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Advanced System Optimizer Free download For Windows

A powerful PC cleaner and optimization tool for Windows

Advanced System Optimizer is a handy tool for cleaning and optimizing PC performance. An all-in-one tool that includes Disk Cleaner, Optimizer, system security & privacy, Windows Optimizer, Backup, and Recovery. It’s a one-stop solution for all your needs. This PC optimizer has 30 tools and more than 100 tweaks hidden under its sleeves that will surely enhance your PC performance.

This tool detects and cleans hidden junk files including unnecessary folders located on your PC. ASO allows you to customize the Windows operating system and fix PC’s most common errors.

Download Advanced system optimizer latest version for Windows without a key or crack that works with both 32bit-64bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP

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Registry Cleaner and Optimizer

Its Registry cleaner feature cleans and optimizes the registry by identifying the invalid data references which are very common in the system registry. It is always good to remove them regularly to keep the registry streamlined.

Windows registry is an important part and plays a major role in your system’s performance. Over time with usage, it gets fragmented slowing down the whole system. Optimizing and defragging regularly improves system performance.

Disk Cleaner & Optimizer

Unwanted files occupy a major area of precious hard disk space. This disk cleaner scans your PC for different types of unwanted files and helps you easily clean all of them, ensuring that your PC functions smoothly.

In the next step, it works as a disk optimizer which helps fix the issue of system unresponsiveness and deteriorated performance caused by fragmentation. It defrags the hard disk by gathering fragmented chunks of data and storing them in sequential order in the contiguous space available. This improves data access time and boots system performance.

Its disk doctor feature will check your drive and file system for issues. Any issues that are found will automatically be corrected in order to avoid any future loss of data.

Its disk explorer function analyzes your drivers and shows you a detailed overview of all data present. This allows you to see which files and folders are occupying valuable disk space at a glance.

Download Windows 10 Optimizer

Another function is a game optimizer that provides a private virtual desktop in which the users can play the game with maximum processing power, without any interruption from external applications. It also provides maximum memory allocation for game speed. In addition, it also provides keymap functionality which will help in replacing default keys with the user’s defined keys.

Its memory optimizer can optimize memory and manage the system’s cache. Applications can now use memory without forcing Windows to go to the hard drive. This leads to an increase in the system’s application performance, lowering the computer’s response time.

Instantly Update System Driver

Another amazing feature is its driver’s updater that instantly updates and installs the latest version of all the drivers that are on your system. Outdated drivers can reduce the overall performance of the system, especially for system-critical hardware. Its driver’s updater checks the existing drivers and provides you with a list that can be updated in a few simple clicks.

Driver updater will also automatically create backups of your existing drivers before installing the updates so that you may restore the original drivers in the unlikely situation of new driver incompatibility.

Strengthen your Security and Privacy

Scans your PC to find and remove malware infections present on your PC. It gives you solid virus protection against malware, spyware, Trojan, and protects your PC in real-time.

Privacy protector is an effective tool that protects the user’s privacy by removing all traces of internet history and evidence of important applications used and documents accessed. Removing these lingering traces is vitally important when multiple users share the same computer.

Secure delete is a powerful tool that permanently deletes unneeded files and folders from your system. It uses the techniques of secure deletion which removes data so thoroughly that even the most powerful recovery tool will not be able to restore it. It prevents your most sensitive information from becoming accessible.

Secure encryption is an important tool to help protect your confidential data from being accessed. Its password protects your files and converts the data to a format that is unreadable to others. This is the most secure way to keep your data safe.

Secure delete should be used with great caution since once data is deleted it will never be able to be recovered.

Backup and Recovery Tool For Windows PC

Accidental deletion of important data is very common. Advanced System Optimizer has an undelete tool that will quickly and efficiently recover lost data. When valuable data is accidentally deleted, undelete will help regain it instantly. Choose between hard drive, CD/DVD, removable, or partitions to pinpoint the location from where you want to restore your PC data.

The backup manager allows easy backups and restoration. Different backup jobs can be created to manage backups of specified files and folders. Moreover, the backup managers can be scheduled to run automatically as per the user’s convenience.

System files backup and restores assists in making a complete backup of your system files which are needed for windows to operate and restore them in case of system failure. Thus, the system can be reverted to any last known configuration to prevent poor software installations and virus infections.

Fix Common Windows 10 Error

Persistent PC-related issues may adversely impact your system’s performance. But not all computers have similar issues. Advanced system optimizer has a unique tool called PC fixer. It lists many frequent issues that may or may not exist on your system. It helps to fix your system’s specific issues and assists in maintaining system stability and an optimum level of performance.

The system and security advisor helps to improve your system’s speed and performance. It scans through the system to display a list of system settings that are resource hungry. It also investigates your system’s security vulnerabilities and provides expert advice on how to best optimize PC performance and security.

Duplicate file remover is an effective tool to identify and remove duplicate files that have accumulated on your system over time. The duplicate file is copies of the original that unnecessarily occupy precious hard drive space. These files lead to human mistakes.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Windows may slow down when too many programs execute during startup. The startup manager helps you to easily manage programs at windows startup. Just click the manage startup button to disable or add startup programs on Windows 10,8,7.

Unneeded programs occupy valuable resources such as disk space. Remove unwanted programs from your system to utilize these resources more efficiently. This uninstaller for Windows removes any installed application which is no longer being used and is taking up disk space.

If you don’t want an Advanced System Optimizer to run each time and perform various functions. You can opt to run a schedule to check various PC issues. This feature allows you to run system protector, driver updater, disk optimizer, registry cleaner, privacy protector, system cleaner, and registry optimizer on a scheduled time.

Should I Download Advanced System Optimizer Full Version

Surely Advance system optimizer is an incredible tool that you must download once in a while. It’s not just a PC cleaner and optimization software for Windows PC. It’s a complete kit for every computer user. It can update the system and device driver, uninstall unwanted software, protect your privacy and your PC from malware threats.

Running this tool may slow down your PC for a while. Most of its process takes a lot of time. Users can only download Advanced System Optimizer’s trial version for 24 hours, after that they have to buy an advanced system optimizer pro full version.

To activate its Pro version you need to buy a license key. Although many sites offer users to download full cracked versions these are all face or have any malicious tool attached with setup.

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Advanced System Optimizer
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