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Tool to alert you to the presence of potential malware that communicates over the network that may exist on your Windows PC
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CrowdStrike Inc.
Nov 09, 2021
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Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 PC
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CrowdInspect is a free security tool designed for Windows PC to help users identify and investigate potential malware infections on their systems. It provides real-time monitoring and analysis of running processes to detect and flag any suspicious behavior. CrowdInspect relies on data from the VirusTotal database, which aggregates malware signatures from multiple antivirus engines, to identify known threats. Additionally, it uses behavioral analysis to detect malware that may not be recognized by traditional antivirus software.

CrowdInspect offers an easy-to-use interface that displays detailed information about each running process, including its path, file size, creation time, and network connections. It also indicates the risk level associated with each process, with red, indicating high risk and yellow indicating medium risk. Users can select any process and view its behavior history, which shows all network connections, file reads and writes, and registry modifications made by the process. CrowdInspect is a powerful tool for IT professionals and advanced users who need to perform detailed malware analysis or investigate suspected malware infections.

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Updated to version on Nov 09, 2021.

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