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To protect your data, block tracking efforts and delete attempts to collect telemetry data.
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Ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG
Jul 26, 2022
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Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro is a privacy-protection program for Windows PC users. As we all know, Windows is notorious for collecting telemetry data, which can subsequently be used to personalize user experiences and advertisements. This, however, might be considered an invasion of privacy. With a single click, Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro stops the transmission of telemetry data in over 100 locations. This one-click tracking protection can help customers restore control and preserve their privacy on Computers running Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and even Windows 7.

Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro’s full privacy and protection against unauthorized use reports is one of its most important features. This means that users may be certain that their data is secure and will not be shared without their permission. Furthermore, the software mutes over 100 apps and services, including Google, Bing, Microsoft Office, and hardware manufacturers, to prevent user monitoring and the construction of complicated user profiles.

Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro also allows users to disable Windows telemetry to the greatest extent feasible, which can assist to minimise the quantity of data provided to Microsoft even more. The program is meant to be tenacious in its pursuit of unauthorised user profiles, making it an excellent tool for anyone worried about their privacy.

The Application is extremely simple to use, with an auto-launch option that allows it to operate alongside Windows for continuous data privacy. If users change their minds, they may quickly reverse any modifications done instantaneously. Overall, Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro is a fantastic solution for anyone who values their privacy and wants to safeguard their data from intrusive monitoring and use statistics.

Ashampoo AntiSpy Pro Latest Version 1.0.7 Update

Updated to version 1.0.7 on Jul 26, 2022.

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