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Forcefully change the state of a window or control in other applications
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Sep 17, 2022
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If you are looking for a tool that modifies the functions of the running program on your Windows PC then download ForceToolkit. AutoClose has developed this small utility that allows you to enable grayed-out buttons and checkboxes, hide windows, and let them run in the background.

You can free download ForceToolkit latest version on your Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and all previous versions. The offline installer download setup of this tool’s latest version supports 32-bit and 64-bit OS. You can also download its portable version on your PC.

ForceToolkit Free Download For Windows Review 2022

Users can force to enable disabled buttons and checkboxes, hide running programs, make windows always on top, change window size and position, close applications, and more using this free tool.

How To Download & Install ForceToolkit on Windows 10 PC?

The download and installation process is very simple. If you need a download setup or simply a portable setup, it’s your choice.

  • Click on the download button appearing sideways.
  • Get the latest version of ForceToolkit on your PC.
  • Once downloaded, double-click on it to start the installation wizard.

Highlights of ForceToolkit

  • Enable Grayed Out Disabled Buttons, Checkboxes, and More Controls in Other Applications
  • Forcefully Click on a Disabled Button
  • Hide a Window or Program to Run It Invisible in the Background
  • Hide Controls and Text in Other Applications
  • Set Windows to Always on Top
  • Forcefully Close Window in Other Programs
  • Redraw / Refresh the UI of Other Programs
  • Forcefully Kill the Process and Close the Program of an Application
  • Change the Window Title
  • Resize the Fixed Size Window
  • Portable ZIP Version Available

How To Use ForceToolkit on Windows PC?

This tool is very easy to install and making use of its functions comes naturally. To efficiently modify Windows and programs, you will have to drag the cursor from the interface onto the windows you want to adjust.

How to Select a Window or Object from a Running Application?

Press on your left mouse button and hold, then move the yellow cursor onto the program or object you want to select.

How to Enable a Grayed Out Disabled Button or Checkbox?

Sometimes you may need to click on a button or checkbox in a program but they are grayed out and disabled. You can use ForceToolkit to activate buttons and make checkboxes enabled.

Drag the cursor onto the window on which the grayed-out disabled checkboxes or buttons on, then select the “Force to Enable” option in the “Operations” frame and hit the “Apply” button. You will see the disabled buttons and checkboxes are changed to enabled. You can also use the “Force to Disable” option to change enabled objects to disabled.

How to Hide a Program and Let it Run in the Background?

If you want to run a program in the background and hide it from your taskbar and screen, you can drag the ForceToolkit cursor to select the program and choose the “Force to Hide” option. As soon as you hit the “Apply” button, the window you selected is disappeared immediately.

If you need to set the hidden program back to visible, you can find the hidden ID in the “Hidden History”. Choose one and use the “Force to Show” to make it visible.

How to Hide an Object or a Child Window in a Running Program?

You can also select an object such as a textbox, an image, or a child window in a running program and set the selected object invisible by the “Force to Hide” option. The main program would be running still.

If you need to set the hidden object or window back to visible, you can find the hidden ID in the “Hidden History”. Choose one and use the “Force to Show” to make it visible.

ForceToolkit Latest Version Update

Updated to the latest version.

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