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Jul 19, 2022
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Who knows where your child spends the most time on the web. Who better knows what they are doing at a computer or smartphone? Are you fully aware of with whom you’re “little one” communicates on the Internet?  Do these questions trickle down your mind?

I’m sure it would – after all, you are a parent and if you think you have thrown your child at the mercy of this “Susceptible Web”, and you desire a more secure solution, Kidlogger will help you give a sigh of relief. It is a powerful parental control software program to monitor and record your child’s web activity.

Download Kidlogger’s latest version for Windows PC. This is an offline installer setup and will work for 32bit-64bit Versions of Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows  Vista, & Windows XP.

Kidlogger Download & Review 2022

kidlogger keeps your children safe in cyberspace. It is a parental control monitoring agent that you can use to monitor and keep track of the apps used, any websites visited and photos snapped. It furthermore, lets you monitor the text messages, call logs on your phone with the names and telephone numbers of subscribers.

Likewise, it holds the records of the contents of the chats in SkypeFacebook, Viber WhatsApp, etc. Kidlogger also lets you view the contents of the voice message on Skype.

No Ground-Breaking User Interface

The user interface though is not truly satisfying. It could have been done much better. Some aesthetics could have been used to reinforce the functions. I think the UI does not communicate with the audience or the user, and the fact it does not appear to be intuitive or responsive slightly throws you off.

Parental Time Control

Kidlogger parental control helps the parents to set a time limit on the use of any web program or application they use. This set time will let the little ones distinguish between work and leisure time. As a result, youngsters will not get distracted by games and the Internet during school time.

Instead, use the full power of kidlogger parental control. It includes:

  • Web History Monitoring This allows you to monitor and track internet usage and log all visited web sites. This works with Internet Explorer, ChromeFirefoxOpera, and Safari.
  • Time Tracking Time Tracking helps know the actual time the kid spends on his gadgets.
  • USB drives, CD\DVD usage Logg out the peripheral devices such as external hard drives or USB flash drives to prevent data leaks.
  • Record keystrokes Keylogger makes it super helpful to view the keystrokes and texts entered on the computer.
  • Screenshots This software captures the computer screen at that instant. Hence, you can view them online and keep an eye out for your child.
  • Used files and folders Track and record the names of folders and documents that are opened frequently.
  • Monitor messengers Kidlogger monitors your chats and messenger’s logs. In Skype video conversation, it makes the screenshots every 15 seconds, continually inspecting your actions.
  • Most used Applications Kidlogger allows you to track used applications on your PC, Mac, and Android. It can also put a stop to the use of unsuitable software and also display the most used app by time.
  • Email reports With Kidlogger you may schedule any email reports from the computer.
  • Key-word monitoring This is a super-effective feature. Kidlogger helps you define a set of keywords you want your kid not to type in. It will keep you watchful when your kid is searching for that intended keyword.

Parental control service is also used on the iPad or iPhone. It, however, requires the installation of Kidlogger on the target device.

Secure down the Kidlogger

Once you have set up the software, you can then password protect kidlogger application.

Record the coordinates of the Laptop and Phone and map it out

Kidlogger is a grand way to keep track of the laptop and phone. You can hence easily find out where your teen was – the complete day. Kid logger also helps find lost or stolen phones or tablets with a location tracking feature.

Record the vocalized

Kidlogger at a certain volume level of sound around the computer can record the voices and all the conversation one makes. It will record the input sound into the mp3 file if there is a voice activity detected.

Hence, you can easily record the voice conversations on phone calls, Skype, Yahoo messenger, or ICQ, and other VoIP clients

Be on the Lookout for Strange Movements

In case, you notice a strange movement of the phone on the map or maybe your child does not respond to the call, SMS control feature will let you record and listen to the sounds going on around the phone. In like manner, you can find out which application is running current and check the coordinates of the phone.

Comparison matrix for KidLogger Monitoring Agents

Kidlogger comes with three distinct packages.

  • The Basic
  • The Standard
  • The Professional

The Basic version monitors up to five computers/phones, keeping the data for nine days with a maximum of nine MB per device.

The Standard version also monitors five devices, keeping the log history up to thirty days with a maximum disk space of a hundred Mb per device. Its subscription plan includes:

  • 9$/3 months
  • 17$/6 months
  • 29$/ 1 year

The professional version can monitor up to 10 devices, keeping the log history up to sixty days with a maximum disk space of five hundred MB per device.


After a thorough review of kid logger, we can bring it down to one simple conclusion: it is the best parental control software that you can use to watch over your child’s shoulder so you know what they are up to.

I do like the “capture screenshot” feature and the “Recording feature” because it is an efficient way to capture one’s activity. The app is safe to use and there is no third-party intervention during the installation. We have also noticed that kidlogger disk % usage is quite low.

All I can say is that Kidlogger is my #1 go-to tool for tracking and keeping my child safe from the vulnerable puddle of the Internet.

Kidlogger Latest Version 9 Update

Removed text recording, camera shots, voice recording. If you still need these features, use older versions.

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