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The WebP file format is an image format released by Google that reduces image size greatly without sacrificing quality. However, Webp image files can not be opened directly on Windows or Mac devices which is why you need some third-party software to convert Webp images to another general image format like JPG and PNG.

AnyWeb WebP Converter is an online WebP to jpg converter where you can convert WebP files into jpg, and png and converts all possible image formats to WebP image format in a few simple steps. It is available on both Windows and Mac.

It offers an excellent and wide range of features including optional choices such as filters, upscaling, deskewing, sharpening, etc. However, the best part about AnyWeb is that it’s completely online and it requires no download or installation.

Download AnyWeb WebP Converter for your Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and all previous versions of Windows operating systems. The AnyWeb WebP Converter offline installer setup is available to download both 32-bit and 64-bit PC.

AnyWeb WebP Converter Review 2024

AnyWeb is a fully functional tool that gives a wide range of conversion options by allowing two-way conversion from any other image format to WebP format and WebP format to any other image format.

This conversion is very helpful for those who have a website as image size affects the site speed greatly and slows down the entire website if the page has too many images in a large size. It will take longer to load these images which will reduce the user experience and damage the ranking of your site. WebP achieves a smaller size than JPEG files without degrading image quality and AnyWebP is an efficient online tool to perform this task as it allows bulk conversion as well. 

AnyWebP ensures data security as it uses advanced VUE and JS technology to process your photos in browsers. It does not host any of the user’s files and keeps the data secure. 

Another interesting feature of AnyWebP WebP converter is batch processing. You can convert hundreds of WebP files all at once. 

The tool has a fast processing speed as it takes less than 5 seconds to generate the converted file and only seconds in converting each file which is quite fast. 

Anywebp is the easiest to use as it involves a few simple steps and doesn’t offer complicated settings or features.

Anywebp allows excellent uploading and converting output formats. The automatic file size when using Anywebp is 69.34 KB however it maintains the same quality as the original file. 

AnyWeb offers 24/7 support. You can email them about your issues or inquiries and they will respond in 24 hours.

AnyWeb is available on all versions of Windows and Mac and it’s entirely free

AnyWeb Download for Windows

Although AnyWeb is an online tool however you can download it on Windows and Mac and fully enjoy it. Sometimes you cannot open the downloaded output file on your PC, this can be resolved by downloading the tool on your PC which is completely free. It is available in all versions of Windows OS.

Steps to Use AnyWebP

As mentioned earlier AnyWebP is an easy-to-use tool that needs no installation. You can convert your file online. It also converts the file in bulk by selecting multiple files at a time. 

  • Log in to AnyWebP 
  • Click “Image Converter” and click “Convert to JPG.”
  • Upload a Webp file or files you want to convert to JPG. Adjust image quality and file size according to your preference and needs.
  • Go through the optional settings to adjust pixels, upscale, filter, or enhance your file.
  • Click “Start” and wait for the results.
  • Download the converted file.


  • Ensures smooth conversion.
  • Multiple image file formats can be converted to WebP.
  • Fast, safe, and super convenient.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Individual file conversion and batch conversions
  • Completely online tool.


  • It has fewer options for output quality selection. Anyweb has simple and limited settings to configure the quality of files giving less user control. 


If you are looking for an alternative app to WebP converter, the best free alternatives are Convertio, Open base converter, and Liberoffice converter.

AnyWeb WebP Converter Latest Version 1.2.0 Update

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