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A powerful and versatile system cleaning tool to improve the system's performance, free up disk space, and protect privacy.
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Andrew Ziem
Nov 14, 2021
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BleachBit is a free and open-source software utility for Windows PC that helps users clean up and optimize their computer systems. It offers a range of features, including the ability to delete unwanted files, free up disk space, and protect user privacy.

BleachBit can be used to clean up a range of system files and user data, including temporary files, log files, and browser history. It also includes support for a variety of popular applications, such as Firefox, Chrome, and Skype, allowing users to clean up their system and protect their privacy with just a few clicks.

BleachBit offers advanced features, such as the ability to shred files to securely delete them, and the ability to preview and select files for deletion.

BleachBit Latest Version 4.4.2 Update

These are the changes since version 4.4.0 Separate the cleaning option for site preferences from history (reported by corobin, fixed by ebaldridge). Disable the auto-hide behavior for scrollbars (reported by banaagravrommel). Report zero bytes as "0B" instead of just "0" (thanks to livingentity). Clarify scope of cache cleaning for Discord (thanks to unknowntrojan). Specific to Windows Fix unreadable text for many languages, including Chinese and Japanese (first reported by huastone2018). Fix broken scrollbar (reported first by banaagravrommel, fixed by rados). Correct search pattern in Winapp2.ini (reported by MoscaDotTo, fixed by rados). Honor Winapp2.ini ExcludeKey in certain scenarios (reported by livingentity, fixed by rados). Show Winapp2.ini group names for Internet Explorer, Vivaldi, and Brave (thanks to livingentity). Allow pasting a pathname when browsing for folder (thanks to Bozhidar-A). Add option to silent installer for skipping desktop icon (requested by teknowledgist, fixed by rados). Do not create shortcut to uninstaller as a best practice (suggested by craigacgomez). Build font cache during installation to avoid delay during first start of application. Fix shredding through integration with the Windows Explorer context menu (reported by tlhulse, fixed by rados). Show a splash screen (thanks to rados). Update embedded SQLite from 3.35 to 3.36. Developers See the list of commits or list of closed issues. Code cleanup (thanks to monosans).

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