DesktopSnowOk Download 5.88 For Windows 10

Best tool for snow falling effects on Windows 7/10 desktop PC

DesktopSnowOK is a free and simple program that can place snowflakes and other effects directly on your desktop PC.

Download the latest version 5.88 of Desktop Snow Software for Windows 10/7 PC.

How to use DesktopSnowOK to apply snow and flakes effects on desktop?

Right after, you download DesktopSnowOK (desktop snow effect ) latest version on PC. Extract the zip file and double-click to run the app. The program window will appear.

The application is very simple to run with the help of some clicks you’ll be able to apply snow effects using snow tool your Windows 10,11 PC.

This is not all, you can click Image /Texture to explore further effects like Soccer balls, Christmas balls, tennis balls, leaf, Pumpkins, Flower, Star, Orange Flower, Blue Flower, and many more.

Desktop Snow software tool on Windows 7/ 10

Customize the appearance of Snow & Flakes on Windows 10

This desktop snow effects software lets the user customize and regulate the number of objects that will rain down your screen, Transparency, Size, Algorithm, Rotate, Random, size, Deactivation.

Let’s customize this snow tool and play with the settings to enhance your desktop appearance. Scroll right to increase the number of flakes to appear on a desktop minimum of 5-2000.

Increase or decrease the transparency & speed. Choose from several Images and textures to give them the size of how they appear on the desktop screen. The deactivation option which I like the most is automatically deactivated on the mouse or keyboard event set the time from 5 sec to 1 minute.

Best Live Snowing wallpaper for PC?

This is not a snowing wallpaper, or snowing screensaver. DesktopSnowOK places snow effects like you’ll experience live snow falling on your windows 7 and Windows 10 PC.

DesktopSnowOk - Desktop Snow Tool For Windows 7 10

For Windows 10 PC

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Download Specs

  • License: Free
  • Platform: Windows OS
  • Language: English
  • File Size: 137 KB
  • Downloads: 525
  • Developer: SoftwareOK

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