are four different avatar styles available.

Now let’s go to choose the items you want to apply to the avatar. Note that all available items are displayed in the right sidebar.

Click the elements that you need, then you add them to your avatars successfully.

Preview the generated avatar and download it for free. 

Key Features

  • Has a simple interface that makes it easy to use.
  • It does not charges charge any fees during your use. 
  • Offers a variety of options for you to create an avatar.
  • Offers 4 interesting avatar styles for your choice. 
  • Allows you to custom every part of the character, including skin color, hair color, eye color, and face shape. 
  • You can also add accessories like clothing or glasses for an added effect.
  • Guarantee fast creation speed. Within 1 minute, you get 100% unique avatars!
  • Exports high-quality images that you can download as a JPG or SVG. 
  • You don’t need to subscribe to the tool to unlock advanced features.

 Pros and Cons


⦁ Easy to use: simple and friendly interface 
⦁ 100% free: you can make lots of avatars for free all the time. 
⦁ Interesting avatar styles and multiple accessories for your selection. 
⦁ All generated avatars are available for free use without copyright restrictions.
⦁ Supports all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. 


⦁ You cannot bulk-create cartoon avatars with it. 
⦁ Avamake is only available online. It doesn’t offer an avatar creation service on mobile devices.

What is AvaMake Best for?

First, Avamake is perfect for creating business profile images, personal profile photos, blog headers, or any other type of image you may want to create.

Second, Avamake is also a great tool to make funny emojis for your friends and family. It can bring your life more This software can add a lot of fun to your life.