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A Popular Movie Typeface, Designed by John Morris.
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John Morris
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In the movie “Mean Girls,” the “Burn Book” is a book made by a popular group called the Plastics. It has mean things written about other students and teachers in their school. The book becomes very important in the story when people find out what’s in it, and it causes a lot of problems in the school.

There isn’t a font that exactly matches Burn Book, but we found some similar fonts: Ransom by Divide By Zero, Black Casper by Pi Luo Chiu, Kingthings Extortion by Kingthings, and Magazine Letter by Brent Bernal.

You can get a free download of Burn Book Font here. It’s in the TTF (TrueType) Format and you can use it for personal purposes without paying. For commercial use, you need to buy the license.

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