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Windows Utility tool that fixes and makes Windows faster.
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Jouni Flemming
Apr 27, 2023
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Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 and Vista
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A tune-up utility like jv16 PowerTool is not something that you would want. It is something you need, an absolute must PC enhancer tool that has to be there with you every hour. jv16 PowerTool as I find is the best Windows tune-up utility that injects fresh life into your gunked-up PC.

jv16 PowerTool is a Windows utility suite that digs deep into your computer and fixes the trouble areas. It has 14 powerful tools to make your Windows PC work faster and smoother than it was previously.

Free download jv16 PowerTool on Windows PC. This PC system utility software for Windows runs on Windows 11/10/8/7 and Vista. The software toolkit is free to download and after that, you have your 14-day free trial started. The fully functional, free version of jv16 PowerTool is designed to make Windows fast. The free trial of this PC tune-up comes with no bundled software as well as no ads and such.

Jv16 PowerTool Cleans Gunked-up PCs

jv16 PowerTool removes hidden traces of previously installed software, cleans the Windows registry, and optimizes the system for optimal performance and stability. jv16 PowerTool cleans out the unneeded registry, removes unnecessary files, and leftover temporary log files, and cleans the computer.

The tools to the left are designed to speed up the computer. One way it does is to control which programs start automatically. You can see which programs and software to start automatically with Windows and disable those that consume too much computer memory to load. This makes sure that only those files that you need start at the boot to save startup time.

I have always wanted a system cleaner and PC optimizer that could also block access to unwanted content from my computer. jv16 PowerTool made it easy to immunize my computer to illicit content like malicious websites, adware, spyware, adult content, crypto and etc.

Internet Optimizer analyzes your internet speeds, performs benchmarks, and finds the optimal DNS server so your Internet speeds increase.

I have found this feature helpful to find the fastest Internet connection and speeds.

The system fixer feature is tremendously useful and I have used this the most to boost my PC performance. System Fixer is an easy-to-use tool that scanned my entire laptop for common Windows and system errors.

It looked up for broken file references in the registry, invalid or corrupted app uninstallation data, invalid desktop and start menu shortcuts and the left-over files and registry keys to clean my PC from junk.

Its native software uninstaller feature is of the most use. Software uninstaller declutters your computer without leaving old software leftovers. It can also batch uninstall software and perform registry cleaning to completely uninstall the program.

The finder tool saved me a lot of time because the Windows search has been a lot slower to find any file, folder, or registry key. Finder lets you search for all the data types at the same time. You can search files with keywords on phrases to find exactly what you want.

Multiple Tools Under The Hood

This tune-up utility includes other software tools that sweeten the purchasing deal. Even if you do not purchase the jv16 PowerTools, its 14 days free trial comes bundled with tools like file merger, file splitter, file renamer, file wiper, web blocker, etc.

Big File Finder: Designed to find old, large, forgotten files. You may delete these to free space. Duplicate Finder: Free download jv16 PowerTools to look for identical content, and similar filenames and delete the unwanted duplicate files.

File Renamer: Download jv16 PowerTool to manually rename the file. You can now easily rename many files, edit existing file names and perform batch file rename, all within one app.

File Splitter: A useful tool that splits large files into smaller parts. Most are in use when you want to transfer a large file over the internet but, the websites won’t allow for uploads larger than 100MB.

File Merger: Merge any split files back into their original state.

File Deleter: Unlocks and deletes files that cannot be normally deleted. You can also delete files that cannot be deleted, like protected system files.

File Wiper: Remove files from your computer in a way that they can never be recovered back.

Supported Features

Task Manager: Control what resources your computer is consuming and close those that you do not need.

Web Blocker: Block access to illicit and unwanted content Internet Optimizer: Benchmark and find the best DNS server to improve the internet speeds.

Internet Optimizer: Benchmark and find the best DNS server to improve internet speeds.

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