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Remove the Get Windows 10 icon from your computer
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March 18, 2022
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Remove the Get Windows 10 icon from your computer

GWX Control Panel is a program to turn off Windows 10 upgrade & update notifications. You can hide or permanently remove upgrade notifications for your Windows computer even if you are not a computer expert.

In July 2015, before the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has announce that every Windows user would receive a notification about upgrading to the latest version of the Windows operating system. With the notifications through the media, an icon appears on our computer screen which is very annoying.

Download GWX Control Panel’s latest full version for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and the previous version of Windows XP/Vista PC. Get direct high-speed download GWX Control Panel offline installer for 32-bit & 64-bit operating systems.

GWX Control Panel

If you are using Windows 7, Windows 8, or any other previous version of the Windows operating system, you will see the appearance of an upgrade to Windows 10 request icon called Get Windows 10 (GWX).

This upgrade is unnecessary for those who do not need it, it also runs as an application that consumes the RAM and CPU memory of your computer. This can slow down the process of turning off your computer.

Not really troublesome, but fastidious users or those interested in computer program management will want to remove this message. That’s why a product like the GWX Control Panel was developed.

Features of Windows 10 GWX Control Panel Removal Utility

  • Hide the upgrade notification to Windows 10.
  • Permanently deactivate GWX notifications.

Introducing the Windows 10 GWX Control Panel upgrade notification removal tool

1- Stop GWX from starting on your computer

As a very useful application, the GWX Control Panel can help prevent GWX from running on a computer temporarily or permanently. The intuitive and friendly interface of the software will help users who are new or do not have much computer knowledge to use it.

2- Hide the logo of GWX

Since this is a portable application, users do not need to install it on their computers. Instead, just download and open it. After detecting GWX, the software will display actions for you to choose from. If in the future you need to upgrade to Windows 10, you can choose to hide GWX. But don’t forget that this is only a temporary solution and the GWX icon will still appear every time you reboot the machine.

3- Disable GWX Permanently

Another feature of the GWX Control Panel is the ability to completely remove GWX. That means even when rebooting or any other operation, the GWX icon will no longer appear. Later, if you want to upgrade to Windows 10, what you need to do is run the GWX Control Panel again and re-enable the GWX icon.

GWX Control Panel is really a very convenient option for those who are tired of Windows 10 upgrade notifications. Whether hiding or permanently removing those notifications, GWX Control Panel will help you do it quickly. quick and easy. Let’s remove the Get Windows 10 icon in just one click with GWX Control Panel.

GWX Control Panel Latest Version Update

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