Ultra Nitro Racers 1.95
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Nitro-powered racing with the newest car models.
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June 17, 1997
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Windows 7, 8, 10 PC
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Nitro-powered racing with the newest car models.

Ultra Nitro Racers is a free Windows game belonging to the category of Racing Games. In this 3D racing game for PC use nitro to win the racing. Turn on nitro, and your car will gain incredible speed. Win competitions and get points to gain access to more powered cars.

In this nitro racing game download for PC, the arrow keys govern your basic direction in this game, and Alt and Ctrl are used for Nitro and Brakes, respectively. You can use nitro if you want to triumph in this wild race. When you first start playing, the game also tells you when to step on the Nitro, which is a wonderful way to ease into the game’s dynamics, especially for beginners.

Get Ultra Nitro Racer download for PC’s latest version 1.95. This ultra version has some new features, including a new game mode called Time attack to compete with ghost car and a series of options to match your PC’s power. This improves automobile dynamics and car performance. The version has a full screen and windowed mode while offering high speed and excitement to players with their preferred vehicle for racing games.

Ultra Nitro Racer game offers a wide variety of racing options for you. Before participating in actual competitive races, you can also practice the controls and learn through courses using the Quick Race option. You should select Competition mode for competing with other cars, while Time Attack is an option if you’re more concerned with getting the most time away from other cars. Hence, Ultra Nitro Racers enables you to put your racing prowess to the test on a variety of tracks and against diverse opponents in the best vehicle and type of race. Whether you only have a few minutes or several hours to kill, Ultra Nitro Racers is an entertaining diversion.

Even if it doesn’t have as many features as some other racing games, it still functions well and is cost-free. So it’s definitely worth a go if you enjoy these kinds of games. You can choose motorcycles, trucks, sports cars, or monster trucks to initiate the race. Your car will accelerate incredibly fast once you turn it on. Gain access to more powerful cars by winning contests and collecting points.

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