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A great MMORPG online multiplayer game for magic and sorcery fans.
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KingsIsle Entertainment Inc.
Jan 21, 2014
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Wizard101 was launched in 2008 by Kingslsle Entertainment as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). To protect the Spiral, the game’s fictitious galaxy, from numerous dangers, players take the roles of students at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. Turn-based combat occurs with players using collectible card games to engage in battle with foes. During combat, a user can cast spells and wield a range of weapons to fight.

The Wizard101 download will provide you with the experience of the greatest trials as a wizard with Malistaire’s henchmen and his diabolical scheme in your way to seize power. The online role-playing game Wizard101 revolves around a simple plot where the player, as a wizard-in-training, is prepared to begin his studies at the Ravenwood School in Wizard City. However, at the time of arrival, Wizard City is overrun by a powerful evil. Professor Ambrose, the headmaster of your school, aids the player in overcoming the evil against the player.

Wizard101 download for Windows 10 require 4G RAM and 14GB ROM. A high-speed internet connection, such as DSL or Cable Modem, is required instead of a Satellite or Tethered. The graphic drivers should be up-to-date.

Wizard101 download for Mac OS latest version 1.26 require 4GB RAM and 16 GB ROM disk space are required. A mouse with two buttons is needed. On the other hand, this game is not supported on android devices, tablets, iPads, iPhone – PowerPC systems, Chromebook, and Surface PROs.

The Wizard101 game can provide a “Master Account” to administer the parental restrictions. For accessing the chat menu, payment through debit or credit card is required. A set of terms are also needed to fulfill if a player is communicating with an underage player. It allows the parent prevent to control chat settings to prevent the child from using specific chat features. Parents can have a master password to allow their 13-years or younger children to chat.

Wizard101 Membership can be attained to enjoy the full magical experience with unlimited access to all worlds, quests, test realm, and ranking. You have to pay $6.95 for each person for a monthly membership, where $4.95 is to be paid for the first month. For semi-annual and annual subscriptions, the charges are $49.95 and $79.95, respectively. After subscribing to this membership, you will get a larger backpack and friendliest with a faster energy Regen, pet hatching timers, and crafting timers.

Other than subscription, a “Free-to-Play” option with in-game purchases is also available. Customers who play for free can buy access to various types of content using Crowns, an in-game premium currency. Crowns can be used to access PvP competitions and buy premium in-game items. Crowns can be bought with a game card, obtained through the online store, or obtained through SuperRewards in tiny numbers.

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