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A Geometric Sans-serif Font, Designed by Adrian Frutiger.
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Adrian Frutiger
July 10, 2023
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A Geometric Sans-serif Font, Designed by Adrian Frutiger.

Avenir is a popular font created by a famous designer from Switzerland named Adrian Frutiger. The font is called “Avenir,” which is a French word meaning “future. ” This font combines old and new styles in a modern way.

This font comes in different weights and styles, including Avenir Next, which has better spacing and added fancy letters. It has been used in many branding projects, from Apple’s iOS design to important ads.

You can get a free download of Avenir Font here. It’s in the TTF (TrueType) and OTF (OpenType) Format and you can use it for personal purposes without paying.

Styles of Avenir Font

Avenir Font Family includes 05 different styles, each with its own unique appearance. The list of these styles is as follows:

  1. Avenir Light
  2. Avenir Book
  3. Avenir Medium
  4. Avenir Bold
  5. Avenir Black

Avenir Font Family View

Avenir Font Image 1
Avenir Font Image 2
Avenir Font Image 3

Similar Fonts of Avenir Font

Avenir Font Generator

You can use online tools like the Avenir Font generator to create words that look like Avenir Font. These text maker allow you to adjust the size, spacing between letters, and distance between lines of the text. You can also copy and paste the font to use it in your stuff.

Avenir is a font that can be used on any device like Mac, PC, Linux, iOS, and Android. You can use this font in apps like CapCut, Google Docs, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Adobe Premiere Video, and Adobe Illustrator.

Avenir Font Latest Version Update

This font is FREE FOR PERSONAL USE. Please download and enjoy.