Bulk Print Multiple Documents and Images in Different Formats on Windows

BulkPrinter is a Windows program that allows users to bulk print multiple documents in different formats such as PDF, WORD DOC/DOCX, Excel XLSX/XLS/CSV, PowerPoint PPT/PPTX, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and more.

People often need to print documents or photos through their printers in the daily work. Conventional printers print documents and photos page by page, and the printing speed is not fast enough especially when users want to print a large number of files in different formats.

They have to select or open the files in different formats one by one via different programs and then print. That would take a lot of time. BulkPrinter makes the process more efficient by allowing users to handily print their documents in batch, without having to handle them individually.

How to Bulk Print PDF, WORD and More Files Together?

Step1 Add Files

Drag and drop PDFs or WORD docx documents (or files in other formats) you want to print onto the file list. The files would be added into the file list immediately.

Step 2 Select a Printer

Select a printer you want to print your files to from the “Printer” box. (By default, BulkPrinter would select the default printer you set on your Windows).

Step 3 Customize Printing Settings

 Image Fit to Page: This option only works for printing images. Once you check this checkbox, the program would stretch the image to the paper size. 

 Page Number Range: You can set the printing page number range here. For example, if you set 1 to 3 for a 5-page document, the program would only print 3 pages: page number 1, 2, 3. 

Page Size: This option enables you to set the page size: A4, A5, Letter and more common page sizes. By default, the program sets the page size same as the default printer page size setting. 

 Copies:This option allows you to set how many copies you want to print per file. 

 Black and White: You can check this checkbox to forcefully print documents in black and white color only. 

Workbook Settings: “One Page Per Sheet” option enables you to print the whole worksheet on one single page. If you uncheck it, the program will split the long worksheet to multiple pages. The “Font” drop list allows you to select Excel printing font. 

4)Start Printing

The final step is to click the “Start Now!” button to let BulkPrinter start printing all files you added in bulk instantly.

Bulk Printer Download

Version 1.0 for Windows 10 PC

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Download Specs

  • License: Free
  • Platform: Windows OS
  • Language: English
  • File Size: 25 MB
  • Downloads: 768
  • Developer: PDFzilla